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Dec 19, 2017
OnePlus 8T

To use search function to find answer. It's definitely not kernel's issue.
You should blame on bank app to enable root detection. I know some of bank app can detect root as well even you hide it in magisk manager. There is solution as well. Spend time to find it.
It could have been formulated more elegantly....
It's nice that you make the statement that some banking apps detect root, so far I am too, because I am not a "noob" or whatever.
I have tried my banking app with the "Krieg Kernel", "CleanSlate", "Handelinkernel", "blu_spark" and the "Radioactive Kernel", with all kernels my "S-pushTAN v. 3.2.1" works except with the "Hasty" kernel. So my question was only if the creator of the Hasty kernel might know what the problem is! I have tried so many roms and kernels and it is certainly not my competence to do a flash correctly.
As I said same Rom, Magisk-Hide active, SaftyNet-OK, just a switch between different kernels.
I was very happy with the Hasty kernel, in terms of battery life and performance, because still my banking app is more important to me.
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Nov 5, 2008
incredible work -thank you! keep it up. hope to see you around when we get Android 12 AOSP :)

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    Hasty focuses on delivering the best possible experience out of the box, without needing a thousand different tweaks, essentially this kernel delivers the best performance, battery life, and stability without needing tweaks by the user at all.

    • Always using the latest SMxx50.0 CAF tag
    • Using the latest Clang by Google
    • Device-specific optimizations
    • General optimizations

    • OP8, OP8 Pro and OP8T
    • Custom ROMs and OxygenOS 11

    You can either flash this kernel using a kernel manager or a recovery such as PE recovery, that recovery, for example, can be found at the downloads site for PE for your device, with that recovery installed it is as simple as pressing "Apply update" and adb sideload the kernel zip.



    Hasty discussion group

    Like my work? Buy me a beer :)
    Kernel source
    New Hasty update
    • OOS 11 is now fully supported
    • Merged LA.UM.9.12.r1-10700-SMxx50.0
    • Updated to Clang r412851
    • General cleanups & remove OnePlus leftovers
    • Performance and battery improvements

    Custom ROMs: Hasty-20210305-2009-instantkebab.zip

    OxygenOS 11: Hasty-OOS-20210305-2019-instantkebab.zip
    What are the features of this kernel? Is there a list or will there be a list?
    Exceptional work!! And chance we'll see a build to support OOS 11?
    There's already one that supports it mate, It's in the telegram group, I'll update the version here on xda when there's a new CAF release :)