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[Kernel] [Google assistant] [All Variants except Asian] Werewolf Kernel

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    This is my custom kernel for the LG V20. I've spent weeks working on this and making sure it works on both stock and custom roms.

    Theoretically all the variants except the ones from Asia will be compatible with this kernel.

    What's been tested and verified:

    Sometimes when booting, the screen will glitch out. When it finishes booting, hold your finger over the left too side of the screen where the front camera is until both screens shut off, and the screen will stop glitching out.

    Feature List:
    - Enable Google Assistant
    - LZ4 Compression
    - Adreno idler
    - Adrenoboost
    - KCAL
    - Optimizations following KISS(Keep it simple stupid)
    - Built with GNU's GCC 6.3.1
    - SafetyNet bootloader workaround
    - Exfat Support
    - SIO, FIOPS, bfq, cfq, deadline, noop IO scheduler
    - Ondemand, Interactive, Preformance, Conservative, dancedance, darkness, nightmare, powersave govenors
    - bic, cubic, htcp, Reno, Westwood TCP congestion algorithms
    - Various smaller tweaks

    - 1.1-AngryAlbatross

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Werewolf Kernel, Kernel for the LG V20

    Source Code: https://github.com/USA-RedDragon/Werewolf-h91x

    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 1.1-AngryAlbatross
    Stable Release Date: 2017-01-21

    Created 2017-01-20
    Last Updated 2017-01-22
    Didn't red dragon say he was gonna release 1.2 like 5 days ago? He hasn't posted recently either. Something must have came up. I've been waiting eagerly for the 1.2v of werewolf.
    I hate that 1.1 didn't work out. With a lot of users getting a non-touchable display. /:
    But you're right, i cant complain to much with all that deep sleep lol
    What kinda battery life and SOT are you getting? It's hard to find a good compromise between performance and battery life , well., for me it is lol

    Yeah sorry for the delay everyone. I got a new job and I've been busy. I'm off the next two days, and would like to fix a lot of things with the kernel
    The problem with 1.1 was that I pulled the stock kernel's touchscreen driver. When I compiled stock kernel, the same issue happened, meaning lg probably screwed up the source. I reverted that change along with several others narrowed down by me and my testers and finally have a kernel that seems not to have the issue. I'm going to have us all test for a few hours at most, and if there are no issues, v1.2 will be pushed by 7pm central time
    1.1 Angry Albatross has been released. https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=529152257862697436
    Notable changes are:
    - Pull LG v10j stock kernel's input drivers
    - Pull Angler(Nexus 6P's charger driver)
    - Added kcal
    - Commonized the device trees, so all but the asian variants will work
    - Add adrenoboost
    - Add adreno idler
    - and Add overclock
    OP Please bring link back, just put disclaimer the fast charging doesn't work for now. Keep up the great work and thanks a lot!!!

    It wasn't only fast charging. We're having issues with the touchscreen randomly not responding, and a battery pull is the only fix