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May 23, 2013
Hopefully you can find a way to port it to android N ?

Enviado desde mi SM-G800F mediante Tapatalk

Will this work on my SM-G800Y running 6.0.1? And where is the download​ link? Thanks!

The Y seems to have its own kernel sources, so I can't say for sure. (Link is in downloads tab of this page. You may need a PC browser to see it)

I did actually check out the possibility of porting to N but couldn't make sense of the Lineage sources before I ran out of time. In both these cases I'd suggest just trying with AnyKernel. Might work, might not, but unlikely to damage the phone itself.


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May 23, 2013
after flash this kernel....
I lose my wlan key, if I turn on or off Wlan.
From the Q&A thread:
This is related to the Samsung Secure Storage feature on their ROMs. Basically, for security reasons, any reasonably personal data(eg. Private Mode files, S Health data, Wifi Passwords) are kept in an encrypted container. This container gets invalidated if Knox detects any changes to the system and locks out potential hackers. Flashing a kernel after the system has been setup counts as a change. While this feature's intentions are admirable, it just presents problems for the type of people that use XDA. ;)

Luckily, this feature can be disabled with a build.prop tweak, namely
This will cause the previously mentioned data to be stored in the regular Android manner, but unfortunately, any data that was in secure storage will now be erased.
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May 23, 2013
What would happen if I flash the kernel in my g800M? A bootloop?
There seem to be dedicated sources for the G800M on Samsung's open source portal now. I'll check if there are any major differences. If you want you can post your current boot.img here and I can try patch the zImage and ramdisk. I'm not sure what the layout is on the G800M so you'll need to figure out how to get it yourself.


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May 23, 2013
the version 1.9 works on LL?
Yes, though I'm afraid I deleted the build. I'll build 1.9 again when I get home this afternoon.
Sorry for taking a while. Had to download the lollipop firmware again and need to find time away from work to build. Shouldnt be long... have the firmware and source now. Just need time for packing the ramdisk. Sorry having to deal with life aswell. :(
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Feb 24, 2016
Hi! In custom roms there is an app that can control the otg. I'm curious if i can do it too with this kernel, because i want to keep my phone to waterproof.


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May 23, 2013
Please support duos version.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the duos version a Snapdragon? This kernel is for the exynos version of the device and I'm not even getting enough time to supporting that at the moment (sorry guys). Perhaps try TardisKernel?
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    Important notice:
    - You flash this image at your own responsibility. I am not responsible for any damage that might be caused by flashing this image (bricked device, lost data, ...)
    - Flashing this kernel image will trigger the KNOX counter, so your warranty will be void.
    - The image is only for S5 Mini SM-G800F (Exynos)
    - The kernel is not tested well. It might be instable, crash your device, drain your battery, or even might damage your smartphone (e.g. if an OTG device drains too much power)
    - Backup your data before flashing and check if the original firmware is present (e.g. at SamMobile)
    Side note: Tripping KNOX counter might break some Samsung applications even after a factory reset. This might be due to secure storage(which is fixable), but for now be cautious if you depend on these features! This image will likley damage the Qualcomm variant of the S5 Mini, do not flash if you have a G800H!

    Hello! :laugh:
    I've been working on a custom kernel for a while for personal use but I thought some of you might like it.
    Current feature list:
    • Patched to Linux 3.4.113
    • Fading LED notification (default disabled)
    • Added row I/O Scheduler
    • Added zzmoove CPU Governor(with temperature export)
    • Added PIE network scheduler(supposed to reduce latency, default disabled)
    • DriveDroid support
    • Universal Control Interface[UCI] (use the Synapse app to configure)
    • USB OTG
    • Boeffla sound engine (Only configurable via Synapse! default disabled)
    • Powersuspend with LCD panel hooks
    • 1.5GHZ clock speed on processors with revision 2 and above
    • Double Tap 2 Wake
    • Voltage Control
    • MDNIE Hijack
    • F2FS Support
    • Haptic Feedback for soft keys

    Compiled with Self built Linaro 5.3 toolchain

    This kernel is currently only designed to work with the corresponding TouchWiz ROM and likely won't be able to boot custom ROMs. KitKat/Lollipop TouchWiz is also not supported!
    If you have any questions about the included features (how to enable, what they do) you may ask in the Q&A until I update the thread.

