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Development [KERNEL][OFFICIAL] NetErnels Kernel V6.0 - New Year Special

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May 24, 2016
SOT barely hitting 6 hours. on latest PE and NetErnels. no Magisk so no root. any suggestions to improve battery life? willing to root and use franco. just need some guidance as new to all this.
unfortunately any miui rom much more efficient than aosp roms. i try 3-4 days mmx miui and stock global miui with westcoast kernel, specialy idle battery drain very low.

for performance, westcoast kernel very helpful for miui roms but never catch aosp roms smooth.
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Apr 4, 2017
saddam's hideout
Check these, one of the following might be the cause:
> High data usage
> More than half brightness all the time
> Hours of video/audio calling.

I get 12+ sot everytime on netErnels here.
my brightness is set on half for mostly indoor usage. not much video or audio calling. im not sure how to check high data usage but here's a franco record on screen off and awake times- they are both the same duration. phone doesnt doze well.
P.S. - i had AOD on under ambient display. August PE didn't give issues with SOT/would get up to 10 hours even with outdoor usage so decided to keep AOD on till now. will see if that affects idle deep sleep

UPDATE: confirmed AOD causing deep sleep disruption (zero deep sleep wit AOD on). Will keep it off for now. Boss thank you for the discussion. Any clue how deep sleep can be started for AOD users?


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Jan 6, 2022
After update kernel dont work wlan1


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    #FOR LATEST CHANGELOGS, Check Post #2 (click the red number)


    Download Links updated & A lot of changes📯

    Happy New Year 💖🎊
    Booted in pixel experience+ and my Bluetooth controller works.
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    « Disclaimer & INFO »​

    # include <std_disclaimer.h>
    * Your warranty is... Still valid??.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this KERNEL
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    NetErnels Developers message: */ We are a group of people trying to make nethunter kernels for devices which are unmaintained or having bad power management or not having nethunter Kernel at all. /*​
    Note: I'm just a library man all works saved to their owners this kernels made by love check credits. All copyright saved here with developer premison 😊👍
    Name of Kernel: NetErnels
    Version of kernel: 4.0 5.0 6.0 | 4.14.206 New Year Special 🎉
    Latest stable Update: 2022/1/1
    Supported Roms: AOSP 11 & 12 (MIUI BOOTS but don't report for any bugs)
    Status: Stable

    « FEATURES »

    #FOR LATEST CHANGELOGS, Check Post #2 (click the red number)

    « NOTES »

    [BUG] : efficient frequencies cannot be modified from FKM or manually at the moment but can be used if kernel is inlined in ROM.

    Boots on Android 11 & 12. for MIUI, use it at your own discretion. no support

    If you use nethunter, flash the modules zip in magisk too, if not just flash the kernel zip.

    Rapid GC will take time to get used to.

    Setup kprofiles by doing #kprofiles in neternels telegram group .

    Deep sleep may take time to get used to as I reduced time to enter sleep.

    Due to some issues, modules are removed for this update. may back in V7

    • Flash the "nethunter" version if you're a nethunter user "kali stuff..." (check Changelog up).

    • Temperature around 30-40 is completely normal

    • If your device not booting to system just bootloop or fastboot only. Don't panic. re-flash your rom file without wiping data.

    • If you update TWRP, reflash the kernel again too.

    • You don't need to Wipe data ! Only cashe and Dalvik.

    • Report for any bugs/issues with logs if available, I will upload them to developer.

    Latest Stable builds:

    - Click Here to download Latest Version 6.0 Build

    *For nethunter, Modules magisk zip necessary as it's separated from AnyKernel

    1- Download Kernel & save it on internal storage.
    2- Boot to recovery (TWRP or OrangeFox).
    3- Flash the kernel zip file.
    4- Wipe Cashe & Dalvik. “Don't Wipe Data
    5- Reboot to system.

    Note: If you are on Pixel experience Rom follow this guide click on spoiler:

    IT'S can safely installed on Pixel experience. Just follow this:

    1- Boot TWRP recovery with this command:

    fastboot boot twrp.img

    2- Don't Install ramdisk or anything just go to NetErnels Kernel on your storage and flash it.

    3- wipe Cashe & Dalvik.

    4- Power Off then power on your device.


