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[KERNEL] NX Kernel | R30 | 07 AUG '20

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Nov 25, 2014
I flashed this kernel(t68) and my Bluetooth audio level is much lower then on soldiers stock kernel. Anybody else has this problem? Anyway to fix it? I want to stay on the this kernel because of battery life.

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Sorry, it was something wrong with my headphones. Great kernel!

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Feb 6, 2008
sorry but i dont understand something....what do u mean by full of features?

is there an specific app to control it? if not, what else can i do with a custom kernel ....i dont wanna undervolt my cpu or gpu FYI.

The kernel works great in its default settings.

But if you want to adjust things yourself, use MTweaks to get down and dirty.


Jan 18, 2011
Yes i can immediately see that some files are not generated for you. Need to extend my fix for cases like this. Place these 2 files in data/misc/conn. They are hidden files so maybe you wont notice them on first sight. This is just a temporary fix until i can figure out the real cause for you at home.

I have the same issue but there is nothing in that folder?? Data folder does not container Any folder in my phone... Maybe i have the wrong Path. Can u please tell me what the full path is?
Thanx in advance.


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Feb 6, 2008
I have the same issue but there is nothing in that folder?? Data folder does not container Any folder in my phone... Maybe i have the wrong Path. Can u please tell me what the full path is?
Thanx in advance.

Root, /data/misc/conn/

If you're not seeing anything there, then you've done something quite wrong.


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Jun 11, 2012
Unfortunately many don't understand what testing is all about. Want the best in every build. Noxxx it was a pleasure. Have not seen anyone coming out with so many tests before coming out with a stable release. Shows the dedication. Would love to continue using your work. Thanks

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Aug 17, 2015
You are probably the best at this department right now! I would not like to see you give up!
But if you stop, thanks for all the hard work and hours spent in making these versions.


May 26, 2017
Are you gonna make kernels again? Did you only stop testing on telegram? Or do we never see nx kernel again :crying: THX FOR YOUR HARD WORK!


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Feb 6, 2008
Relax folks.

I believe that Nox simply tired of administrating the Telegram group, not from developing his magnificent kernel.

Give it a little time and I'm sure we'll enjoy the fruits of his labor soon enough.


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Jun 8, 2011
Relax folks.

I believe that Nox simply tired of administrating the Telegram group, not from developing his magnificent kernel.

Give it a little time and I'm sure we'll enjoy the fruits of his labor soon enough.
Here it seems people had little respect for him, since they also took him by the ass

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Jul 2, 2012
Thanks for the great kernel Noxxxious, FixOps18 is the best thing that has been flashed to my s8. Hopefully we will see your kernels once again, but if not i can imagine how time consuming they might be to make.

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    Short summary:
    NX kernel aims at providing you a smooth experience, while maintaining the best of your battery life. The kernel requires no further user customization and therefore should be used as available.

    • First unified S8/S8+ kernel for F(D)/N variants only: 1 kernel to support both devices.
    • Permissive by default
    • Knox 0x0 with Safetynet bypass
    • LED fade control
    • Wakelock control (blacklisting not adviced)
    • Moro sound control
    • Wake gestures mod by Flar2
    • Memory management improvements
    • Improved touch latency
    • Drivedroid support (0.10.48+)
    • Unofficial DEX support
    • Wireguard VPN support
    • Other misc. optimizations

    Download link:

    Credits to my dear testers:

    I am not responsible for anything that happends after flashing the work provided here.

    Sharing is caring, so according to the (much unwelcomed) rule 12 you can use my open source on GitHub without my explicit consent or credits. But this is where the caring stops as I do not allow you to use any of my own provided files (except for unmodified stock files). Section 3 of this rule states that you can try to bypass my explicit consent by releasing it as your own when you succeed to make significant changes to the work.

    Goodluck and happy CopyMaxing.

    Source Code: Github

    Q: Does this support non stock roms?
    A: The kernel does not support ports, e.g. note 9 port, while it may have the possibility to support note 8 based roms. This kernel will never have AOSP support.

    Q: Can you add X to the kernel?
    A: No, this is a personal kernel and therefore won't have what I don't want. This is a take it or leave it kernel, so if it doesn't have Spectrum, Flickerfree etc. then I'd leave it.

    Q: I lost root
    A: The zip contains no root, because rooting is optional. You need to flash Magisk manually after flashing the kernel.

    Q: I have a problem!
    A: Make sure you use no Xposed framework. If we have that cleared, please post a dmesg and last kmsg of the moment right after the problem occured. You can use Syslog app for that from the play store.

    Q: Want my benchmark score?
    A: No this is no pissing contest thread who can reach the furthest.

    Q: Can I donate you?
    A: No, I am doing this to improve my phone in the first place and sharing takes 2 clicks. Not into the money business by putting up a big ass donation button in the first post. Go spend your money on family or yourself instead.

    - Updated to DSF source
    - Improved performance and efficiency.

    Old changelog:

    V1 - Initial XDA release, based on 2nd test 38

    - Fixed freezes that was caused to a minority of users on particular roms
    - Fast charging fixed to work for everyone
    - Potentially improved battery life at the cost of slight overhead

    - Fixups and hiccups
    - GPU control added in Synapse

    - Removed Synapse and OC, mtweaks is good enough
    - Based on Test 50

    - Oreo release

    - Merged N8 March Oreo source
    - LED fixed
    - WiFi blob detection fixed (still requires a few files due nvram path..)
    - Faster booting
    - Tweaked for better idle drain and battery life

    - Bug fixes caused by N8 merge

    - Rebased the kernel by filtering out bad changes for battery life, performance and so on.
    - Updated to latest CRD source
    - Fixed LED (hopefully definitely)
    - Fixed WiFi (works like stock kernel)
    - Mount system earlier to boot faster
    - Added overclock for cluster1
    - Fully Permissive (no longer fake enforcing)

    - Removed lots of useless stuff -> faster kernel and less size
    - Still CRD7 based with CREF ramdisk (CRED source has worse battery life according to my groups experience)
    - More stable LED implementation
    - Removed Fsync/CRC toggles because data stability is way more important than this benchmark cheater

    - Fixup of R9

    - New fading led approach -> enabled by default and not bugging anymore. You can control it with Mtweaks V2.9
    - Quotas enabled, which works thanks to the new TWRP. More info
    - Some fixes and optimizations.

