[KERNEL][GPL] ezterry A100 kernel (ezT20) [Aug 12th, 2012]

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May 7, 2012
Surprise, Az
Thanks, I cheated a bit and installed Gallery ICS app from market and set to open by default. It works great so far. I have posted similar question in swap thread so maybe someone else has come across same issue. I can deal with it for now, wouldn't want to lose the extra space. I made nandroid backup prior to installing kernel, but I need to do some research before I restore it. Does that backup all user data and settings?

Yes if you do a full backup it has /data (settings, apps, data) /system (the rom, apps included and data) /boot (ramdisk and kernel) and /cache and whatever else.

Advanced restore allows you to choose which of those is restored. Boot should be restored with its system for the matching modules for wifi, data will remain unless wiped or restored as well.

Advanced restore system on the same ROM though, don't restore system from cm10 with data from flex reaper for example.

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    ~~~~~ Latest release
    A100 - V1.0.0 (first stable release)[Size=+1]
    MD5: d4febaf119f618afda9c749da4615445

    **Please remove all undervolting and overclocking before installing, as different kernels will use the CPU differently, This may require you thus to change the OC/UV levels to be stable with this kernel.

    While plenty of work has gone into ensuring this kernel was fit for use: I take no responsibility for any problem the use of this kernel may cause, and/or loss of data if you fail to backup your data before installing it. Proceed at your own risk

    A100 Installation:: simply flash the zip from recovery, this will extract and replace the zImage (linux kernel) from your current rom; and leave your existing ramdisk unchanged.

    A101 Installation: : Experimental support only (this may or may not work): Your ICS rom requires to load the new simdetect_switch.ko module on boot, if your rom dose not have support for this, but has support for init.d scripts please first install the patchkit ezT20_a501_patchkit_S.zip MD5: 617f558555c13d215103cd3669d3c009, (This kit only includes the init.d script to load the simdetect_switch module if it exists, and doesn’t include the actual kernel or modules; Note its labeled for the A501, however ought to work as is on the A101)

    After the patch kit is installed (or if it has been previously installed/is part of your rom) you can flash the a100 zip above to install the kernel + related modules.

    Let me know if this works out

    CM (9 and 10) installation Install per your device above, then install the audio patch init.d scripif you have audio problems: ezT20cmaudio_patch_S.zip MD5: 26251900115b0ca433f26f4d95e7f269

    Are you an A500 user? you are in the wrong place see here

    ~~~~~ Kernel Features

    - BFQ IO scheduler (details here)
    (BFQ is now the default scheduler, previously was noop)
    - Lulzactive CPU governor (by tegrak with a500 modifications by myself)
    (Interactive will be the default governor for most roms, as defined on the ramdisk)
    - Max OC speed: 1504MHz (default 1000MHz)
    - Min OC speed: 216MHz (default 216MHz)
    - Fixed voltage tables to allow OC on devices previously unable to on A500-OCTestV3 and A100-OCTestV1
    - initial 3g support thanks to patches from Vash (v1.0.0 - a501) .. switched to acer's code in v1.0.1 (a501/a101)
    - ability to disable acer audio settings (v1.0.1)

    ~~~~~ Kernel Notes/Warnings

    ** A specialized lulzactive configuration program can be found at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/...1bGwsMSwxLDMsImNvbS50ZWdyYWsubHVsemFjdGl2ZSJd
    (note setCPU will also let you change the values, I only mention tegrak's app as it may make it easier to understand what is being changed)

    ** The kernel ought to work in place of the stock ICS kernel, roms requiring special kernels may not function with this kernel

    ** de-odexed roms may have graphical artifacts that are made more serious by this kernel, civato and I have been working on a build.prop tweak to re-generate odex like dex files on de-odexed roms to solve this

    ** Voltage display may not be accurate (a rework of the UV logic is planned) note UV offsets are accurate.

    (for a quadrant sample on the a500 see the related post

    ~~~~~ Kernel History

    This kernel is the continuation of the Overclocked Test kernel, originally posted for the A500 here and subsequently for the A100 here

