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[KERNEL][GPU OC] SmurfKernel 1.1.0 [OOS 10/CUSTOM UNIFIED]

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    OnePlus 8 Pro / OnePlus 8


    Flash and be happy out of the box!
    The kernel provides 4 Spectrum profiles and 3 Franco Kernel Manager profiles for most usecases. Balanced / Battery / Performance (default) / Gaming. For choosing another profile as Balanced please install Spectrum from the Google PlayStore.
    If you want to modify the profiles just run a kernelmanager like EX Kernelmanager and change what you want.

    The Android 10 version comes with autoinstalling Magisk module and autoinstalling config app made by Senior member xXx and Senior member tanisch2k09!
    To preconfigure the kernel uses a config file made by well known Senior member @xXx
    Many thx to both for this oustanding contribution to this project!!!
    The Android 10 version supports Magisk 20.3 or higher only!

    These are the tunables you could modify:

    Defaults in [ ]
    Profiles battery, balanced, [performance], gaming
    SELinux [permissive] / enforced
    CPU minimum frequency little 300, 403, 518, 614, [691], 787, 883, 1075
    CPU minimum frequency big [710], 825, 940, 1056, 1171
    CPU minimum frequency prime [844], 960, 1075, 1190
    GPU minimum frequency 200, [305], 400
    GPU Input boost off 305, [400], 441
    GPU maximum frequency up to 900 MHz (comes with 600 MHz frequency set!)
    !!! WARNING !!! 700, 800and 900 MHz are GPU OC frequencies and NOT stable on all devices!

    The SmurfKernel configuration file is placed in /sdcard/SmurfKernel: If you want to use the kernel with it's default configuration just flash it!!! For custom changes please edit the SmurfKernelConfigurationEditor by @tanish2k09. The settings are applied saving the config. Your actual configuration is written to smurf.kernel.bootlog.

    It's recommended to use my kernel paired with

    xXx NoLimits thread

    Telegram channel


    OOS and CUSTOM ROM support
    GPU OC up to 900 MHz
    GPU Input boost (305 / 400/ 441MHz)
    GPU / CPU sleep frequency setting
    Refresh rate setting 60 / Auto / 90/120
    CPU minimum 300-1075 MHz silver cluster
    CPU minimum 710-1171 MHz gold cluster
    CPU minimum 844-1190 MHz prime core
    Power efficient workqueue setting
    Scheduler tunables presets
    Klapse Livedisplay 5.0 by @tanish2k09
    Stune boost
    Devfreq boost
    Devfreq boost DDR
    Devfreq boost GPU
    Input stune boost extender
    Load based boosting mode
    Ultra / High / Medium / Low boost presets
    Multiqueue io-scheduler: none, mq-dealine, kyber
    Dynamic fsync
    Advanced color control (RGB, hue, saturation, contrast)
    Wakelock blocker
    Wake Gestures
    USB fastcharge
    Vibration control
    Spectrum and FK profiles support


    Information about Klapse Livedisplay


    Just flash!
    Reboot to TWRP and flash kernel only, if you're already on SmurfKernel.
    You can use exkm, fkm to flash it too. For first install USE TWRP and read below!
    You can flash the kernel using TWRP
    If you need to flash Magisk, flash it before flashing the kernel.
    Coming from stock kernel, or any other kernel it is recommended to flash kernel, magisk, kernel.
    If you encounter a ramdisk update error please reflash TWRP, magisk, reboot TWRP and flash magisk, kernel.

    GoogleDrive folder
    MEGA folder

    Flash as Magisk module ;)
    Bootanimation 1
    View attachment 4780411
    Bootanimation 2
    View attachment 4780412
    Bootanimation 3
    Bootanimation 4

    All credits for these awesome bootanimations go to @JJay666, Pas and @Duncan1982



    Many many many thx to all users that made buying this device possible with their donations. An awesome community !!!

    @DespairFactor for his great base
    @nathanchance for this great reference
    @ZeroInfinity for great pwrutilx governor
    Joe Maples for electroutil
    Team Helix for the great helix_schedutil governor
    @difr for SimpleSpectrum
    @frap129 for original Spectrum
    @Tkkg1994 for always being so helpful
    @DroidShift79 for the outstanding logo picture!
    and all other great kernel devs on xda

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [KERNEL][GPU OC][OOS] SmurfKernel 1.1.0, Kernel for the OnePlus 8 Pro

    Kernel Special Features: GPU OC

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 1.1.0
    Stable Release Date: 2020-08-12

    Created 2020-08-09
    Last Updated 2020-08-12
    Version 1.1.0
    Added Wake Gestures
    Added USB fastcharge
    Added vibration control
    Added selected CAF updates and fixes
    Added mq bfq io scheduler
    Updated Android binder

    On Gdrive in the test folder an Android11 testbuild. Blund build, may boot, may not boot [emoji16] feedback appreciated.
    For about a week, maybe two, or three i have to suspend the development. Because of the unacceptable display i'll return my device to OnePlus. As often as needed to receive a device with a proper display. Even over the day it has noticible gray and color issues. Depending of dc-dimmimg is on or off left or right side looks like crap. Not premium.
    Just compare yourself. The nice 9ne is the OnePlus 7 Pro. All shots are from yesterday, same room, same light conditions, both displays same settings.
    The thread moved to cross platform, because of there are versions for both OnePlus 8, the Pro and the normal variant.

    Thx to Oswald Boelcke for pointing me on it and doing the work to realize it.
    I'm waiting for you support OOS11 with hope . Thank you :)