    - Middle of rebase, not done yet..
    - Manually updated to CRF
    - Added CRGB support
    - More unification work done (fixes Samsung's screw up by delaying probe after booting up, which would result in an unresponsive lockscreen until init occured.

    - Merged CRGB source update (seems the R12 fix was short lived)
    - Re-added changes I forgot for R12, e.g. Drivedroid support, OC.
    - Fixed WiFi-calling as confirmed by @bininga59

    - Requires modified TWRP - See post for explaination
    - Almost done rebasing
    - Fixed bad code using GCC 7.3 (also fixed booting compiled kernel with 7.x/8x toolchains due bad alignment)
    - Reduced kernel overhead, improved security (fully disabled debugfs)
    - Removed ability to overclock the big clusters

    - Added TWRP patcher: During installation it will detect unmodded TWRP and modify it. If it detects a modified TWRP it will skip this step. If you care for MTP in TWRP then you still must flash the TWRP provided in post #644. The only reason I added this script is because many fail to follow instruction (flash modded twrp and kernel/rom).
    - CRGH source update
    - Re-added GPU sysfs and underclocked to 112Mhz
    - Some under the hood optimizations for more stability, better consumption and idle improvements.
    - Probably N9 port ready (untested)
    - Still rebasing...

    - Linaro 7.3 compiled
    - Re-added big cluster OC
    - Fixed Gear VR & recording call bugs
    - Not N9 ready (requires more ramdisk changes + still waiting for a working port)

    - Requires modified TWRP (due to proper Oreo support) -> See post 644
    - CRI based
    - Forgot the rest

    - CRK source drop merged
    - Improved touch latency
    - Updated LZ4 module to 1.8.3
    - Other misc improvements; e.g. improved idle consumption, bug fixes, smoothness, snappiness etc.

    - Last kernel to support Oreo.

    - Properly upstreamed to 4.4.176 with no cpu bugs etc.
    - Compiled with GCC 8 and fixed all buffer overflows -> should improve stability but also has an overall positive effect
    - Better idle -> Don't take my word for that as I don't know how upstream will affect the change
    - Touchscreen backport from Pixel 3 for better touch latency on S8 devices (too bad S8+ uses a different panel)
    - Re-added overclock abillity
    - Other minor optimizations that positively affect performance and battery life

    - Updated to latest DCSB source
    - Upstreamed to 4.4.178*
    - Sound control mod backported (requires latest Mtweaks)
    - Wakegestures backported: Doubletap2wake, sweep2sleep, sweep2wake.**
    - Fixed permissive state to work with banking apps (no reboots)
    - Fixes on top of fixes and optimizations that will affect performance and idle drain.

    * Still indecisive about upstream
    ** Enabling gestures will kill AOD touch and hard press to wake

    - Dropped upstream as I always was convinced it resulting in worse battery life.
    - Switched from Zswap to ZRam.
    - Added overclock abillity for little cores to 1898Mhz (fixed this possibility)
    - Big cluster min clock is set to 858MHz
    - Added GPU OC abillity to 572MHz
    - Compiled with my custom compiler to target exynos-cortex (big.LITTLE)
    - Some other minor optimizations to improve idle and battery life.

    • Compiled with custom GCC 9.1.1
    • Updated to the latest available source for S8/N8.
    • Selinux: now you can switch enforcing by writing "setenforce 0" in a terminal or by using an app like Mtweaks. This can be useful incase your banking app requires an enforced phone (e.g. rebooting)
    • Updated moro sound control: fixes unlinked L/R control and resets
    • Wake gestures: added a proximity state check so that an enabled wakegesture cannot wakeup the phone when the proximity sensor is active, like during a phone call.
    • Other changes to improve performance, reduce kswapd usage and hopefully preserve a bit more battery life.
    Update: this modified TWRP will not be updated any longer, because we finally have proper Oreo support with the official TWRP release provided here:


    But before flashing NX oreo kernel you will first need to flash this modified version of official TWRP.
    The reason is because Oreo has added Quota support which the official TWRP doesnt have (due to the lack of maintenance) and therefore breaks data reading. Quota has nothing to do with encryption as some noob might want you to believe.

    * It works on S8/S8+.
    * It works on any oreo kernel and rom
    * Installation steps: Boot into recovery > Install > install image > select the downloaded .img > select option "recovery" > swipe to install
    * Do not flash a data mount fix zip afterwards, because quotas will be lost. But most impotantly it will replace the ramdisk's fstab which will fail to boot NX kernel.


    a. dreamlte
    b. dream2lte

    A big thanks to all my testers for their effort, time and patience.
    NX R16 released.

    - Linaro 7.3 compiled
    - Re-added big cluster OC
    - Fixed Gear VR & recording call bugs
    - Not N9 ready (requires more ramdisk changes + still waiting for a working port)

    Grab here: https://mega.nz/#!R9QAEQoS!njswA7ut4a0BbBwo79Vr8tENb2_S-r-ZGw2DYfS3MJs