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Mar 29, 2011
OnePlus 5T
OnePlus 6
I'm not asking you to do anything in the app itself. The changes need are just a single line in the app itself but the problem is that it may vary from security policy from ROM/kernel to another and it's not possible for me to do something that is guaranteed to work for everything for exactly reasons I stated earlier. The policy is inside the sepolicy file and the contexts in file_contexts.

Ok but selinux it's a binary, I need to build from source?
Don't know how to or here it is :confused:
What you need to change? Check the N5 file_contexts (probably won't do much without selinux bin other than Google)

EDIT: if you prefer, join Code_Blue G+ group and add me in hangouts from there.

which busybox version do you install? Mine says busybox 1.22.1 already installed but I can not use Trickstermod

BusyBox free 1.6 app fro Stericksson, which installs busybox 1.22.1
Works great :good:


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Jul 11, 2011
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Redmi K30 5G
idk I had the alpha installed and now I hav ethe version from playstore, v2.13.946, works fine.
Try to remove Trickster entry from SuperSU and delete app data from Trickster (or just uninstall it, reboot and install from Playstore)

Still not working, but it's not important because when we get official Lollipop and I will clean flash again anyway, thanks


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Sep 14, 2010
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Mar 29, 2011
OnePlus 5T
OnePlus 6
I'm not sure if it's kernel tweaker or the kernel, but kt crashes when I try to change the lmk. Has anyone successfully changed their lmk?

It's the default permission from Google, will change them in next build.

You can use this as root on terminal to change them:
chmod 0664 /sys/module/lowmemorykiller/parameters/adj
chmod 0664 /sys/module/lowmemorykiller/parameters/minfree
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    Hi guys! Here comes the first custom kernel in xda for L-preview :)

    I'm presenting my personal kernel Code_Blue, that started as an addon for Purity ROM, called Purified Kernel.
    Some of you that know me from other Nexus devices asked me to bring back the project, so I (finally) did.
    My releases are Dragon_Shield powered and I'm going to share them with you.

    All I want is full smoothness, performance and battery on my hammerhead, so I build always with Linaro optimized Cortex A15 toolchains.
    This time I aim for a "stockish" feel lean build and for stability purposes I will stay with GCC 4.9.2 for now.
    Code is based of android-msm-hammerhead-3.4-l-preview, forked from android/kernel_msm.
    Useful and powerful picks are mandatory :cool:

    Be sure to join Code_Blue users G+ community
    You keep the spirit alive!

    Kernel features:

    • Build on Ubuntu 14.04.1 x86_64 (Dragon_Shield VPS @ www.servercore.com.br - thanks @ChristianLetti)
    • Build with toolchains 2014.09 Linaro Cortex-A15 GCC 4.9.2 by @Christopher83
    • Full -Ofast+graphite support with device and target flags enhanced, linaro build improvements, etc
    • Based on android-msm-hammerhead-3.4-l-preview + own commits & cherry-picks on demand from several top devs, code aurora, linaro...
    • Kernel compressed with LZ4-r123, custom tweaked RAMdisk with GZIP (faster boot times)
    • Removed some debug and logging options
    • Enhanced performance and battery patches
    • Several CPU Governors (blu_active own governor is default)
    • Voltage Control UV_mV_table by @franciscofranco (UV down to 700mV possible)
    • Enhanced TCP methods (westwood is default)
    • Network and Wifi tweaks
    • Several I/O control (FIOPS is default)
    • Removed stock mpdecision and thermald
    • blu_plug: Dynamic hotplug for hammerhead (based in dyn_hotplug from @stratosk), with screenoff battery saving (max_freq 1190400 @ max dual core)
    • powersaver_mode available (switch usefull on light tasks, set max_freq 1728 MHz @ single core)
    • L msm_thermal by @franciscofranco
    • Optimized RWSEM, AES and SHA1 routines
    • Vibrator Strength tunable (60% default)
    • KGSL fixes and reworked GPU driver (removed doubled freqs, goes to idle @ 27MHz)
    • Gamma Control by @myfluxi, Piereligio_TrueRGBv7 profile by default)
    • LCD_KCAL driver added (RGB calibration by @savoca)
    • Tuned min manual brightness
    • OTG USB flash drives support FAT32, ExFAT and NTFS: use stickmount
    • CDROM emulation added to mass_storage (Drive Droid compatible)
    • Kexec (multirom) full support by @Tasssadar
    • Faux Sound Control, with In-call and headphone volume controls by @faux123 (must use FauxSound beta app v1.2.3 and up)
    • doubletap2wake available (0:disabled, 1:enabled, 2:enabled fullscreen), option to disable with power button or after wake_timeout (based on @flar2 and @showp1984 work)
    • USB Fast Charge (USB mode up to 900mA with MTP, by @flar2), Increase battery charging current to use higher input current (on AC mode by @faux123), proprietary charger detection
    • init.d support (busybox run-parts required)
    • Kernel cleaner script by @neobuddy89
    • Compatible with Kernel Manager, Kernel Tweaker, TricksterMOD, Franco Display Control and FauxSound Control
    • Featured on Rom Directory by @tFrost

    Download latest Code_Blue Kernel zip on Test folder, flash in recovery and profit :highfive:
    No mirrors allowed. Don't post hardlinks, use original links.
    Changelog is available @ website also.

