[KERNEL][G800F][EXYNOS] TardisKern G800F Ultimate. OC and tweaks kernel

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Oct 30, 2012
Thank you! I have sucessfully flashed.
Now my first experiences .
The kernel works good without any adjustments (no manually change of zzMoove or other things like undervolting).

But unfortunately undervolting does not work. Not with "setCPU", not with "Voltage Control" and not with "CPU Adjuster".
In all cases the phone crashed after applying a undervolting or applying a profile comes from the app.

zzMoove govenor
set CPU shows the different frequencies with voltage. After starting the app 775mV for 200 MHz is shown.
Than I tryed to undervolt for each frequenz only 25mV for the first trial. --> save 750mV in the app. After setting "apply" I noticed, that the table of frequencies/voltages show me 600mV for 200MHz. That is not what I wanted. Where comes the 600mV from?
After applying any modifications or "set for boot" and after booting a freeze comes.
The same with profiles, any adjustmensts due to a freeze.
The same with the other undervolting apps.

With govenor interactive the device crashes immediately after booting and unlocking the screen.

1. question:
Is threre a undervolting in zzMoove implemented that doesn't work together with undervolting apps?
Does that mean that, a explicitely undervolting app is not necessary und undervoling works via zzMoove?

2. question:
Why does the interactive governor not work?

3. question
Why don't any profiles (set CPU app) work (no undervolting in the profile, only a limiting the max. frequences)?

4. question
I have noticed via "CPU spy" app that the device goes in deep sleep mode if I do nothing, but if I unlock the creen and open an app in which I can see the frequence, I see 1000 or 1100 Mhz. In fact either frequence is very down or quite high. Only one app is open and than such a extraordinarily high frequence? Is that normal for the zzMoove?

5. question:
If zzMoove does not undervolt, is there an other possebility? Or is the manually undervolting of your kernel by the user not possible? Or not necessary? (see question 1, is that includes in yor min. frequence of 200MHz together with zzMoove?)

I know, that it is not possible to give easy answers immediately. But I think, the most users want to try your kernel for saving battery/energy and the are interested in undervolting.

hi, can you confirm also that OTG works with this kernel and also if the waterproof is ok with the OTG enabled?


Mar 30, 2016
I've 5.1.1. Stock does it work?

Does the Kernel work with Odin??

I have currently installed Android 5.1.1. Stock and ask if the Odin boot.tar.md5 will work??
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    UPDATE 08/01/16
    released an update for just the Touchwiz build with minor change

    Fixed Samsungs Preinstalled Swap which i borked previous, TW becomes VERY Slow Without it
    Replaces the swap binary with the one from G800H which allows to set swapfile size
    Increased the default size from 1GB to 1.5GB

    download on xda has been replaced and link on dropbox is also updated below

    UPDATE 07/01/16
    Ok i finally got Chance to update this :)

    new changelog below
    Update To Hyper-Linaro 5.1.1 GCC for performance
    Increased CPU & GPU Overclocks to 1.6Ghz and 640Mhz respectively
    other minor changes

    also i have now created update zips so its much easier to flash the kernel,
    included are also zip files for Cyanogenmod builds - i have not tested these but i am fairly confident they will work

    downloads in the downloads section or available below
    TW 4.4.4 version

    Cyanogenmod 12.1

    Cyanogenmod 13

    please let me know if they work or not

    im announcing a new release of my custom built kernel for the G800F i have used a base of CurtisMJ's custom kernel with lots of tweaks to increase performance and allow use of numerous apps to play with cpu settings etc(sorry synapse is just far too confusing to get working for my liking)

    kernel main features are :
    1.5GHz Max speed
    GPU Overclock to 600mhz
    full voltage Control Support via both voltage_table (per curtisMJ) and also the seemingly more recognisable UV_mV/UV_uV_table interface so loads of apps can tweak it.
    Added BFQ, ROW, FIOPS, VR, SIOPLUS ZEN(v2) and TRIPNDROID I/O Schedulers
    Added Intelliactive, ZZMOOVE CPU Governors(also enabled the stock ondemand, powersave, conservative and performance govs for anyone who likes those :D)
    Enabled a few lower CPU steps (300mhz, 200mhz) to save even more power
    Probably a few other things ive forgotten

    i did try tweaking the reserved memory for the gpu to give us some more usable ram but that breaks things like camera so i reverted that.

    could use some people to test this out and give me some opinions if possible as its hard to give a subjective test to something that you made yourself :D

    download links are here :

    Boot.img that can be flashed via dd on device

    command to flash this via dd is:
    dd if=boot.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p9

    and a boot.img.tar for odin flashing

    any questions please feel free to ask

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [KERNEL][G800F][EXYNOS] TardisKern G800F Ultimate. OC and tweaks kernel, Kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

    DJ_Steve, kernel sources from CurtisMJ and hennymcc
    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information
    Status: Beta
    Current Beta Version: 0.1
    Beta Release Date: 2015-12-06

    Created 2015-12-06
    Last Updated 2016-01-08
    first post has been updated with new build folks ;)
    Going to be looking into that next im playing with trying to make a bootable kernel for g800h today :)

    Sent from my SM-G800F using Tapatalk
    Yeah,same thing here.Shame because I used it on CM12.1 and it was a fantastic.Hopefully maybe you'll find the time to sort it out.Thanks!
    I'll be working on it some point. Cm13 is quite bleeding edge though

    Sent from my SM-G800F using Tapatalk
    Touchwiz - aka samsungs stock android build

    Excuse my noobness, what does "TW" stand for?

    Gesendet von meinem SM-G800F mit Tapatalk
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