    « CREDITS »
    • Kernel by: @cyberknight777 , Thanks 😊
    @ZIDAN44 for initial bringup which inspired us all.
    @venom_stark for getting the kernel to boot.
    • XDA-OP: @Abdullah.Csit
    • #All testers to the test builds before release.
    • @Jebaitedneko for backport
    @Panchajanya1999 for uclamp
    • To dev team for helping out fixing prox

    • GitHub device Source link: https://github.com/Neternels/android_k...
    • GitHub source Link: https://github.com/Neternels
    ★ Kernel Changelogs

    Latest Changelogs:

    NetErnels Kernel v6.0-NYSP | 4.14.206 New Year Special
    Release Date: 01/01/2
    By: @cyberknight77
    ▪️ Rebased off LA.UM.9.1.r1-11400-SMxxx0.
    ▪️ Imported wlan drivers, audio drivers and rmnet off LA.UM.9.1.r1-11400-SMxxx0.
    ▪️ debloated Xiaomi change
    ▪️ nuked some suntana ricin
    ▪️ fix OTG issue
    ▪️ upstream kernel/modules.
    ▪️ fix modules loading issue
    ▪️ fix some unnecessary drain
    ▪️ fix whatsapp web reconnecting issu
    ▪️ backport AF_UNIX from mainlin
    ▪️ nuke some irrelevant logspa
    ▪️ nuke irrelevant driver
    ▪️ fix vid recording in A1
    ▪️ build most drivers as a module

    • Previous Changelogs:

    NetErnels Kernel v5.0 | 4.14.206
    Release Date: 21/11/21
    By: @cyberknight777
    ▪️ rebased over LA.UM.9.1.r1-11300-SMxxx0.0
    ▪️ imported wlan drivers, audio drivers and rmnet off LA.UM.9.1.r1-11300-SMxxx0.0
    ▪️ optimized for size with -Os and nuke debug information with -g0
    ▪️ init touch driver earlier to not conflict with display notifiers
    ▪️ sync latest kprofiles with lots of changes and features
    ▪️ force set frequencies to max/min depending on mode set in kprofiles for performance governor
    ▪️ add STREEBOG russian cryptographic algorithm
    ▪️ cfq improvements
    ▪️ nuked some logging in binder
    ▪️ nuked some logging treewide
    ▪️ reduce verbosity of vibrator logs
    ▪️ force apps to use TCP_NODELAY to improve network latency
    ▪️ calculate and use an optimized energy table for low power consumption
    ▪️ calculate and use most efficient frequency table for high perf low power cost
    ▪️ configure CIB according to set eff freqs
    ▪️ configure idle minimum frequency of CIB for LP and HP clusters
    ▪️ configure minimum frequency fallback of CIB for LP and HP clusters
    ▪️ switch to 50hz tickrate
    ▪️ rewire fingerprint driver for performance
    ▪️ nuked IRQ affining for touch and fp
    ▪️ improved the scheduler by picking a plethora of patches from RenderBroken
    ▪️ nuked bfq and zen iosched
    ▪️ reduce wake boost duration of devfreq_boost and cib
    ▪️ nuke some qcacld logging
    ▪️ switch to msm drm notifier for fp
    ▪️ reduce time taken for fp to process and unlock by 1000ms
    ▪️ force gpu idle timeout to 58ms
    ▪️ implement rhel's low latency cmdline
    ▪️ disable kpti hardening
    ▪️ disable broken irq detection
    ▪️ nuke lots of debugging
    ▪️ enable freq-energy-model for {"sched/energy: checkout to android-4.14-stable"}
    ▪️ pass quiet to cmdline for less verbose output during boot
    ▪️ use 67us for cdsp
    ▪️ compile out ipav3 wakelock code
    ▪️ nuke pm qos changes in vidc
    ▪️ use relr relocation packing
    ▪️ backport and adapt binder from android-4.19-stable
    ▪️ backport an important fix for put_page() from mainline
    ▪️ backport TCP optimizations from mainline for reduced network latency and overall consistent network speed
    ▪️ mainlined ZSTD
    ▪️ use ZSTD for zswap as zstd proves to be better for zswap and other crypto operations
    ▪️ efficient frequencies cannot be modified from FKM or manually at the moment but can be used if kernel is inlined in ROM