    About 1.5GHZ clock speed
    So, as it turns out, Samsung had already done the work to push the 3470 to 1.5GHZ. The frequency tables were already there and all that needed to be done was to remove a soft limit set on it and voila! 1.5GHZ! The catch is that these tables only applied to the second revision of the SoC and above.
    Possible reasons why Samsung set the limit:
    • The S5 mini comes out with both the older and newer revisions of the 3470 and Samsung wanted to avoid getting in legal trouble for selling a higher clocked phone as the same product
    • The higher clock speeds legitimately can damage the phone
    As I don't have multiple S5 Mini's at hand I can't prove the first point, but the second point is more likely true. If you don't feel comfortable with the higher clock speeds you may lower the maximum to 1.4GHZ via Synapse, but the default clock is always 1.5GHZ due to the way in which the frequency controller works.

    Current status : BETA

    andip71(Boeffla sound), faux123(Powersuspend), FrozenCow(DriveDroid support), ZaneZam(zzmoove), Linux Foundation(kernel patches), AndreiLux(Voltage patches for INT and MIF bus), Yank(MDNIE hijack), Samsung(F2FS)
    On-board BusyBox by meefik https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.meefik.busybox&hl=en
    The authors are not responsible for the way in which their features have been implemented in this kernel. Do not post bug reports to them!

    Flashing procedure will be the same as with this kernel.
    Download current image here:http://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/?id=10241#downloads

    -Initial Release
    -ZZMoove Update to 1.0 Beta 8
    - Linux Update to 3.4.108
    - Toolchain update
    - 1.5ghz unlock for higher revision SoC's
    - Ramdisk update
    - Double Tap 2 Wake!
    - UCI update
    - USB OTG now permanently enabled
    - Voltage Control (CPU, GPU, bus)
    - Fixes for DT2W
    - Linux Update to 3.4.109
    - Intelliactive Removed
    - Linux Update to 3.4.110
    - MDNIE Hijack
    - Lollipop Variant Now Live
    - Second Lollipop release
    - Fixed OTG
    - System partition can be remounted again
    - Removed Frandom (Does not work so well in Lollipop)
    - KitKat support terminated
    - Fix annoying bootloader warning ("KERNEL IS NOT SEANDROID ENFORCING")
    - F2FS Drivers updated and F2FS support improved (/data and /cache)
    - Patch to Linux 3.4.111
    - UKSM removed due to stability concerns
    - SELinux policy support update (Latest SuperSU betas might need this)
    - Switch to self built linaro toolchain
    - Update to Linux 3.4.112
    - F2FS drivers updated
    - F2FS drivers update
    - NTFS support enabled (eg. for reading USB HDDs)
    - Kernel side haptic feedback on soft keys added (see second post)
    - patch to 3.4.113
    - Switchable OTG
    - Updated to MM
    - No longer need to install BusyBox manually to use Synapse

    XDA:DevDB Information
    G800F Custom Kernel, Kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

    Source Code: https://github.com/CurtisMJ/g800f_custom_kernel

    Kernel Special Features: Boeffla Sound, Fading LED, Linux 3.4.113, row I/O Scheduler, zzmoove CPU governor, PIE netsched, DriveDroid support, UCI, USB OTG, DT2W, Voltage Control, MDNIE Hijack, F2FS, Haptic feedback


    Version Information
    Status: Beta EOL
    Current Beta Version: 2.0
    Beta Release Date: 2017-03-07

    Created 2015-06-08
    Last Updated 2017-03-07
    Just finishing touches now
    OTG switching
    Credit to tobigun for the original code (I actually attempted it at some point but failed miserably).
    Execute the commands in a terminal:
    Turn on OTG
    su -c echo OTG > /sys/class/sec/switch/otg_cable_type
    Turn off OTG
    su -c echo USB > /sys/class/sec/switch/otg_cable_type
    (Haven't touched Synapse in forever, cannot make sense of it anymore, so no Synapse switch soz)

