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Lord Sithek

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Dec 19, 2018
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4
Huawei Watch 2
Did somebody from here try Octopus kernel? I'm interested in how Stormguard stand in comparison with Octopus with battery life and performance ?

I did test both kernels and I have to admit that Stormguard is way better. I found it very battery friendly yet efficient and fluent. And the phone doesn't get so hot :D I use overcklocked version

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Mar 7, 2011
- AFH -: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=228830
Mirror Non-CPUQuiet

TRY to test on my old device.
what's wrong with my device ? try several version, same failed notification.
ROM xiaomi.eu Stable miui10 Android 7.0. RedWofl TWRP. Magisk root v20.4


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     * Your Warranty is now void.
     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, dead dogs, or cats, 
     * but i'm very interest in thermonuclear war, so if you point the finger
     * at me for messing up your device just because this kernel,  I will 
     * send you to the mars with Nuclear Rocket. Act accordingly.
     * I know this paragraph is conspiracy-included, so 
     * dont ask about it. Welcome.

    This kernel project aims to achieve stability.
    • Using AnyKernel2 power by (osm0sis)
    • {Always} Up-to-date with linux-stable, CAF, and Linux Kernel Changes.
    • Wakelocks block by (Lord Boeffla)
    • KCAL Color Control by (tbalden, savoca)
    • Sound Countrol by (flar)
    • Safetynet bypass by (Sultanxda)
    • Always upstream f2fs, fscrypt, fscrypto, ext4
    • SDFat fs ported by (cryptomilk, javelinanddart)
    • Security Hardening by enabling yama

    Special thanks to:

    • osm0sis
    • @nathanchance
    • Abishek, highwaystar_ru
    • Other developer that i cherry-picked from repo
    • My Tester

    Contact me:
    Telegram: adekmaulana
    Telegram groups:
    Stormguard Groups

    Download on post 3

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Stormguard Kernel, Kernel for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

    Source Code: https://github.com/adekmaulana/stormguard

    Kernel Special Features: All mentioned

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 6.8
    Stable Release Date: 2019-01-13

    Created 2017-11-08
    Last Updated 2019-01-13

    MIUI in about phone will get Unavaiable string, but that's work on Kernel Adiutor or ExKM or change region to Hongkong.
    Oreo Treble with have internal problem with your device or vendor mismatch you can safely ignored it!!

    You can flash Oreo one to Pie ROM ;)
    Downloads -:
    The bigger Number ZIP Version is newer.
    CPUQuiet Variant
    - T G -: @sgdownload
    - G D -: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1i5XRVcO3Q8y8OFAOxXU-UWGWmQJiKo2u
    - AFH -: https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=286310
    - AFH -: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=228830
    Mirror Non-CPUQuiet
    Stormguard: 6.8

    • Upstream Linux 3.18.132

    if you experience any lag change to performance profile from FK manager, or change max cpu inside KA/ExKM because i set max cpu default to 1804.

    Note: if you want change ZRAM Comp Algorithm to another
    • Open Kernel Adiutor
    • Open Virtual Memory tab
    • Change the algo choice you want
    • Apply on boot and direct reboot from your Power Button (otherwise the new choice doesn't applied)
    Sorry to all people here, after my HDD got wiped accidentally, i manage to back restoring all my data either windows or my linux, but unfortunately i got sick and it's bad enough, i need to go hospital and i just back about a week ago, now i can consider recover as long as i don't miss single pill a day for a year.
    And i'm now working on MIUI, Oreo will follow soon, since it doesn't took too much time to rebased for Oreo/Treble.
    Bad news i have to drop support for Nougat AOSP/LOS this released.

    I'll try to make this release before this Sunday change to Monday.
    Thanks for all the patience.

    It's time for update

    Stormguard 3.0

    Compiled using latest Linaro GCC snapshots branch [(Linaro GCC Snapshot 7.2-2017.11) 7.2.1 20171116]

    What's new ?:
    • Upstream to latest upstream 3.18.87 from kernel.org and git.linaro.org
    • More CPUQuiet improvement
    • Add Powersuspend driver (currently only LCD Panel and userspace are applied)
    • Add WireGuard support & optimized for 3.18 kernel
    • Others improvement that already added on oldest version
    • fix bugs
    • Rebase to clean unnecessary code
    And many more can't write on here one by one

    New Oreo base supports

    This version comes with 4 different base
    1 base is using new freq Step with CPUQuiet
    1 base is using CPUquiet only
    1 base is using normal freq without CPUQuiet or new freq step
    1 base is using newfreq step without CPUQuiet

    New freq step are:

    - 2208 MHz
    - 2150 MHz
    More freq step:
    - 806 MHz
    - 400 MHz

    - 700 MHz

    Version naming:

    Stormguard-CPUQuiet_OC = This version use CPUQuiet and OC/UC [New Freq Step]
    Stormguard-OC = This version only use OC/UC [New Freq Step]
    Stormguard-Normal = This version don't use both CPUQuiet and OC/UC [New Freq Step]
    Stormguard-CPUQuiet = This version only use CPUQuiet

    Downloads -:
    Post 3