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[KERNEL][N5] FrancoKernel - r115 - 2nd November - Stock & Oreo

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Feb 7, 2013
I got a bootloop when fk kernel updater applied setting.
I flashed stock kernel and uninstalled fk kernel updater.
Then I flashed r93, it works fine.


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Feb 7, 2013
Right now, Im running PureNexus 8/21 build without flashing SuperSU and any kind of modifications. (format system, flashed rom and gapps and let it boot once then r93)
I got r93 running fine, but if I flashes any adblock or root, it will end up in bootloop.
Hope this will help XD


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Dec 23, 2013
I just used FKU and auto flash to upgrade to r93 this morning and seems fine, no reboots yet. I'm using stock M4B30X rooted with SuperSU 2.77.

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    Hi all.

    It should work on any rom by following this logic:
    Builds (starting with r65) are Android 5.0 Lollipop only.
    Builds (starting with r72) are Android 5.1 Lollipop only.
    Builds (starting with r76) are Android 6.0 Marshmallow only.
    Builds (starting with r97) are also compatible with Android 7.0 Nougat and Android 7.1 Nougat .
    Builds (starting with r114) are also compatible with Android 8.1.0 Oreo.

    This does not work with "CAF" roms.


    Flash the zip in your recovery
    Auto-flash from Franco Kernel Updater app

    1 - Legendary battery life
    2 - Flash & forget
    3 - Typical interfaces like display adjustments, sound control, vibration control, and all that boring stuff
    4 - Idle power consumption reduced to the absolute minimum (if you have wakelocks from 3rd party apps you're obviously on your own)
    5 - Support for FKUpdater's Performance Profiles
    6 - Magical support, I'm here every day, checking posts almost hourly, ready to help anytime (well, unless you fail to read the OP, which contains most info you need)
    7 - Seemless integration with my app FKUpdater
    8 - No crap placebo patches, or "magical" optimizations
    9 - Probably more, check my github for all the details - the code speaks for itself

    Scroll down, choose your device & select the latest release to see the changelog.


    Follow me on the interwebs

    Google+ FK community

    Kernel Manager for Franco Kernel demo

    Disclaimer to moderators:
    Slight OT is fine, but when users decide to act stupid they should be dealt with with the appropriate means - its really annoying for me when OT turns crazy. Please put the warning/ban hammer anytime any of you think there's lack of respect and/or too much unwanted OT crap - but if it doesn't meet this criteria let the OT posts alone. Thank you.

    [KERNEL] [GPL] [N5] franco.Kernel - r14

    r33 is pushed! Thanks for all the tests during this last 5-6 weeks. Before you ask yes this build is newer than the last r33-test. Most of you that followed the changes know basically what changed, so this is a generic changelog:

    * FK does not work with CM or derivates anymore so don't flash if you're in one of those roms. Also make sure you're not undervolting too much, this new build might be a little extra nervous regarding low voltages
    * This is a huge release with more than 1 month of consecutive testing. It contains probably more than 250 new commits which include a lot of patches from Codeaurora with fixes, performance improvements and battery improvements. Subsystems like cpufreq, audio, video, display, thermal, power management etc have been improved. For a complete list of changes please visit my github repository
    * My hotplug driver has been improved as in having a complete new set of tunables for advanced users. Visit my repository for the documentation of each tunable

    I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, lots of food, kisses, hugs, and quality time.

    From my part thanks a lot for the great 2 months since the N5 was released, that, for me, is a great gift, thank you all.

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    Pushed r37 with exciting features:

    * Misc patches with small fixes
    * Remove duplicated GPU frequencies
    * Add minimum backlight tunable /sys/module/parameters/lm3630_bl/min_brightness
    * Add RGB display calibration /sys/devices/platform/kcal_ctrl.0/kcal
    * Merged some memory routine optimizations from Motorola

    Cool stuff :)