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    UPDATE 06/03/16
    ok eventually a new updates out folks, been trying to get some things fixed before releasing this one

    few small performance tweaks
    cpu voltage control enabled(see below)
    DT2W active in kernel (disabled by default to save battery)
    fading leds enabled

    i have created a cm13 zip too now for all those asking, but i have not tested it so if anyone wants to test please let us know what happens. - f2fs should work for /data but again has not been tested

    cpu voltage control and DT2W can be used and enabled respectively using the included custom built kernelAuditor app that will be automaticly installed when the zip is flashed. this build is the ONLY build that will work with voltage control and DT2W due to the way the various paths required are set out in non-standard locations.

    1.7Ghz overclock is VERY experimental and may not work for you depending on your device

    cpu max allowable voltage is 1600mv and lowest is 600mv (those of you who understand undervolting will need to know that)

    download links:

    those of you using my Pac-rom build their will be a new version going up later which has this same kernel baked in

    thanks and please report issues.


    im back again folks, sorry for the delay with this but had some personal things ive been dealing with.

    im now proud to announce a new DMPKern Kernel(previously known as TardisKern)

    this kernel is designed for samsung 5.1.1 currently (i need to make boot images for cm12/13) and has a lot of new features

    1.7Ghz CPU overclock - by default device is set to 1.4ghz on boot and the higher freqs can be used by using an app such as kernel auditor - use 1.7ghz sparingly as i have not tested it 100%
    600mhz GPU Overclock
    Loads of I/O Schedulers (noop, deadline, cfq, bfq, sio, fifo, zen, vr, fiops, row, sioplus, tripndroid)
    Equally Huge List of CPU Schedulers (zzmoove, preservative, conservativex, alucard, darkness, nightmare, wheatley, ondemandplus, dancedance, conservative, ondemand, userspace, powersave, interactive, bioshock, lionheart, performance)
    kernel updated to version 3.4.110
    F2FS Support baked in for a f2fs formatted /data partition (see below for details)
    Notification led Brightness Increased
    Ultra-Kernel SamePage Merging(UKSM)
    build with Hyper Linaro 5.1 toolchain with graphite enabled for performance increase
    Based off the latest samsung LL Kernel sources

    ok i know thats a massive changelog but im sure loads of you have heard of F2FS and are wondering just what it is,
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F2FS thats a quick rundown of what F2FS is,

    the most important thing is it makes a noticable and quick serious improvement to overall performance for apps. with a f2fs formatted /data partition.

    next thing your going to be asking is 'how do i format data to f2fs and will i lose any data'
    the simple answer is you need to use a compatible recovery which has f2fs format support(such as newer versions of TWRP), and yes you will lose data but no you wont if you do it correctly.

    [strong]But the TWRP Recovery i have doesnt work with F2FS?[/strong]
    no the currently released TWRP build for G800F does not support F2FS, BUT..... i am releasing a brand new build of TWRP 3 after this post that does support it. and all you need to do to keep your data is backup the data partition to a microsd in twrp tehn format it as f2fs and restore the backup which does work even though twrp warns it may not..

    ok so enough of this babble

    download links for kernel:


    instructions for f2fs conversion will be included in the twrp post

    XDA:DevDB Information
    DMPKern/TardisKern LP Edition, 1.7GHZ. shedloads of I/O and CPU govs. F2FS Support!, Kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

    DJ_Steve, DJ_Steve
    Kernel Special Features: 1.7Ghz Overclock, 600mhz gpu, F2FS support, lots of i/o and cpu scheds

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 1.0
    Stable Release Date: 2016-02-12

    Created 2016-02-12
    Last Updated 2016-02-12

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [KERNEL][G800F][EXYNOS] DMPKern/TardisKern G800F LP Edition, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

    ROM OS Version: 2.3.x Gingerbread

    Version Information
    Status: Testing

    Created 2016-11-20
    Last Updated 2016-11-20
    right links should work again, i hopefully am going to be looking at the sound issue again this week , been quite busy with family recently
    Same here.. Links are still dead. And yes.. the malfunctional headphone jack is the only reason im not using this kernel on a daily base.
    If it gets fixed, this kernel would be an allinwonder..
    I'm still trying to fix the issue. Hopefully I'll get chance to look tomorrow as I'm quite busy weekends at mo

    Sent from my SM-G800F using Tapatalk
    ok folks most of you will find this a shock for me to actually be replying here, i had to leave dev due to personal reasons and now no longer have a s5 mini either, but if people are still interested in the custom kernels i may consider going back to developing for the s5mini if people are willing to be testers
    Can't wait for it, I will try it with CM13 when you will release it. But, for now, does it drain more battery than stock kernel? (cause overclocking). Also, is the system stable with it?

    seems to be quite stable (cpu overclocking is not active at all times only if it is specifically set, and with the different cpu scheds you can gain battery life without much if any performance hit too)

    cm13 boot img ill probably do tomorrow
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