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[KERNEL] Nethunter for Galaxy S20 FE 5G r8q (Snapdragon)

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Sep 14, 2016
Update with more symptoms:
- running lsmod in a kali terminal gets me:
libkmod: ERROR .../.libkmod/libkmod-module.c1668 kmod_module_new_from_loaded: could not open /proc/modules: No such file or directory
Error:  could not get list of modules: No such file or directory
And its true that /proc has no modules subdirectory (even outside the chroot, e.g. in Termux terminal).

Whats going on here... :-(

Update: Fixed 2 things. Progresss on another issue.

1) Solved: Network in kali term restored by adding the user root to group sockets. At least ping and apt work now so i could update packages.

2) Solved: Got the two HID devices (hidg0, hidg1) to show up by switching USB Function to hid and disabling ADB in USB Arsenal.

3) Progress? : I think *mod commands dont work because the kernel wasn't compiled with module support? At least that's the reason i'm seeing for /proc/modules missing which is what those commands complain about.
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Hey, @Svirusx. Appreciate your work and want to ask something. So how did you get this device working? I'm working on porting NetHunter kernel to Galaxy Tab S7 which is literally the same hardware series (Snap 865 SoC). My installer fails in TWRP saying that "Dynamic device detected. Cannot install NetHunter via recovery on this device. Install it as Magisk module.", but even Magisk module installation fails. Would be grateful for any piece of advice or help.

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    WirusMOD Nethunter Kernel for Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G (Snapdragon) - Stock Android 10 & 11
    I am not responsible for bricked devices.
    If you going to flash it, you accepted it.
    Of course your warranty is void.

    Nethunter Features:
    • BadUSB
    • HID gadget keyboard/mouse
    • DriveDroid
    • USB WiFi, mac80211 (Monitor mode, packet capture, packet injection) [Compatibility List]
    • support rtl88xxau USB WiFi
    • support rtl8188eus USB WiFi
    • Ethernet
    • Bluetooth HCI USB support
    • RTL-SDR DVB support
    • Monitor mode for buildin wifi card ( Qcacld-3.0 ) (No frame injection)
    • Enabled BT_RFCOMM
    • Support for extra file systems like CIFS, NFS, NTFS, F2FS
    • Boeffla wakelock blocker v1.10
    • Wireguard
    • Docker support

    Download: Android 11 releases start with v2.x
    Latest version SM-G781X here.

    1. TWRP Backup your ROM
    2. Flash Nethunter Kernel
    3. Flash latest Magisk
    4. Install busybox can be one from Magisk repository
    5. Install Nethunter Store
    6. Install NetHunter apk, NetHunter Terminal, NetHunter KeX from Nethunter Store
    7. In NetHunter apk go to Kali Chroot Manager and install chroot.
    7. Extract Nethunter_WirusMOD_r8q_vX.X_binaries.7z and binaries to folders:
    Android 11 = Firmwares: /vendor/firmware_mnt/image/
    Android 10 = Firmwares: /vendor/etc/firmware_mnt/image/
    Firmwares: Give permissions to every file rw-r--r-- (if they aren't set)
    hid-keyboard binary: system/xbin/ and give permissions to it rwxr-xr-x
    8. Reboot

    OLD: Loadable modules only for version 1.0:

    Most of modules are integrated in kernel. Here are only two modules to load. Use they only if you need they.

    insmod 8188eu.ko - load module
    rmmod 8188eu.ko - unload module
    lsmod - list loaded modules

    Another way to load modules is Module Loader
    Copy modules to storage and choose modules which you want to load.

    BUGs / Informations:
    -If Safetynet Fix is installed can cause freeze at samsung flashy logo.
    -If USB Arsenal setting HID function doesn't work try set it without ADB.
    -In kernel are added binaries from Nethunter_WirusMOD_r8q_vX.X_binaries.7z(without modules) but they aren't copied automatically.
    -airodump-ng can't self change channels for wlan0.
    -If monitor mode for wlan0 doesn't work. Enable wifi connection > disable it -> enable monitor mode with Nethunter apk and try airodump wlan0
    -Change channel in wlan0 monitor mode and frame capture:
    iwpriv wlan0 setMonChan 36 2 - Setting channel 36
    tcpdump -i wlan0 -w <tcpdump.pcap>

    Docker Installation:

    Every Commando execute in Termux app! More info here

    pkg install root-repo
    pkg install golang make cmake ndk-multilib tsu tmux docker

    mkdir $TMPDIR/docker-build
    cd $TMPDIR/docker-build
    wget https://github.com/krallin/tini/archive/v0.19.0.tar.gz
    tar xf v0.19.0.tar.gz
    cd tini-0.19.0
    mkdir build
    cd build
    make -j8
    make install
    ln -s $PREFIX/bin/tini-static $PREFIX/bin/docker-init

    1. Run docker server
    sudo dockerd --iptables=false

    2. Test of those two containers work
    sudo docker run hello-world
    sudo docker run --network host --name nginx nginx:latest
    #Go with browser to IP address of your smartphone with port 80. If you get nginx default page it works!

