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[Kernel] [MM] [OC] Werewolf Kernel v001 - 25/01/2016

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May 27, 2015

Question here, I'm interested, but I'm new to the shield tablet, but not android in general. I'm fairly skilled, although the shield is new for me. So just to be clear, is this meant for the current tegra k1 tablet? And can this be flashed using stock android MM with twrp? I don't want to flash a rom because I like the stock nvidia features.


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Nov 16, 2011
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Question here, I'm interested, but I'm new to the shield tablet, but not android in general. I'm fairly skilled, although the shield is new for me. So just to be clear, is this meant for the current tegra k1 tablet? And can this be flashed using stock android MM with twrp? I don't want to flash a rom because I like the stock nvidia features.
Yep, just did the same... Running stock rooted rom with this kernel... Running good for 3 hours now haha

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Is this kernel also working on the new shield k1?
Sure is

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Jul 1, 2012
Does this work on original shield tablet LTE? Flahing blobs from other device scares me a fair bit

If you're running MM, it should, yes. I do not have a device to test, though.

is it ok to add a sound control or to turn up the volume in kernel auditor?
cus theres no rom that put that option

I'll have to see about that, haven't been looking into sound yet ;)

errr, where exactly, if I may ask? :eek: :D

Just to verify, if I need to revert back to stock:
Flash stock blob, flash stock boot.img?

stock DTB and boot.img should be enough, yes.


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Mar 23, 2014
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thanks for all your hard work , really liking this kernel so far , double tap to wake works although sweep to wake hasnt been working for me , and when updating your rom do you need to reflash the DTB file or just your custom kernel ?


Jan 27, 2016
PowerHAL is actually only one component boosting the CPU. The kernel has another one built in. But I made progress ;)

Yes, phs stands for Power Hint Service (read it somewhere in the logs) and is nvidia only, hence not needed for custom ROMs as custom ROMs are mostly using the CPU_BOOST hint anyways.

I was already thinking about flashing the DTB alongside the kernel via the updater zip, but decided not to, as TWRP does not back up the DTB partition, and hence is not that easy to revert back to the stock one. If one flashes the DTB I want them to know what's being done.
What?!? I have never heard of any bootloader checking the DTB before loading itself?!? I could see reasons for the bootloader to refuse booting a kernel if the DTB is too different from the stock one, but not refusing to boot the bootloader itself. Are you really sure about that? Do you have some more info on this? If this really was the case, nvidia really messed up...
Mission accomplished :D
I found a workaround to disable the automatic freq settings from the powerHAL from within the kernel itself. The powerHAL keeps complaining, though, as it's a rather dirty workaround, but it works ;)

Do you guys think I should disable the core-requests as well or are they fine for daily use? (the more opinions the better)
Sounds great cant wait for a new update :) and as for the core request im not so sure maybe you should test it out


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Aug 24, 2015
You might want to look into viper4android here on xda in the mean time. It's an eq (in case you didn't know) and works flawlessly on the shield.

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i have that already but i just want the sounds volume on kernel auditor
, but thx anyways

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@laufersteppenwolf, thx man


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Jul 25, 2015
Just a thought....I don't have this device but a similar Tegra 4 device so I may be wrong on a couple different things. If dtb is flashable via staging, couldn't you create a blob that flashes the dtb modification? You could then package that blob inside of a flashable zip and along with your other mods (boot.img, etc.). I have some experience doing something similar on the Slate 21 (phobos) and the Slate 21 Pro (ranger). I can help out if needed, having an easy flash method would promote people who are shy with fastboot to flash your mod!

On another note, what commits did you make to the kernel source in order to get it MM booting? I'm trying to port CM13.0 for my phobos but I found I need to make some edits to the kernel before I can get anything booting. The latest kernel source for this device is 3.4.66. You can find the source on the Tegra4 repo if needed (www.github.com/Tegra4)

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Jul 29, 2012
I've a 02:00:00:00:00:00 Mac adress with the new Stock mm build from nvidia with Werwolf kernel, with Old mm Stock build everything was working fine. Stock Kernel works too.

Any ideal?

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    Alright guys, the time has come :D

    As you already might have seen around here, I recently got this device and also started working on it.
    Deep down in my heart I am more of a kernel dev than a ROM dev, which is why my first real contribution just had to be a kernel.
    And not just any kernel, a wild one even: It's time to unleash the Werewolf in our tablet ;)

    As usual, my main goal is to get the best performance out of the device, especially for gaming.
    I have been working with Tegra SoC's before, so I can probably make use of my previous experiences.

