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Development [KERNEL] [OFFICIAL] [MIUI/AOSP] [UNIFIED] LegionX V2.0 - By Venom_Stark

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Feb 14, 2014
Redmi Note 8 Pro
Redmi Note 9 Pro
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    « Disclaimer & INFO »​

    # include <std_disclaimer.h>
    * Your warranty is... Still valid??.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this KERNEL
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    Note: I'm just a library man all works saved to their owners this kernels made by love check credits. All copyright saved here with developer premison 😊👍
    Name of Kernel: LegionX

    Version of kernel: 2.0 NEW

    Lates stable Update: 2021/sep/03

    Supported Roms: MIUI & AOSP

    Status: Stable


    « Changelogs »

    [ Latest Release Changelog ]

    Check Post #2 (click number) for changelogs

    « NOTES »
    In MIUI / MIUI based ROMs, kernel version will show "Unavailable" because MIUI doesn't support long names (because I used proton clang and lld) but kernel working perfectly you can see name in FKM tough.
    • It's AIMING on Performance, stability,..
    • If you can't flash with TWRP , use FK manager to flash it "root required".

    KCAL works fine .Everytime you changed value in KCAL just screen off (Don't power off) and open screen .
    New value will apply.

    • If your device not booting to system just bootloop or fastboot only. Don't panic. re-flash your rom file without wiping data. And please report here with the name of rom and any details.

    • If you update TWRP recovery, reflash the kernel again too.

    • You don't need to Wipe data ! Only cashe and Dalvik.

    • Report for any bugs/issues with logs if available.

    Latest Stable Build (LegionX V2.0):

    Click here to download LegionX V2.0 (MIUI/AOSP)
    Previous Stable build:

    Click here to download V 1.0-LTO (AOSP Only) Build

    1- Download Kernel & save it on internal storage.
    2- Boot to recovery (TWRP).
    3- Flash the kernel zip file.
    4- Wipe Cashe & Dalvik. “Don't Wipe Data
    5- Reboot to system.

    NOTE: For pixel experience rom, use this Guide:

    IT'S can safely installed on Pixel experience. Just follow this:

    1- Boot TWRP recovery with this command:

    fastboot boot twrp.img

    2- Don't Install ramdisk or anything just go to LegionX Kernel on your storage and flash it.

    3- Wipe Cashe & Dalvik.

    4- Power Off then power on your device.


    « CREDITS »
    • Kernel by: @venom_stark , Thanks 😊
    • Thanks to @ZIDAN44 , @CloudedQuartz ,@cyberknight777 & @Shararti1 .
    • Thanks @AnomYT for Banner
    • XDA-OP: @Abdullah.Csit
    • #All testers.
    • GitHub Source Link: https://github.com/venom-stark/mojito...
    I'll prolly look into eff freqs and cpuidle with lpm vals
    #Kernel Changelogs 2021/9/03:

    LegionX v2.0:
    -schedtune_assist: Cleanup and update
    -sched/tune: Only force UX tasks to big cores
    -f2fs: Enlarge min_fsync_blocks to 20
    -diag: Add timer to make sure wakelock no stuck
    -fs: Reduce cache pressure
    lib/string: optimized memcpy,memmove, memset
    -arm64: Import latest memcpy()/memmove() implementation
    -ARM64/dts: qcom: Disable CoreSight DT entries for sdmmagpie
    -scsi: ufs: Scrap Qualcomm's PM QoS implementation
    -scsi: ufs: Scrap Qualcomm's PM QoS implementation
    -msm: adreno: Relax CPU latency requirements to save power
    -sched/fair: fix misfit with PELT
    -qos: Don't allow userspace to impose restrictions on CPU idle
    -mmc: Disable SPI CRC
    -iommu: msm: Rewrite to improve clarity and performance
    -PM: sleep: Don't allow s2idle to be used
    -rcu: Speed up calling of RCU tasks callbacks
    -Enable JUMP_LABEL and added some jump lebel patches

    ➡️ 2021/8/4 |
    • MIUI not supported in this update ( On V2.0 will get update)
    • Used LTO binary optimization
    • Complied using proton clang with lld linker.
    • Performance improvement
    • Battery backup improvement

    #Thread Changelog:

    🆕 // 2021.august.4 //

    - Introduce the new LOGO

    - Kernel Updated ! 2021/8/4

    - Added new note about MIUI in new update To «NOTES» section (IMPORTANT)

    Ok I wanted to test if fastbooting is the problem for my device. So I tried to fix my adb drivers so I can try sideloading for the first time. Managed to fix the driver (adb devices finally showed my device in PE recovery).
    What I did next:

    1. While in PE recovery - apply update - adb sideload crDroid.zip - installed
    2. Rebooted - crDroid WORKS!
    3. Set up debugging, copied FlameGapps.zip to "Download" folder (it was not displaying in root while in TWRP)
    4. Reboot to TWRP - open Download - Flashed Gapps

    Booted without issues, everything's working!