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Dec 9, 2010
Hit the thanks button so hard, my screen broke. Asshole.



Jun 25, 2014
Flashed!! booted!! Op3lite ROM!! 3.2.7!! Thank you!!

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Jul 6, 2016
Now till time installed the Great XANA and battery was amazing but now trying The Franco,Kernel hope that I shall be compatible with Open Beta 7
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    Thread closed for unification into a single 3 and 3T thread over here -> https://forum.xda-developers.com/on...kernel-francokernel-18th-january-r45-t3891293
    New franco.Kernel version for the OnePlus 3

    1. Merged a patch from One Plus that fixes an issue with voltages
    2. Merged some security patches
    3. Packed a lot of long-time (some are persistent) background running daemons to run solely on a specific cpuset called system-background, which limits them to run only on cpu0 and cpu1, to save power

    zip: https://kernels.franco-lnx.net/OnePlus3/7.0/anyKernel/fk-r11-anykernel2.zip

    Franco Kernel Manager & Updater is the best companion for this Kernel (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.franco.kernel)

    If you don't (yet) have my full featured app you can always just download its free counter part which lets you seamlessly and automagically update Franco Kernel on your device. It's free and my cat approves! (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.franco.kernel.free)

    I also strongly suggest you install Naptime (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.franco.doze), for free, to achieve the best battery life through out the day. Try it, you won't be disappointed!
    Hey Franco, do you build for the beta's? I'm relatively new to this device. I have tried just about every kernel on here and never get results and performance like I do when I run your awesome kernel. Thanks for the hard work. Also, what are you using as your dd now? Are you this active in all your device forums? If so, when the hell do you find time for a life? Your cat and girlfriend must hate it!

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    If OP releases Kernel sources, then yes. But they usually don't. I use an iPhone 7, suits me better when out of the house since I don't wanna be thinking about Android or apps all the time (I end up doing that, but at least I'm not using the platform so I can rest my head). I'm mostly active on my device forums. Not active anymore on Tuna, barely on Mako, not on Grouper, slacking on the One Plus One, and Nexus 7 2013 I should be a bit more. Rest of them I am very very active.
    Tricky question about finding time for life. I try to sleep less, which leaves me more time to work in between. My long-date GF still struggles to understand that even if she's on a off-work day that I can't stop and I have **** to do as if I was in a normal job, which pisses me off tremendously, so I end up working ~15 hours per day when she's off to work, and about half of that when she's not working. It's hard. It's not something anyone here realises since I don't really complain, but it's hard. I gotta run Kernels, apps, marketing, user support on XDA, Twitter, Google+, e-mail, and I have to keep thinking of new ideas, better ways to implement features, how to fix hard to fix bugs. prioritize what I should waste my time on/what I shouldn't, and I still have to find time to read, and keep learning. And then, as mostly everyone else (if not, I'm sorry) I still have a family and **** storms from family bull**** like any other person etc. I barely ever feel tired, and I only had one (very) small mental breakdown last year where I was really reaching my limit, but I fixed it in about a day. Other than that I'm a very happy person, very positive, and always looking for the good things during the darkest times.

    TLDR: it's hard. But I give it all to make it happen.
    r6 is up! It should cure all WiFi ****ery on module loading. Had help from @osm0sis . Took me a while to figure this one out and had the help from my early work on the OP3T since some of their users were having the same problem so after scratching my head for a while and osm0sis helping we figured it out.

    Also lower power consumption from the big cluster, lowered hispeed_freq and min_sample_time. This should net you some major savings through the day.

    Sorry couldn't get the CM14.1 version out this weekend, I tried, but was overwhelmed with 23497329473 different things. I'll try my best through the week.
    OK, this initial response is super unexpected. I had a VERY rough day today because of a close family member passing away and it really warms my heart to see SO MANY positive posts, means the world to me.

    With that out of the way, couple things:
    1 - Please read the changelogs & OPs. This is not meant to be flashed in the community build because we have no Kernel sources for that. The changelog specifically says Oxygen OS. Please read before asking;
    2 - It's obvious this won't work on the 3T (duh!);
    3 - Don't bother asking for 3T Kernel. I already asked OP to send me a device. It's up to them not me because I'm not buying it myself just for development.

    I just got a massive erection because of this...


    Flashed!! booted!! Op3lite ROM!! 3.2.7!! Thank you!!

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    You're ****ing welcome.

    Now till time installed the Great XANA and battery was amazing but now trying The Franco,Kernel hope that I shall be compatible with Open Beta 7

    Read the notice at the top of this post.

    IS THIS FOR REAL. YOU made my lg optimus one A BEAST!!!!

    Ahah LG Optimus One, what a frickin' legend.

    Yes, seems to work fine.
    There seem to be some issues with FKU, however (changing zip download path closes the app, so does launching system monitor).

    Weird. I'll check my crash logs

    Can you please add usb fast charge.

    What for? Even connected to the computer this thing charges pretty fast.

    Buying an OP3 was a good choice I guess !
    Will try once I change ROM ^^

    It's a great device!

    So, maybe I am not to familiar with Franco, but what sets this apart from say, ElementalX?

    Difficult to say because I really can't say bad things about ElementalX or flar2. Great guy and been doing some amazing works.

    What I'm pretty good at is finding a great setup for flash & forget situation. I spend a lot of time measuring & reading to feedback and ajust the Kernel to be ready to use as I see fit with a nearly perfect balance between great battery life without compromising performance (trust me, it's hard). Also I go to great lenghts to be active (you can see by my post count & thanks number how active I am) and make it feel like every user is important to me and part of the whole thing. I really spend a long time squeezing that extra minute of battery life and my custom Kernels are known for that.

    Other than that I'm usually pretty explicit on my github patches so it's easy to read it up and check what I've been doing.

    Do I need anything else to apply the mods served with this kernel? FKUpdater for example?

    FKUpdater is my app. You don't need to buy it, it's just a convenience (and supports me of course). Read my reply above.

    Anyone else having problems with notifications being pushed through?

    No. The Kernel has absolutely nothing to do with notifications going through or not.

    No... that's a pretty dumb question seeing this is the One Plus 3 forum.

    Wow! Remember your kernel för the nexus 4! Damn this is awesome!


    ROYALTY is among us my dear friends? we welcome you sir, wow Franco is on the seen lol made my day!

    Eheh, don't exagerate. I'm happy to be here and provide a good experience.

    Great to see you here Franco!

    I know it's r1 and all, but in case you've missed it: fku shows max cpu speed as 1.6 GHz and it sets that for max speed for all cpus. This causes any per-app profile to allow for only 1.6 GHz max frequency for all cores. Reapplying Default performance profile fixes these.

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    Ugh, where exactly? I don't remember having any restriction on freqs. Have you updated to FKUpdater 2.1.4?

    Really fly for a r1.

    Feature request: Disable touch keys when screen is pressed. Aaaaand display profiles!

    I'll see if that's possible. Display profiles well, I can add some built-in ones if the community builds them for me.