    Now, enough with the chit-chat, time to look at the

    • Patched CONFIG_KEYS vulnerability
    • CPU OC (up to 2.5GHz, default is stock 2.2GHz)
    • GPU OC (924MHz)
    • Custom I/O Schedulers (SIO, FIOPS, BFQ, CFQ, Deadline) with FIOPS as default
    • Ported ElementalX governor
    • [WIP] Added S2w and DT2W (experimental, not fully working --> use on your own risk!)
    • Added exFAT support
    • Added fsync toggle
    • KSM turned on by default with deferred timer
    • Added /dev/frandom support
    • Various TCP tweaks (enabled westwood as default TCP congestion control)

    • MM bootloader and any MM ROM (should work on all ROMs running the MM kernel natively like CM13 or Bliss)
    • TWRP or any other custom recovery
    • fastboot environment

    1. Download both the devicetree blob and the kernel zip
    2. Boot into the bootloader and flash the DTB (fastboot flash dtb tegra124-tn8-p1761-1270-a04-e-battery.dtb)
    3. Boot into TWRP and install the zip
    4. Reboot and feel the Werewolf's power ;)

    • S2W and DT2W not working when device is in deep sleep and touch may stop working when it was sleeping for too long

    Direct download links

    Feel free to look at this as a sneak-peek, I am far from done with getting the best out of this device ;)

    Please let me know what you think

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Werewolf Kernel, Kernel for the Nvidia Shield Tablet

    Source Code: https://github.com/laufersteppenwolf/android_kernel_nvidia_shieldtablet

    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: v001
    Stable Release Date: 2016-01-25

    Created 2016-01-25
    Last Updated 2016-01-26
    Is this project dead? It hasn't been updated since release almost two months ago.

    is this project dead?!

    No, it is not. Actually I already had/have a 2nd version running on my device, but real life struck me rather hard and I wasn't that active neither on XDA nor in development in general.

    But rest assured that as long as I am using a device as a daily driver, I will not drop support (but may pause it depending on my real-life situation)

    I got same problem, has u fixed it? I want to test this kernel playing fps games (MC4 and MC5)

    Hello Mr. Wolf, first of all, I'm sorry if I write something bad, I don't know speak full English.

    OK, I flashed the kernel without dtb file, the kernel give me 02:00:00:00:00:00
    And it doesn't let to activate the WiFi ant, it says “activating” in Spanish “activando”, so I want to help to fix it.
    What I have to bring to u from my shield to help u?


    if the issue still persists after flashing the dtb, please let me know which firmware version you are running, alongside a logcat and dmesg/kmsg of the issue
    Thx to @laufersteppenwolf , you can taste his OC work in BitO-KX kernels.
    So i installed it no problem cpu overclocks to 2.5GHz.

    Kernel same page merging is fine .

    Elemental x is great.

    The the double tap to wake is buggy like it works once then stops working until i disable it then renable it.

    My biggest problem is the same i have with EVERY SHIELD TABLET KERNEL YOU KERNEL DEVOLPERS CLAIM IS....... The gpu freq

    You say its at 924 but the highest it goes in benchmarks and other apps is 540 and i cant overclock in kerner tuners like

    Kernel auidtor
    Device control
    Kernel tuner
    All of them say no gpu tweaks.

    I will like to point out i am running your kernel on the OG shield tablet not the new model but the old one running a version of android 6.0 that was converted from the new model shield to work on the og shield tablet stock rom so i thought ok lets try blisspop 6.0 and still nothing if you could be one of the first kernel modders to ACTUALLY get the the gpu to overclock and not give up or go quiet like the other kernel modders for this tablet then i swear the community for this tablet will make a satue of you because no one can seem to overclock this thing because they all give up but thanks anyways finally a 6.0 stock kernel that lets me overclock to 2.5ghz and secretly IVE ALAWYS wanted double tap to wake on this thing so if you could fix that as well id be super excited to donate ;)

    First of all, how do you check the freq during the benchmarks?
    I've been running antutu, and the GPU was properly using 924MHz (otherwise I wouldn't have said so)

    Furthermore, you don't need to manually OC the GPU, it is OC'd by default simply because of the fact that no kernel tweaking app supported K1 GPUs up until now.
    In the future the recommended app will be Device Control because that's what I am using myself. In the coming builds of DC, K1 GPU tweaks will be available there as I have added support for our GPU to Device Control: https://github.com/Evisceration/DeviceControl/commit/b2d4872869d1eda517c47588b83b6f3f895aaa01

    DT2W and S2W are still on my list of course, and I'm sure the original shield will also be able to OC the GPU ;)

    It's weird, because after testing I decided about no raising voltage in BitO-KX series (safety and eco criteria) and it seemed to be stable at max OC, but now I get RR at max freq with your kernel if I don't flash dtb, so I suspect Nvidia had readjusted something in MM kernel... Have you faced this?

