[KERNEL][N5X] FrancoKernel ⚡️- r64 - 7th December - Oreo & Pie

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Mar 13, 2013
Hi. I have original ROM, with root and frankokernel, but today I became an ota Security Update. Normally I thought that can not happen. Can it cause anything wrong if I install it?


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Apr 19, 2012

Thanks man for the Kernel! :D:D I am going to try it on my Nexus 5 running this ROM "Resurrection Remix Oreo v.6.2.1 (20181209) (Android OS 8.1) by Hannibal226".

Anything I need to know before going further?
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Jan 15, 2019
Thank you very much for the kernel. The kernel is great. I bought the updater app too, but still can't find the description the list of profiles on the governor profile section (hawtail, butterfly, etc). Where i can find it? Thank you.


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Apr 26, 2015
LG Nexus 5X
Bummer! Glad I waited.. hehehe... So what kernels are available? Here it just says Nexus 5 - https://kernels.franco-lnx.net/Nexus5/8.1.0/

That should really say Nexus5X so people don't do a soft brick... correct?

Mate, you're looking at the right kernel for your device. You're just asking in the wrong FORUM SECTION. That's why we all thought "boy is this guy in for a surprise..." . This is where you should be asking questions: https://forum.xda-developers.com/google-nexus-5/orig-development/kernel-franco-kernel-r53-t2508284
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Apr 19, 2012
Mate, you're looking at the right kernel for your device. You're just asking in the wrong FORUM SECTION. That's why we all thought "boy is this guy in for a surprise..." . This is where you should be asking questions: https://forum.xda-developers.com/google-nexus-5/orig-development/kernel-franco-kernel-r53-t2508284
Ah..... I ser that I'm in N5X fourm. Stupid me! Sorry about that. Thanks for getting me straightened out man!

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Dec 9, 2010
New FK Kernel Manager 3.11 update! Get it here -> https://francokernel.app
1. Now you can basically flash any .zip from the Manual Flasher. Fonts? Yes! Magisk modules? Yes! Rip custom recovery unless you need to flash a rom;
2. Battery Monitor has been improved, now it shows better amp calculation, discharging value and the wattage!
3. Hey Pocophone users, thermal profiles now added to Per-App Profiles!
4. Disabling ZRAM on boot wasn't working. Now it is!
5. You can now store Kernels on your external storage!

There's a couple of other fixes & improvements but I ran out of chars space to write them ?

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    Hi all.

    It should work on any rom by following this logic:
    Builds (starting with r1) are Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow only.
    Builds (starting with r17) are Android 7.0 Nougat only.
    Builds (starting with r28 up to r37) are Android 7.1.1 Nougat only.
    Builds from r38 up to r44 are for Android 7.1.2 Nougat
    Builds from r45 up to r48 are for Android 8.0.0 Oreo.
    Builds from r49 are for Android 8.1.0 Oreo.


    Flash the zip in your recovery
    Auto-flash from Franco Kernel Updater app

    1 - Legendary battery life
    2 - Flash & forget
    3 - Typical interfaces like display adjustments, sound control, vibration control, and all that boring stuff
    4 - Bypasses the verified boot flag for Android Pay compatibility (root still breaks Android Pay but that's your own problem)
    5 - Idle power consumption reduced to the absolute minimum (if you have wakelocks from 3rd party apps you're obviously on your own)
    6 - Support for FKUpdater's Performance Profiles
    7 - Magical support, I'm here every day, checking posts almost hourly, ready to help anytime (well, unless you fail to read the OP, which contains most info you need)
    8 - Seemless integration with my app FKUpdater
    9 - No crap placebo patches, or "magical" optimizations
    10 - Probably more, check my github for all the details - the code speaks for itself

    Scroll down, choose your device & select the latest release to see the changelog.


    Follow me on the interwebs

    Google+ FK community

    Kernel Manager for Franco Kernel demo

    Disclaimer to moderators:
    Slight OT is fine, but when users decide to act stupid they should be dealt with with the appropriate means - its really annoying for me when OT turns crazy. Please put the warning/ban hammer anytime any of you think there's lack of respect and/or too much unwanted OT crap - but if it doesn't meet this criteria let the OT posts alone. Thank you.

    Current r1 is not yet complete, I think it only lacks sound control, but it's pretty much done.
    Took me a little while to find the right balance, this little bastard lags easily, but this Kernel is pretty much a "clone" of FK for the 6P so I'm sure you'll have some fun with improved battery life.

    FKUpdater will be updated tomorrow to support this Kernel and the final r1 release will also be out.
    Any feedback about UI responsiveness and anything else that comes to mind, now's your chance to talk.

    Two things to note though, EIS video stabilisation is enabled automatically with FK, just check your Camera app and you'll see it, and FK ships with a slightly cooler display colour temperature, and a very slight saturation boost.

    I wasn't supposed to work on this device because I didn't want to shell out 450 euros for a device I wouldn't use outside Kernel/app development, but in the end I did it for you.

    Enjoy it & you're ducking welcome.
    New Franco Kernel version for the Nexus 5X

    1. Offload a lot of background daemons to the system-background group, which only allows them to run on cpus 0, 1 and 2, freeing all other cores, specially the big cluster. This will reduce needlessly cpu wake-ups from idle, and largely reduce processing power requirements from cpu 3, 4, and 5 (4 and 5 are part of the big cluster, which uses a lot of energy)
    2. Lower power consumption from the big cluster by lowering the occurence of sample rate which'll in turn make the big cluster cpus less nervous and say in lower frequencies more often. In contrast little cluster is a little more forgiving and scales up a little easily. Since the little cluster uses 4 times less power, this is just fine
    3. Tweaked Performance Profiles, Power-saving now turns off the big cluster to save precious power, but the little cluster will be boosted for longer during input touch events

    zip: https://kernels.franco-lnx.net/Nexus5X/7.1/anyKernel/fk-r35-anykernel2.zip

    Franco Kernel Manager & Updater is the best companion for this Kernel (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.franco.kernel)

    If you don't (yet) have my full featured app you can always just download its free counter part which lets you seamlessly and automagically update Franco Kernel on your device. It's free and my cat approves! (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.franco.kernel.free)

    I also strongly suggest you install Naptime (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.franco.doze), for free, to achieve the best battery life through out the day. Try it, you won't be disappointed!
    Alright r46 is out. Rebuilt everything from scratch like I should've done in the first place. Everything should be fine now. Sorry for the delay, been busy with lots of things and rebuilding the entire tree on top of the vanilla sources is just tiresome and a pretty long process.
    You can auto-flash it with my app http://get.franciscofranco.xyz or manually through the links in the OP.
    Ok similar to what I've been doing to the 6P, 6 and 5, we are now able to flash r5 onwards on any available rom. This is not yet available through FKUpdater (it needs an update, working on it), but you can download it from my server and play with it. Instructions below and in the OP:

    Flash the latest release in your recovery:
    If you're already on r5, or newer, disregard the messages below - if not:
    * If you're on stock rom + r4, or older, you should be flashing stock boot.img first, then r5, or newer;
    * If you're on a custom rom + r4, or older, you should dirty flash the rom (or extract its boot.img and fastboot flash it) and then r5, or newer;

    1 - Flash the bloody zip on your recovery

    As for the changes compared to r4 I added more ways to prevent memory starvation, reduced power consumption during screen off and other security related patches.

    You're ducking welcome.