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     * Your Warranty is now void.
     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, dead dogs, or cats, 
     * but i'm very interest in thermonuclear war, so if you point the finger
     * at me for messing up your device just because this kernel,  I will 
     * send you to the mars with Nuclear Rocket. Act accordingly.
     * I know this paragraph is conspiracy-included, so 
     * dont ask about it. Welcome.

    • Treble Roms: Aosp, Los, [OREO-PIE] [MIUI NOT SUPPORTED]

    Features :
    • Compiled using Ubertc8
    • Upstreamed 3.18.140
    • Upstreamed latest caf tag
    • Governors : Interactive, Performance, Darkness, Intelliactive maybe
    • Devfreq cpu boost
    • Kcal
    • Sound Control
    • Adreno Idler
    • DTS Audio driver support
    • IO scheduler : Noop, Deadline, Cfq, Bfq, Zen, Anxiety maybe more
    • Boeffla Wakelock Blocker
    • Fsync Toggle
    • Software Crc control toggle
    • Maybe more on further update

    Download : AndroidFileHost

    Join tg channel: https://t.me/LeafKernel

    My kernel source : https://github.com/Damar131/kernel_xiaomi_msm8953

    Thanks to:
    And all tester i have on telegram

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Leaf Kernel, Kernel for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4/4X


    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Stable Release Date: 2019-01-22

    Created 2019-08-03
    Last Updated 2019-08-03
    Leaf Kernel 6.0 Update 20190920 Sorry For Late Post this new one for better performance

    • Compiled Using Stable Clang10
    • Added Simple LMK
    • Added Simple MSM Thermal
    • Added GPU OC 750Mhz
    • Optimized RCU Boost
    • Optimized Devfreq Boost
    • Avoid dynamically allocate for various
    • Readded Clang Polly Optimization Support
    • And Many More Check On My Github :p

    Note : - Included Thermal By @TheHitMan7 Now
    - Probably this is latest release of my kernel i will rebase leaf kernel with LA.UM.8.6.r1-01900-89xx.0 New CAF Stay Tune Soon
    - For u one miui port pie or oreo try this one , i hope this fix bootloop/fastboot when flashing thanks before

    Download Link : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=1899786940962598670

    Join @leafKernel For Further Updates!
    Leaf Kernel 2.0 Is Update

    Changelogs :
    • Merged Linux kernel updates from android-3.18 common tree (synced with sources up to August 06, 2019)
    • Compiled using Bare-Metal 10.0.0
    • Added Klapse 5.0
    • Added Usb Fastcharge
    • Updated Ramdisk File
    • Introduce Some Intelliactive Tweak
    • Crypto: use -O3
    • Fixed Slow Charging Issue
    • Use Prima O2 Optimization
    • Cortex A53 Optimization
    • Optimized Console FrameBuffer
    • Mbcache2: Speed up Cache Entry Creation
    • Msm:camera_v2: Boost To Max Freq While Focussing
    • Improved performance

    Download Link : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=6006931924117931366

    Join for further updates : https://t.me/LeafKernel

    Leaf Kernel 4.0 Is Update 20190827

    Changelogs :
    • Compiled using BareMetal 9.2.0
    • Merged Linux kernel updates from android-3.18 common tree (synced with sources up to August 27, 2019)
    • Introduce Adreno Boost 2.1
    • Updated NEON accelerated XOR implementation
    • Nuked Overclock Damn I Hate this
    • Spectrum And Fk profil Support Now
    • Disable Adreno Idler By default
    • Reworked some Devfreq Boost
    • Increase vmstat interval to 20 second
    • Improved some tcp westwood
    • Fix qseecom-kernel-headers build
    • Fix Qualcomm mismerge
    • Improved Performance

    Note : If u want more performance try to enable adreno idler and adreno boost on kernel manager

    Download Link : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=6006931924117946156
    Leaf Kernel 3.0 Is Update 20190812

    Based on votes yes we oc now yay!
    Changelogs :
    - Compiled using DragonTC 9.0
    - Added UKSM & KSM
    - Added Cpu Oc 2.2 Ghz
    - Added Gpu Oc 750 Mhz
    - Don't die when memory allocation fails
    - Don't allocate memory for various
    - Update Ramdisk file
    - Use -O3 Clang
    - Enable High Performance Audio
    - Apply -Os to some drivers
    - Fixed some ion missing file
    - Performance fix Improvement

    Note: for someone facing force close on Pubg game pls give me log for that :)

    Download : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=6006931924117934897

    Join for updates : https://t.me/LeafKernel
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