    Thnx for your great work.

    Hmm, no random reboots for me. I do have the dtb flashed, though. When do those reboots happen? During sleep, while playing,...?
    Comparing the LP kernel to the MM kernel, quite a lot more stuff has moved into the dtb (like throttling, edp and power limits,...), which makes flashing the dtb even more important. Not sure, though, if they have also changed something regarding the actual voltage levels (except making it harder to add a proper UV interface).

    Hi, first I'd like to say thank you for this kernel, I'm super stoked to try it. But I have some questions/fears to resolve first.

    If I don't want to overclock do I still need to flash the dtb?

    Is there a stock dtb that could be uploaded in case someone wants to revert to stock? Or would I be able to accomplish this simply by restoring a twrp backup?

    Anyway, thanks again

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    Yes, flashing the dtb is always recommended.
    No, TWRP does not make a backup of the dtb partition, I think I have a backup somewhere, though. I could upload it if needed ;)
    Ok so i check the freq in file manager system log you find more details about the benchmark like 3dmarks slingshot and whatnot so ok

    I feel like an idiot could the reason be because i disnt flash the dtb? Because i forgot?
    By the way i use AIDA64 and go to display the gpu goes from like 52 to 924 and i noticed while not using your kernel the maximum is like 824 witch is weird i could have SWORN on 5.0 stock kernel the maximum was 924 anyways it says it can go up to 924 but it stays at 524 i even run the device in max performance and run the benchmark and the app in MM's new multitask feature side by side and it stays at 524 while doing the most demading benchmark ever the 3dmark slingshot one also i benchmarked both using your kernel and not using your kernel and actually scored 80 points lower using yours (witch my highest is like 2480) but im sure this was because i didnt know kernel samepage merging was left on by default by the way is not good for benvhmarks obviously but good for games. But i will say the higher cpu overclock got me more fps in the CPU stress section of 3dmarks slingshot test (by the way all these tests are done on the 1440p one) basically what im getting at here is my device isnt overclocking but maybe thats because i didnt flash the dtb but i didnt think that mattered i will check back later after flashing it and seeing if my reaults are fortunate.

    ****EDIT**** so after flashing the dtb everything is still the same :/ what do you think im doing wrong is there any way i can send a system log or something i really want GPU overclocking :)

    Alright, so I just did exactly what you described: installed AIDA64 and it really does show 540MHz as max current freq with only AIDA open. Then I went on running sling shot and reading the freq via adb a couple of times during the bench and the freq was hopping between 756 and 924MHz just like it should:
    [email protected]:/ # cat /sys/kernel/tegra_gpu/gpu_rate                       
    [email protected]:/ # cat /sys/kernel/tegra_gpu/gpu_rate                       
    [email protected]:/ # cat /sys/kernel/tegra_gpu/gpu_rate                       
    [email protected]:/ # cat /sys/kernel/tegra_gpu/gpu_rate                       
    [email protected]:/ # cat /sys/kernel/tegra_gpu/gpu_rate                       
    [email protected]:/ # cat /sys/kernel/tegra_gpu/gpu_rate                       
    [email protected]:/ # cat /sys/kernel/tegra_gpu/gpu_rate                       
    [email protected]:/ # cat /sys/kernel/tegra_gpu/gpu_rate                       

    Please check via adb as well while running the benchmark and let me know your findings ;)

    I didnt flashed the DTB and all is running fine and smooth without any reboots or something else. So my questions is Do I have to Flash it? @BitOBSessiOn said in his kernel thread that it is not necessary on the New mm bootloader. Thanks for your work!

    Yes you definitely should, especially when using OC freqs. The throttle tables are now stored within the device tree as well, which means the stock ones won't fit the current clock rates which could cause trouble once the devices tries to throttle down.
    The DTB is needed regardless of the bootloader, they just have to match one another (LP bootloader and LP DTB vs MM bootloader and MM DTB)