    #Internet in docker containers
    sudo ip route add default via <Gateway> dev wlan0
    sudo ip rule add from all lookup main pref 30000

    BUGs / Informations:
    - option to forward ports from docker network to host does not work ( e.q. -p you need to use Host mode "--network host"
    - Not every container for arm64 works with android. e.q official gitea can not bind port 3000. (I made special version of gitea with fix more info here)

    Docker Screens:

    docker containers.jpg


    NetHunter Terminal.jpg

    Samsung for Kernel Source
    Nethunter creators for the best portable penetration testing tool.
    afaneh92 for TWRP and multidisabler
    jesec for unlock guide

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [KERNEL] Nethunter for Galaxy S20 FE 5G (Snapdragon)


    Source Code: https://github.com/Svirusx/Nethunter-Kernel-S20_FE_5G

    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information

    Created 2020-12-21
    Last Updated 2021-09-11
    Hello. Is Qualcomm wifi firmwares supports injections ? (deauth, attacks...) Needs patch for injections ?
    I am using Sony Xperia Z5 Compact and it uses Broadcomm 43455 firmware. I patched via NexMon, and monitor mode injections works well.
    This depends which version of driver "Qcacld" is installed in kernel. Qcacld-2.0 support injections, Qcacld-3.0 does not support. Qcacld driver is open source there is possible to get injection with Qcacld-3.0 when someone make patch for it or codeaurora release support for injection.
    Is your applied wlan0 (internal) injection patch this right:
    This injection patch is for USB wifi cards not for wlan0
    Okay so, this is my last question hopefully
    I didn't understand this step and beyond

    7. Extract Nethunter_WirusMOD_r8q_vX.X_binaries.7z and binaries to folders:
    Android 11 = Firmwares: /vendor/firmware_mnt/image/
    Android 10 = Firmwares: /vendor/etc/firmware_mnt/image/
    Firmwares: Give permissions to every file rw-r--r-- (if they aren't set)
    hid-keyboard binary: system/xbin/ and give permissions to it rwxr-xr-x
    8. Reboot

    I can't find any file named "Nethunter_WirusMOD_r8q_vX.X_binaries.7z and binaries"
    I know that X.X is for differing version numbers, yet I didn't find any with a suffix of _binaries.7z, now unless he meant the file named "Nethunter_WirusMOD_Binaries_Android_11.zip" which is possible but pretty far off with the name or the other file which I used to flash the kernel "Nethunter_WirusMOD_r8q_v2.3.zip" the thing is none of them end with .7z
    Also after it what did he mean by giving write permissions to files? How do I do that? Using a text editor? terminal? or something else?
    I would say it's the 2nd zip file you linked to... Nethunter_WirusMOD_
    it has a version number but the archive type is .zip instead of .7z (7zip). permissions can be fixed with a good root capable file manager or with TWRP.
    the file manager might be easier, usually long press on the content of that archive once you've extracted and copied them into the location /vendor/firmware_mnt/image/
    permissions should be an option that comes up with a long press. it is expressed either in letters or numbers rw-r--r-- if it's numbers you'd need to enter 644 then OK it.
    using TWRP and it's Chmod command might be safer as the folder you are being told to write to needs to be ''mounted'' as writable before you can put files there (I don't know if we'd have that these days just using a file manager, someone else will need to confirm that). TWRP should be able to mount system for you hopefully so that's the better option to try. extract that zip file with the phone turned on, boot to recovery, try mounting system, use TWRP's file manager to move the extracted binaries then use Chmod to fix the permissions to 644.

    permissions explained https://its.unc.edu/research-computing/techdocs/how-to-use-unix-and-linux-file-permissions/
    open su terminal and give this command:

    mknod --mode=666 /dev/hidg0 c 240 0 && mknod --mode=666 /dev/hidg1 c 240 1 && dmesg | grep hidg

    Then set functions on usb arsenal.
    ignore this topic, long time for that😂