    Builds are coded as follows:
    • test only for now on tests folder, no changelog, build with Linaro Cortex-A15 4.9.2 to minimize issues in troubleshoot.

    Warning: If you come from other kernel, you should dirty flash your ROM before flashing Code_Blue zip to avoid problems.
    Reflash ROM -> flash SuperSU -> Boot device -> flash Code_Blue.
    Also uninstall or clean data of any kernel control app you're using.

    If you like my work and wish to donate, just hit one of the buttons:
    In €

    In $

    Thanks to @franciscofranco, @faux123, @LaboDJ @show-p1984, @flar2, @anarkia1976, @stratosk, @neobuddy89, @myfluxi, @Christopher83, @Cl3Kener
    Special thanks to @DariosF and @ciprianruse88, for the friendship, initial push, knowledge and art.

    Awesome graphics and design by @ciprianruse88

    git source
    Code_Blue r1196-L

    All right crew!

    Just pushed an update, Release Candidate.
    We are now at a stable point, maybe next week I will begin to push into mainline branch.
    In November, Lollipops everywhere :fingers-crossed:

    Changelog (incremental):
    [*]cpufreq: Always allow update of user policy
    [*]ARM: dts: msm: Increase OCMEM BW request for video decode
    [*]ext4: fix memory leak in xattr
    [*]msm: kgsl: Add an input handler to power up the GPU on a touch event, Allow GPU start to run in a high priority queue, Fix nice level for higher priority GPU start thread
    [*]ARM: dts: msm: increase adsp heap size for msm8974
    [*]arm/dt: msm8974: Increase "ib" values for VIDC DDR bandwidth request
    [*]net: loopback: set default mtu to 64K
    [*]gpiomux-8974: Modify direction of suspended GPIO
    [*]lower GPU volt constraints a bit
    [*]USB: Set power supply online status to false after cable disconnect
    [*]fastcharge: USB Fast Charge for Nexus 5 (USB mode up to 900mA with MTP), Increase battery charging current to use higher input current (on AC mode), Enable proprietary charger detection (e.g. iPhone/iPad charger) and treat it as AC power source
    [*]exFAT support
    [*]msm: thermal: add my Thermal solution (compatible with new L thermal framework, by franciscofranco)
    [*]Removed flash drive automount (use stickmount, ROM doesn't have mount/unmount in storage which can be dangerous)
    [*]RD Tweaks

    Get involved, test, play, donate, help, contribute.
    You keep the spirit alive!

    Keep it real, keep it true, keep it #Code_Blue
    Code_Blue r1185 L-Preview

    All right crew!

    Here's the first release for l-preview LPX13D :highfive:

    I preferred to take some time to rebase and clean my source, less is more in this case!
    Hope you appreciate all the work me and my beta posse had on this release.

    I will use Chainfire root approach because it's more neutral. Doesn't mean I will not use permissive in the future, but so far my needed root apps work so I'm fine with it.
    I want to see how the community will adapt to this latest changes and we go from there.
    I prefer to maintain all the security I can get, I think root apps (and normal ones too) need to update to all the new stuff Android L: it´s just the way it is, it was like so in the past on major Android release and L is not an exception.

    Other than that I decided to remove simple gpu governor, powersaver cpu governor, fast charge and fsync toggle.
    Why? I don't use/need them ;p All the rest stays intact Blue style!

    You may have a reboot on first boot if you come from an permissive kernel.
    Changelog is at git source.

    Get involved, test, play, donate, help, contribute.
    You keep the spirit alive!

    Keep it real, keep it true, keep it #Code_Blue
    Are we ready for Android 5.0 Lollipop (LPX13D)?

    Code_Blue_r1181-L-beta_hammerhead.zip created
    Build completed in 5 minute(s) and 57 seconds.

    Keep it real, keep it true, keep it #Code_Blue
    Code_Blue r1034 L-Preview

    Hey guys!

    Just pushed r1034 to test folder.

    This will be the baseline for some time. I will play play awhile with franco sound, maybe we can use while faux sound is out of business.

    • Performance improvements and fixes
    • Tweaked intelliactive tunables
    • Enabled logger by default
    • RAMdisk tweaks

    Keep it real, keep it true, keep it BLUE
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