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Aug 31, 2016
cause there are some kernels like this or roms that they stated to be working on exynos then after installing it bunch of issues appear. so i might as well clarify it before installing it. and one more thing the link is dead. how can we get link to download?
Well i believe the developer developed this kernel towards Korean versions of the note 4 so I'm pretty sure that it will work on your phone. For the download however you may have to wait or look around as someone might probably post the file.

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    for Note 4 & Note Edge & Note 4 S-LTE

    Requirements for using the kernel
    Model Variants: SM-N910S/K/L, SM-N915S/K/L, SM-N916S/K/L
    Tested Device: SM-N910S/K/L & SM-N915S/K/L & SM-N916S/K/L
    Installed OS: TouchWiz M 6.0.1, M Base Note7 and All Porting ROMs

    Main Features
    • All porting ROM support.
    Fixed a screen-touch issue that occurred while waking from sleep mode.
    -- Problems exist in stock(samsung) firmware.
    • Synapse support.
    • SELinux Permissive.
    • Linux 3.10 upstream.
    • Compile with UBERTC 7.2.1 toolchain.
    • F2FS fully support.
    Gametuner-Mod: Game Booster Mode, Provides intelligent performance enhancement mode in conjunction with Samsung-Gametuner.
    • Apply Fake KNOX.
    • Apply chacha20 to random (entropy).
    Linaro LSK-v3.18-Energy-Aware Scheduler (EAS) Backport.
    - EAS simplifies power and performance management through scheduler-driven tuning to manage more efficiently.
    Improved storage performance and longevity by applying lazytime mount options.
    - Similar to Dynamic Fsync, but operates at the file system level and has no risk of data loss.
    • CPU/GPU UC & OC.
    • CPU/GPU/BUS voltage regulation.
    • R12P0 GPU Driver(Stock is R7P0) & Performance Tuning.
    • NVIDIA cpu relax patch, reduced heat & increased battery life.
    • HMP tuning Interface.
    • Enable NEON in kernel mode.
    • Detail charging circuit control allows faster charging.
    • Added I/O Scheduler 'bfq, fifo, fiops, row, sio, zen'.
    • Enable Westwood tcp/ip congestion control.
    • LED FADE control.
    • Qualcomm interactive (renamed cafactive) cpu governor porting @by arter97.
    • Added battery-friendly impulse governor and more powerful ironactive (interactive in the Qualcomm 4.4 kernel) governor.
    • Provides an add-on that keep kernel settings on un-rooted devices.
    • Synapse: System Tweak add-on available.
    • Synapse: Provides configuration profile separated by performance / battery / stability.
    • Many other optimization applications.

    Credit (Thanks. to)
    • AndreiLux - Perseus5433 kernel.
    • UpInTheAir - SkyHigh Kernel.
    • halaszk - Perseus-halaszk-universal5433 kernel.
    • arter97, gokhanmoral, faux123, yank555.lu
    • RaymanFX (AOSP Kernel & Vendor).
    [email protected] Cafe, 시아씨@Develoid Cafe.
    • All members of the G+ PRIME-BETA User's Community.
    • And all of commited in sources & all of xda developers.

    Change Log

    Detail(Korean): http://enfree.com/prime/?page=changelog&device=N910


    Source Code

    The kernel for Korean Note 4 ( 910 916 S/L/K). Pls read the title

    in title n910c is in the supported model list only not tested on it, you must read title again:

    Requirements for using the kernel
    Model Variants: SM-N910S/K/L/C/H/U, SM-N915S/K/L, SM-N916S/K/L
    Tested Device: SM-N910S/K/L & SM-N915S/K/L & SM-N916S/K/L
    Installed OS: TouchWiz M 6.0.1, M Base Note7 and All Porting ROMs
    So @Hyunwoo AHN you have no plans to add n910c support? Just change the title?
    Look at the 1st page there are a lot of n910c users here. You are the most silence dev I have ever seen wtf
    Look at Spacelemon kernel thread the dev release test versions for us other exynos note4 users to test. Then if it boots and/or working he releases it

    Sorry I do not know English well, I'm getting help from translator.
    So feedback is hard.

    Support for the N910C is planned.
    However, this kernel is a complete kernel with no improvement, and I am focusing on the kernel for S7.
    It's not easy to focus on both kernels, and testing for non-booting needs to build many test builds.
    And, when the test build comes out, I need a tester that gives feedback right away.
    There are no N910C users around me and they are all Koreans(S/K/L users).
    If someone has an N910C/U/H user who will provide fast feedback to emails or telegrams, contact us. [email protected]
    i was waiting for this kernel thank u @dwander i am a fan from tunisia ....
    i am using this kernel on my n910s and its awsome so fluid and doing great gob but its seems need some extra feature that is missing
    i have some suggestion :

    audio driver to improve the audio qualiy and boost it
    batterie calibration tool
    more battrie friendly govs
    i cant see any NVIDIA cpu relax patch sysfs switchs
    cortexbrain script for more automated behaviour
    led brightness control
    DOZE controle
    adaptive screen brightness
    mdnie controle
    Energy-Aware Scheduling
    Hotplug Governor control for more cpu cores control........... i guess this will be the best for batterie

    i dont know maybe i have suggest somthing wrong
    anyway i am in love with ur work sir @dwander and i wich i can donate

    thank u

    audio driver to improve the audio quality and boost it
    The audio chip of Note4 does not have a custom driver. To do that, need the help of a professional hardware engineer. If you find it in another kernel it will not work properly or there will be a known error.

    batterie calibration tool
    The battery information of note 4 is not compensated, so unnecessary function.

    more battrie friendly govs
    Note4 is based on HMP. There is no custom governor compatible with HMP yet. Present is the best choice. I will not include the wrong governor.

    i cant see any NVIDIA cpu relax patch sysfs switchs
    Sorry, I deleted it unnecessary.

    cortexbrain script for more automated behavior
    You may think it looks good, but it is a very unnecessary function. I'm already doing optimization in some other way.

    led brightness control
    I did not work properly when I tested it. (Not supported by chip)

    DOZE controle
    Unnecessary function. There are a lot of third party apps that are better and more comfortable to use.

    adaptive screen brightness
    Samsung Firmware is already supported by default.

    mdnie controle
    To do that, need the help of a professional hardware engineer.

    Energy-Aware Scheduling
    What are you talking about? This is the only benefit of this kernel that can not be seen by any other linux-3.10 base kernels.

    Hotplug Governor control for more CPU cores control.
    - Samsung-Hotplug does not have control method. I've ported the S6 hot-plug driver, but it's been buggy and I gave up because it takes too much time to be perfect.
    - The Samsung-hotplug driver in Note 4 operates when the display power is turned off, and stops when the display is turned on.
    - If you want custom hotplugs like Thunder-Hotplug, it's a lot slower because it works too slowly on Exynos.

    Thanks for your interest in my kernel.
    I have maintained this kernel for two years, testing it with a lot of features in it.
    If there are no minor functions or are lacking, it is determined by deep anxieties.