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Nov 28, 2013
Los Angeles
OnePlus 8 Pro
Recently purchased FK Manager and I really like it. Do I need to set battery optimization to not optimize in the Android battery settings? Not sure if leaving optimized resets the settings or keeps it from running as I did notice a difference in performance once I opened the app again


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Aug 12, 2010
It'll come. He's probably working on his apps currently, dunno. But nornally he supports his devices for a good amount of time (Except for the Pixels ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).
Last I heard his friend broke his phone so Franco let him use his OnePlus 6, so he currently does not have the phone to develop on.

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    Hi all.

    Builds starting with r1 up to r8 work with OxygenOS 5.1.11 Android 8.1.0
    Builds starting with r14 work with OxygenOS 9.0 Android 9 Pie
    Builds starting with r15 also work with custom roms such as LineageOS & others.


    Flash the zip in your recovery
    Auto-flash from FK Kernel Manager app, it's magical

    Scroll down, choose your device & select the latest release to see the changelog.


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    Hey all! As maybe some of you know I got married at the start of July so of course Android went to the sidelines. Now that I'm back let's catch up and have some fun together! r4 is out with all the updates you need. And you know it, you can auto-flash with my app http://get.franciscofranco.xyz

    I hope ya'll doing great :)
    Alright, after 8 straight hours trying to figure out this recovery problem, I just found the issue. It's 7am and I'm exhausted, I just want to get into my bed and wrap my arms around my wife. Will push r12 as soon as I wake up. Apologies for any inconvenience.
    Also next FK Kernel Manager update will have the haptic settings, I finally found the paths.
    r12 is up with the fix for booting to flashed custom recovery. Confirmed & tested here multiple times. Get the zip from the OP or just auto-flash with my app hassle free here -> http://get.franciscofranco.xyz

    As usual @osm0sis helped a bunch to see if the issue came from the building process or something related to his AK2, so kudos for him.
    r9 is up for Pie! Sorry for the delay. You can get the zip from the OP or easily just auto-flash from my app here http://get.franciscofranco.xyz

    Oh yeah I included that patch that should lower touch latency, it's noticeable specially during flings.

    Enjoy ?
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