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[KERNEL][N750] Kernel For Note 3 Neo hl3g (3.4.113)

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Apr 9, 2015
Brother is everything good except camera in resurrectuin remix
My phn is dying for the tortures of los 14.1
After hdd failure i started to work on android 10 again. Fixed some errors but no luck to boot. Today i noticed something in logcat. Data and cache partitions not mounting during boot. Trying to solve.

Attached kernel log file if someone can help.


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    bro can you add treble support to hl3g ???
    Its above my knowledge. But as far as i know we must have updated hardware related files to correctly cominicate with treble roms. We have a huge partition and its not using so we can use it as vendor partition. But our devices vendor specific driver files not comunicate correctly with newer android versions. Camera, call, bluetooth, wireless, audio files of our device are not up to date and not working with newer versions of android without effort and knowledge.

    But if you can wait i will get in every aspects of rom development step by step. Im learning everyday new things.

    Now im using resurrection remix rom on my hl3g, camera is not working but it will be fixed its just matter of time.


    Then CrDroid and DotOS roms waiting to build. Stay tuned...
    My last shared kernel version is v3.4.70, first one is 3.4.50. I will try update it to 3.4.113

    Our original kernel version is 3.4.39 and 3.4.70 has 886 more patches than the original kernel, but every patch is not about our device.
    I flashed this kernel device working ok
    Hii bro, So you stop working on android 10 and back to 7.1
    Yes i am trying to upstream kitkat kernel and use it on lineage 14.1 becouse power related files are different in kitkat kernel. Maybe this will be a solition to serious battery drain.

    Mokee rom not compiling. Resurrection remix rom compiled, flashed rom but home key and camera is not working.

    And for last when ha3g (note 3 exynos) gets android 10 or 11 without importent bugs i will go back to work on android 10-11.