[KERNEL][OPO] FrancoKernel - r57 - 16th September - LineageOS 15.1 custom roms


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Sep 11, 2012
yes, i'm 100% sure about that.
also, i think it only happens with v57 of FK, which is the most recent one. not completely sure here, but i can try with v56 if it matters.
100% sure, just after flash the kernel i had the problem.
I'm used Arrow OS to more one year, and never had this issue before.
Well, beats me. You could try to capture a logcat while trying to change the wallpaper, maybe that brings up something.
@franciscofranco do you have any idea how a kernel can have any impact on setting a wallpaper?
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Oct 10, 2017

Hi all,
I never had installed a kernel on my Opo and I'm ready to do it after five years since I bought it. The question is if I download the zip from the first page it will work properly or do I need an updated version? What will happen to my device once installed this kernel? And last, wich partition of the memory is involve in the storage? For example if I do a clean flash to install a new rom,will the kernel remain installed in the partition like the custom recovery does?
thank you in advance to everyone that will answer.!:)