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[KERNEL][LP]ZD Kernel 1.9 || 11 November 2015

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Apr 16, 2014
Zapdos Kernel 1.8 is regenerated from fresh CM sources. So stability and performance is retained, and of-course, the custom features.
Note that this version is available only via web download.

*Available only as DoubleTap2Wake version
Thanks to Adarsh1998 for testing and giving the green light.
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Nov 6, 2014
Update was awesome. No more System lag anymore. Fluid performence. Gaming also playeble (not fluid as CM stock but its tolerable) i got some minor drain in battery compared to CM stock kernel. Overall best update compared to recent updates but im sure upcoming versions will be more Awesome...


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Jun 21, 2015
New Delhi
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Apr 14, 2015
Kanpur, INDIA
Realme 7
Fm is not working after flashing this kernel confirm as I flashed it with RR latest.
Second thing f2fs is also not working, it's giving bootloop after converting data and cache partitions.

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    #include <std_disclaimer.h>
    * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.*/

    Zapdos Kernel

    • Compiled from latest sources from CyanogenMod Repo.
    • Compiled using Linaro 4.9.3 Toolchain.
    • In-App updates.
    • Disabled Gentle fair sleepers.
    • Disabled CRC check.
    • Reduced swappiness.
    • Added bunch of advanced TCP Congestion Controls.
      • Cubic
      • Reno
      • Westwood (default)
      • HTCP
      • HSTCP
      • Hyabla
      • Vegas
      • Scalable
      • LP
      • Bic
      • Yeah
      • Veno
      • Illionis
    • Optimized SLUB.
    • Asynchronous I/O latency to a solid-state disk greatly increased .
    • NOATIME and NODIRATIME by default.
    • Enabled aggressive multi-core power savings.
    • Added more I/O Schedulers
      • Fifo
      • TripnDroid
      • VR
      • Zen
      • FIOPS
      • BFQ
    • SoundControl v3 by Faux123.
    • Dynamic ReadAhead support.
    • More governors
      • Ondemandplus
      • Intellidemand
      • Intelliactive
      • Lionheart
      • Wheatley
    • Enabled ARCH_POWER.
    • Added Double Tap to Wake.
    • Improved square root algorithm.
    • Sound Recording capabilities extened to 320Kbps.
    • Disabled some debugging.
    • No 'dirty things' in Kernel Info.
    • Powered by Aroma Installer.
    • Kernel Mode selection made available to the users.
    • Optimized AES and SHA1 routines.
    • Added Power Suspend drivers.
    • Added IntelliPlug.
    • Added IntelliThermal.
    • Added Dynamic Fsync, by faux123, ported to work with Power Suspend drivers by varun.chitre15, backported to Linux 3.4 by me.
    • Zapdos Charger Control : A driver to control the amount of current to be used while charging.
    • SELinux set to permissive permanently.

    Dedicated kernel control App - ZD Kernel Control

    Installation Instruction
    • From PC
      • Download from here and flash it.

      [*]From Mobile
      • Download Gesture Control App from here, and install it.
      • Tap the download icon on the top-right side of the app.
      • If you are on Zapdos, and if update is available, it will show an update and ask you to download.
      • If you are not on Zapdos but on a proper device, you will be asked to download Zapdos.
      • When downloaded, tap the 'FLASH' button, it will automatically boot to recovery and flash it.
      • Enjoy.

    Video demonstrating the installation of kernel and DoubleTap2Wake (thanks to @TheDj408)

    • percy_g2 and scritch007 - For their work on CyanogenMod
    • T3snake - For testing purposes
    • Adarsh1998 - For making great banner
    • TheDj408 - For making video on this kernel

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Zapdos Kernel, Kernel for the Moto E

    Source Code: https://github.com/corphish/zapdos_condor

    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 1.9
    Stable Release Date: 2015-05-24

    Created 2015-05-24
    Last Updated 2015-11-11
    App is almost ready, going under some tests. You can start countdown for dt2w/s2w getting implemented in kernel.

    BTW, if there is anyone with nice graphics designing skills, may volunteer themselves, to design icon for the app. As a credit, you will mentioned under info section in my app.
    Update 1.2

    - Added Double Tap to Wake.
    - Improved square root algorithm.
    - Sound Recording capabilities extened to 320Kbps.
    - Disabled some debugging.
    - No 'dirty things' in Kernel Info.

    Link Updated in OP

    About S2W and Music Mode - They are coming, S2W will come following an update to my app. And music mode was having some problems which are needed to be fixed. But since I won't avail my PC for few days, this update was wrapped up quickly and posted.

    Recommend you to have a backup kernel, just in case.

    Do let me know how doubletap2wake works.

    And as always, use my app to control DT2W. Find it here - Gesture Control 1.0

    Also, let me know how the app is.
    Reserved for F.A.Q & Changelog


    --v1.8-- (4 September 2015)
    -Reduced max and default current in charger control.
    -Added and reverted some stuff as an attempt to bring back lagless life.
    --v1.7-- (23 August 2015)
    -Updated base to latest CM sources.
    -Introducing Zapdos Charger Control, a mechanism to control charging current. (Min: 500 mA, Max: 2000mA)
    -Implemented sysfs for pocket mode.
    -Enabled F2FS.
    -Fixed up gaming performance issues.
    --v1.6-- (22 July 2015)
    -Added Power Suspend drivers.
    -Added IntelliPlug.
    -Added IntelliThermal.
    -Added Dynamic Fsync, by faux123, ported to work with Power Suspend drivers by varun.chitre15, backported to Linux 3.4 by me.
    --v1.5-- (1 July 2015)
    -Switched to Aroma Installer
    -Kernel installation made available in 2 modes : i) With DT2W ii) Without DT2W
    -Some fixes in proximity sensor involvement in DT2W.
    -Optimized AES and SHA1 routines.
    --v1.4-- (26 June 2015)
    -Incremental update to initiate in-app updates.
    --v1.3--(12 June 2015)
    -Fixed doubletap2wake.
    -Fixed Accelerometer in kernel level.
    --v1.2--(3 June 2015)
    -Added Double Tap to Wake.
    -Improved square root algorithm.
    -Sound Recording capabilities extened to 320Kbps.
    -Disabled some debugging.
    -No 'dirty things' in Kernel Info.
    --v1.1-- (29 May 2015)
    1. Added SoundControl v3 by Faux123
    2. Dynamic ReadAhead Support
    3. Added I/O Scheduler
              i. BFQ
    4.Enabled ARCH_POWER
    5.Added more governors
              i. Ondemandplus
              ii. Intellidemand
              iii. Intelliactive
              iv. Lionheart
              v. Wheatley
    --Initial Build-- (24 May 2015)
    1. Disabled Gentle fair sleepers.
    2. Disabled CRC check.
    3. Reduced swappiness.
    4. Added bunch of advanced TCP Congestion Controls.
    5. Optimized SLUB.
    6. Asynchronous I/O latency to a solid-state disk greatly increased .
    7. NOATIME and NODIRATIME by default.
    8. Enabled aggressive multi-core power savings.
    9. Added various I/O Schedulers.
    I think implementation of dt2w/s2w won't be toughest off all devices I saw dt2w being implemented.
    It will come in next update for sure, but the update will take time to come.
    Reason : Unless I complete the 'thing' which you can see in attached SS ;).