    ~~~~~ Credits

    Thanks to:
    * richardtrip - original OC and MIN/MAX code
    * tegrak - for lulzactive
    * civato - for being a willing advanced tester
    * Bobg1231, Metallkasten, pio_masaki, Moscow Desire - additional testers
    * Vash - A501 3g modem patch set
    * Acer/NVidia for providing the source to our devices
    * The countless number of people that have created the linux kernel in the form it is today

    ~~~~~ Built list w/ source links

    ~~~~~ Change Log

    *) Import of acer's 3g code [A101 and A501]
    *) audio updates to better work with CM roms when cm audio patch is applied ezT20cmaudio_patch_S.zip MD5: 26251900115b0ca433f26f4d95e7f269
    *) Allow lower min-voltage

    *) cleanup graphics logic with more patches from the nvidia tegra test kernel (and other patches to prevent the graphic under-runs causing screen flashes on some roms) [applies to all devices]
    *) modify lulzactive (yet again) to attempt to stem a rare deadlock .. frequently resulting in a SoD overnight on my tab (probably not most peoples constant SoD problem) [applies to all devices]
    *) Add Acer A501 patches for 3g modem [applies to A501]
    *) fix some touch events on the A50X caused by the a100 patch set rolling back the a500 touch driver, the touch drivers are separate so this ought not impact the a100 [a50x only]

    Initial release, providing some bugfixes and new features to the previous OCTestV3

    ~~~~~ Developers Corner

    The building instructions for this kernel are identical to the ones for the A500, except that instead of using picasso_defconfig you use vangogh_defconfig (from the same codebase and same commits)

    Therefor rather than copying the instructions here, and attempting to keep them in sync I recommend you review the original "Developer Corner" post in the A500 thread.

    v1.0.1 update

    Small update, mostly to include the a501 code drop for the a501 users (on the a500 version)
    However with this codedrop a101 may also now work with 3g (let me know)

    Please let me know if therre are any issues with the distributed file as this has not yet been tested by actual a100 users. (Edit: it must boot as there have been quite a number of downloads and no complaints)

    Last a small audio patch was added to allow better CM support, by default this kernel behaves as the acer stock kernel, however if you have CM9 or CM10 previews installed and version 1.0.1 of this kernel you can also install the patch ezT20cmaudio_patch_S.zip 26251900115b0ca433f26f4d95e7f269 to cause the kernel to behave as the "stock CM" kernel will

    As always this kernel boot at 1.0GHz, you can use the built in performance controls to OC in CM.. UV requires additional rooted software.

    If you are confused..

    I have the a500 CM10 preview3 install instructions on this post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=30125468&postcount=76

    it ought to be the same for the a100 once you switch to the a100 preview and the a100 ezT20 kernel.

    Version 1.0.0 is out See OP for the download and source links

    This version improves stability on the A100/500 systems, plus adds experimental support for the A501 devices. (the a501 information is in the a500 version of the kernel/thread, a100 users ought not be impacted by these changes)
    Great work ! ! !

    Anychance you could look at getting touch to wake with your kernel ?

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    I saw some patches (noted you mention it before) looks interesting but requires some work for our device.

    May be trivial but requires a hook added to our touchscreens not just the ones from whatever device I grab the source from .. hopefully I will figure it out in the future.. there are still one or two things such as the UV logic I wish to cleanup first.
    Tablets and phones are the same minus screen size and radios, the same general rules apply. IMO deadline is the better io scheduler, but I can't recall if ezT20 has this or not. Under voting on mine locks up lower then -145 but your device may take more or less. This is covered in the a100 guide in my signature, namely how to find your sweet spot in UV and OC. This kernel is also designed to run lulzactive governor instead of interactive.

    Tapatalked from my A100 - CM10 PM Build 4

    EzT kernel has only bfq schedule, i am currently working on new updated kernel that has more IO schedulers and going to also test BFS process scheduling as well as a kernel with cgroup auto group enabled. You may have already been aware of what I'm working on for the a100 kernel, but here is some info for those who are still using the June kernel build from ezterry and looking forward to something with more options and tuned particularly for jelly bean

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