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Dec 21, 2011
Hope to have a upgrade for JW4, Lukiqq Please !!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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Oct 21, 2011
Why camera app is broken in this kernel, its broken in many that i tried, you cant change exposure with exposure slider in any mode in this kernel, in other kernels you cant change exposure only in 720p mode, with stock JVU you can change exposure with all resolutions.Why this happens ?


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Oct 13, 2012
So I'm new to this kernel thing. I have a Galaxy i9000B, with the oficial stable cm10. I don't know the kernel that I have here, but what happens if I install this? Will I lose my stuff? Will I have to reinstall cyanogen mod?


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Dec 16, 2011
So I'm new to this kernel thing. I have a Galaxy i9000B, with the oficial stable cm10. I don't know the kernel that I have here, but what happens if I install this? Will I lose my stuff? Will I have to reinstall cyanogen mod?

Hi dude!

This kernel won't work with your variant of the Galaxy S. Beside that fact, it is a kernel for Gingerbread ROMs and it will not run with CM7/9/10.


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    Galaxian kernel was made to improve your Galaxy S usage experience.
    If you are looking for fast and stable kernel, this one is for you!


    Why Galaxian?

    • Based on latest source from Samsung Open Source Release Center and always latest initramfs
    • 344MB RAM memory without side effects like loosing HD capabilities
    • EXT4 and RFS support with autodetection
    • ClockWorkMod Recovery v3.0.0.5
    • Ondemand governor with tweaked up/down scaling
    • Voodoo Sound v10
    • Slightly increased charging current limits for both AC and USB charging modes
    • Improved touch sensitivity
    • Front camera is working (no snapshot when recording support)
    • Video calls are working
    • Modules compiled with -O2 flags
    • LZMA kernel compression, GZIP initramfs compression
    • Low Memory Killer levels are just perfect
    • Unbelivable colors and sharpness
    • Brightness levels are now fixed (no more red tint on each)
    • Fixed MDNIE profiles (outdoor mode can now work together with selected color temperature).
    • Light sensor driver fine tuned
    • WiFi driver buffer is now bigger
    • New jpeg compression mode from Galaxy TAB
    • Read A Head parameter increased to 512KB
    • BLN support
    • Optimized compile flags
    • CPU clock speed switch is now faster
    • Custom bootanimations support! just name yours as sanim.zip and place in /system/media/
    • Minor tweaks

    Where to get it?

    Click here!

    How to apply?

    Please use Odin and choose Galaxian....tar in PDA section (without pit file, repartition or bootloader update!)

    Want to convert your RFS -> EXT4?

    There are two simple ways to do that:

    Any sources?

    Click here!


    I would like to say thank you to everyone
    who helped me with this project!

    *Logo is a trademark of NAMCO BANDAI.
    Most recent update (V3):


    - fixed video calls (bad front camera driver used)
    - 344MB of RAM without loosing video calls and hd recording capability
    - slightly brighter overall image
    - reduced red tint on low brightness setting
    - about 5% quieter built in internal speaker to prevent of distortions at max. power

    Last version of GalaxianEE is now ready and will be uploaded soon. USB tethering problems (disconections) has been fixed. Also voltage table of the CPU, OLED, RAM has beed adjusted for energy saving purposes. Last version is stable as stock kernel is. GT version will be uploaded probably today. Galaxian project will be suspended for some time because of personal reasons.


    GalaxianEE is now ready, look @1st post.
    Sad, just sad. There is no one here who personally knows me, you don't know my education progress and occupation so I can stay calm because you throwing things which are simply not belongs to my person :) Maybe I'm not programmer, I do not work for Samsung or any big company but I know some things and you can't call my product like a "mix" from other great devs work, because that is what you used to call GPL. Do you know what GPL stands for? It was made to help people by giving them sources of already made things to avoid them doing the same thing twice when it is already done. So every kernel here is like a "mix" of the best involved things till now. I do not force anyone to use Galaxian, if you think it may be harmful for some other devices and you can prove it - which is very important, simply post it here and explain without flaming. Some of you are still in middleage where by announce of something new/sometimes revolutionary you could be killed. And you are "trying to save lifes" here? I expects medics or firefighters to save my life, not you. Im out of words now, and just sad. Probably working idea of porting SGS2 framebuffer driver which eliminates irritating 1px green line on the top-left side of the screen is also "mad and could be potencially dangerous", ehh.
    New version is here.