    Synapse Issues
    I had some trouble with colour choosers crashing Synapse under specific conditions. If Synapse keeps crashing when picking colours for MDNIE, please try the custom build available in the downloads section of this project.
    There are two ways to recover:
    - Use your recovery to delete Synapse's data folder
    - Factory Reset your device (Only in extreme cases)

    Using PIE netsched:(likely not working with Android at this point in time)
    Run following in root terminal or as init.d script
    tc qdisc replace dev wlan0 root pie
    tc qdisc replace dev p2p0 root pie
    tc qdisc replace dev rmnet0 root pie

    ZZMoove and profiles:
    The zzmoove governor is highly recommended. It can be set to various profiles to mimic the benefits of various other governors. It'll even ensure the device doesn't overheat!
    The profile can be set by setting the "profile number" tunable in Synapse to one of the number values mentioned here. Setting it will change a bunch of other tunables. You'll need to restart Synapse after setting it and save the changes for future application.

    Notes on DVFS
    Samsung's DVFS feature in their TouchWiz ROMs seems to get a bit shouty when anything other than the "interactive" CPU governor is active. It could also be the cause of rare kernel panics relating to CPU frequency tables(frequency controller expects something from the governor, governor doesn't deliver, panic). Since it also seems to cause a couple other unrelated issues, I'd recommended simply disabling it altogether(the easiest way being via Xposed)

    Double Tap 2 Wake
    This feature allows you to wake the device by double tapping on the screen while it is off. NOTE:Deep sleep is near totally inhibited while this feature is active, this means extra battery may be consumed. On a tweaked ROM you'll get 2-3%/hr on full standby, on non tweaked you'll get about 4-5%/hr, please keep this in mind while using the feature! Android OS suspension should be unaffected. The feature disables itself when a Samsung branded flip cover is closed, including S-View covers(no double tapping on the window). The feature makes use of the light and proximity sensors in order to detect whether the device is in a dark enclosed place (eg. A pocket) and disables itself in these situations as well in order to prevent accidental wakes (though that may still happen...)

    MDNIE Hijack Example
    Profile based of iPhone 6+ screen:
    R: FF 00 00 - G: 12 FC 12 - Bu: 00 00 FF - C: 12 FF FF
    M: FF 00 FF - Y: FF FF 00 - W: FF FF FF - Bl: 00 00 00
    Feel free to post any other nice looking profiles you find

    Init.d in Lollipop
    I did not add Init.d support when building the Lollipop variant's ramdisk. Instead, /su/su.d should be used to run boot scripts. The functionality is exactly the same as the old Init.d.

    Haptic feedback on soft keys
    In order to avoid conflict with ROM side solutions, haptic feedback is disabled by default. It can be enabled via the following command which can be run as a boot script (eg. in /su/su.d). Command must run as root.
    echo 1 > /sys/class/misc/abov_touckey/vibrate
    NOTE: Above "touchkey" was misspelled in code. It should be fixed in a future update. Sorry for any inconvenience
    still not fixed lol

    Extra Compatibility Notes:
    New Version!

    Voltage control, Linux patches and fixes for DT2W waking up the screen while a call is in progress(sorry 'bout that)
    Hi CurtisMJ, does it work with the new MM update? And if not can You create new update please? :confused:
    Hello, sorry for delay. I can't actually say if it will work at the moment. Samsung usually takes another month before releasing kernel sources, but the ramdisk is likely to have big changes regardless, mostly to selinux policies, which may prevent boot even if the sources would work. I'll see what I can do when they release the MM kernel.
    You can watch out for them on Samsung's OSS portal in the meantime:
    So they have indeed posted some Marshmallow sources, but only the MEA variant for now, presumably to pair with the UAE region ROM. Might have to wait for full rollout to get the European sources.
    They're taking their sweet time with those sources. I guess I'll try the MEA ones...
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