    NetErnels Kernel v4.0 | 4.14.206 pureCAF
    Release Date: 01/10/21
    By: @cyberknight777
    ▪️ rebased off caf_msm-4.14
    ▪️ fix slow charging issue
    ▪️ upstreamed dtc to v1.4.6.9
    ▪️ enabled DCE
    ▪️ added cpuidle patches for better deep sleep
    ▪️ build RMNET extensions
    ▪️ nuked obsolete flag
    ▪️ nuke printk tracing
    ▪️ switched to -O3 treewide
    ▪️ switched to -O3 for LLD
    ▪️ optimized for kryo 460 setup
    ▪️ nuked debugging
    ▪️ nuked auditing
    ▪️ picked masahiro's kbuild patches for quality of life
    ▪️ imported wireguard v1.0.20210606
    ▪️ backported vDSO32
    ▪️ switched to -O3 for vDSO32
    ▪️ added NEON accelerated XOR implementation
    ▪️ enabled arch_supports_int128
    ▪️ switched to zswap over zram
    ▪️ added fake block device(vbswap) for zswap
    ▪️ switched to LZ4 for crypto operations
    ▪️ upstreamed LZ4
    ▪️ force inline functions for better optimization
    ▪️ use power efficient workingqueues treewide
    ▪️ backported & enabled BBR
    ▪️ switched to WESTWOOD as default tcp congestion algorithm
    ▪️ introduced SRANDOM
    ▪️ switched to SRANDOM over HW_RANDOM
    ▪️ added KCAL
    ▪️ introduced PRLMK
    ▪️ switched to zswap for PRLMK
    ▪️ backported cgroup patches
    ▪️ enabled store motion pass for Global Common Subexpression Elimination(GCSE)
    ▪️ trimmed kernel version info
    ▪️ disabled menu governor for cpuidle
    ▪️ added bi-cluster API to affine IRQ and kthreads to fast CPUs
    ▪️ add cpumask for big and LITTLE CPU clusters
    ▪️ affine IRQ to big CPU clusters
    ▪️ add API to migrate current process to a given cpumask
    ▪️ micro-optimize idle loop
    ▪️ introduce devfreq_boost driver
    ▪️ boost DDR bus upon running an atomic ioctl
    ▪️ boost CPU when committing a new frame
    ▪️ boost DDR bus for a short amount of time when zygote forks
    ▪️ affine hwcomposter to big CPUs
    ▪️ kill userspace boosting
    ▪️ introduce event-based CPU boosting (CIB)
    ▪️ boost CIB on power key
    ▪️ introduced rapid GC for f2fs
    ▪️ speed up mremap operations by 20x
    ▪️ introduce KernelSpace Profiles(kprofiles)
    ▪️ skip cpu-boost if profiles is in battery mode
    ▪️ skip devfreq_boost if profiles is in battery mode
    ▪️ boost DDR bus to the max when app is launched according to set kernel profile
    ▪️ boost CPU & DDR bus to the max when rendering a new frame according to set kernel profile
    ▪️ reduce time taken to enter deep sleep
    ▪️ minimally nethunterize the kernel
    ▪️ trimmed defconfig
    ▪️ nuked signature verification for modules
    ▪️ fixed kernel panic caused when entering deep sleep
    ▪️ inlined active_mode() for lower overhead
    ▪️ enabled in-kernel ntfs driver

    NetErnels Kernel v3.0 | 4.14.239
    Release Date: 09/09/21
    By: @cyberknight777
    ▪️ fixed proximity sensor
    ▪️ added in-kernel dt2w
    ▪️ added uclamp
    ▪️ added uclamp_assist
    ▪️ tuned uclamp values
    ▪️ backported ntfs3 from paragon
    ▪️ Merged latest LA.UM.9.1.r1-10900-SMxxx0.0 treewide
    ▪️ Merged latest LA.UM.9.1.r1-11100-SMxxx0.0 treewide
    ▪️ Merged latest LA.UM.9.11.r1-04700-NICOBAR.0 treewide
    ▪️ Merged latest LA.UM.9.1.r1-10700-SMxxx0.QSSI12.0 for qcacld and techpack
    ▪️ Building rmnet extensions
    ▪️ added rtl drivers from aircrack
    ▪️ enabled ntfs support
    ▪️ nuked binderfs for vhci
    ▪️ enabled vhci & sdio
    ▪️ fix booting issue on user build roms
    ▪️ enabled LZ4 for ZRAM compression
    ▪️ upstreamed LZ4
    ▪️ enabled LSE_ATOMICS
    ▪️ added Dead Code Elimination(DCE)
    ▪️ switched to LLD
    ▪️ switched to -O3 for LLD

    • 2021/August/07 Update 🆕 v2.0

    Changelog 2021/August/07:
    • MIUI Dropped completely
    • briccported bbr2
    • fixed random heating issues & implemented cpuidle with cpuidle patches.
    • picked pm qos commits from sultan
    • added scheduler patches from private repo
    • reverted cmdline patching which caused fastbootd to be unusable
    • cleaned up CC and LD version strings
    • nethunterized the kernel
    • built with EvaGCC 12.0.0

    2021/july/19 |
    *Initial stable build
    * Kernel upstreamed to 4.14.239
    * Merged latest CAF tag
    * Fixed regression in irq
    flash pe+...reboot recovery...flash magisk....reboot system....
    install fk kernel manager....flash kernel via fk kernel manager...reboot system....buuump....done
    thx for your successful work.

    i use pixel exprience plus, with stock kernel this device literally doesn't have multitasking (4gb version).

    With this kernel open 3-4 app on game, you can back game you paused position.
    #FOR LATEST CHANGELOGS, Check Post #2 (click the red number)


    No MIUI support totally dropped!