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Aug 25, 2013
Hi guys,

As you know I've now moved on to the 8 Pro.
Nonetheless, this kernel will be maintained!
This means that
- if there are any source updates from OnePlus, I will merge them in
- as well as follow any Clang toolchain updates

Take care,


Really thank you, for your offering.
This Kernel is only reason I'm back to OOS
Enjoy 8 Pro !!!

BTW does anyone have an issue with chrome or app's webview when viewing website have lot of picture or large picture it will freeze, but go to multitask menu and switch back they will be fine :rolleyes:
I got this issue on OOS (Stock and custom kernel) and custom ROM, but custom ROM have less then OOS, I'm guessing is Android 10 or chrome problem


Mar 18, 2019
New release!

- More stability fixes in the kernel, with readded debugfs for more subsystems
- Recompiled with latest bugfix release of Clang 10.x stable branch


I just wanted to say thank you for all of your continued hard work. You Sir are are a gentleman and a Scholar.

I hope you enjoy your OP8P.
Has anyone flashed this on 10.3.4? I've been thinking about trying it.

Yes it works great, great battery life and performance.

Would definitely recommend, you won't regret it ;)
Been using it since OB6, and since yesterday on the latest 10.3.4.
Much smoother experience and more battery friendly compared to stock.

Can confirm, working great on my 6T! ?

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Senior Member
Nov 5, 2013
Hello ! I'm New in the oneplus 6t World, i've had a LG g4 for 4 years. Do you need to unlock the bootloader and a Root access to flash this kernel ? Thanks
You absolutely need to unlock the bootloader to be able to flash custom kernels.
This guide would be a nice place to start: https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-6t/how-to/guide-oneplus-6t-unlock-bootloader-t3851789
Read it thoroughly before you attempt any of what's mentioned in that guide and try to obtain as much information as you can.
This will be very helpful for getting to understand what you can and should do and maybe even more importantly how to fix things when something doesn't turn out to work.
Good luck! :good:


Senior Member
Jan 13, 2018
i don't how you did it but this is the smoothest kernel I've ever used. I keep coming back to this kernel after trying out the other kernels. None can beat omega in terms of smoothness. It didn't have any frame drops like other kernels. kudos dev!
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    Omega kernel development has now been discontinued for the OnePlus 6T.


    Hello everyone, this is my personal kernel for the OnePlus 6T, using it as my current daily driver.
    My philosophy on the kernel is pretty simple, intended to replace the stock kernel, but with a lot of under-the-hood tweaks.

    Hopefully you will all enjoy!

    Important thread information!

    I refuse to acknowledge/respond to bug reports that do not include clear steps to reproduce, a logcat, and a console ramoops (if random rebooting) or a dmesg (any other issues). Follow this guide to do this.
    Keep things civil, no flaming in the forums!


    • Up to date with OxygenOS 10 source
    • Compiled with Google's Clang 11 branch for maximum stability, with all warnings and errors fixed
    • Many tweaks under the hood for smoother UX, lower battery drain, etc.
    • Westwood as the default congestion algorithm
    • Hides bootloader unlock from SafetyNet
    • Available to flash with AnyKernel3

    Latest kernel release post



    Omega GitHub: https://github.com/kristofpetho/kernel_oneplus_sdm845
    Omega originally sourced from: OnePlusOSS

    Thanks where it's due

    Nathan Chance for his guidance and patience with general kernel dev questions
    Kerneltoast for his guidance
    zx2c4 (for WireGuard)
    osm0sis (for AnyKernel3)
    Hi guys,

    As you know I've now moved on to the 8 Pro.
    Nonetheless, this kernel will be maintained!
    This means that
    - if there are any source updates from OnePlus, I will merge them in
    - as well as follow any Clang toolchain updates

    Take care,

    New release!

    - Fix for random high idle drain - I'm now seeing 0.5-0.6% per hour drain overnight with everything enabled, and Fitbit constantly syncing
    - Removed some unneeded drivers that we don't have hardware for (no functional changes)
    - Reverted a few minor tweaks to bring the kernel configuration closer to stock
    - Updated WireGuard to latest version (20200215)
    - Updated Anykernel3 to latest

    New release!

    - Compiled with the latest GCC 9.3 stable, using my custom build toolchain
    - Futher minor edits in defconfig file for better active and idle drain

    New release!

    - Updated with OOS 10.3.4 kernel source patches
    - Updated Clang toolchain that contains bugfixes

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