[Kernel][Overclocked] No Gravity [2023-08-28][ProtonClang]

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Dec 26, 2021
hello, what versions of MIUI is your kernel compatible with? I'm interested in MIUI 12.5


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Nope this won't happen on NGK. This is an unsafe feature that would prevent NGK from being posted and recommended in official xiaomi groups.

I wonder if the Smooth Display toggle is the same thing. I noticed my screen flickering this morning and rebooting to Boootloader/TWRP doesn't fix it. Oh man that made me freak out.
Once I managed to get the display back, I disabled it completely. Little did I know that it's been enabled since the very first day I flashed Project Elixir rom! Hopefully I won't have to replace my screen any sooner.


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Oct 25, 2015
Moto G
OnePlus 2
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I wonder if the Smooth Display toggle is the same thing. I noticed my screen flickering this morning and rebooting to Boootloader/TWRP doesn't fix it. Oh man that made me freak out.
Once I managed to get the display back, I disabled it completely. Little did I know that it's been enabled since the very first day I flashed Project Elixir rom! Hopefully I won't have to replace my screen any sooner.
Higher screen refreshrate will only work if kernel gives higher refreshrate support. So if you were on ngk this wont work. Ig its stock kernel has screen oc possibility
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    Hi I found there is dtbo.img in your anykernel zip (latest). Does it mean we have to extract that and flashed in twrp or does it get flashed automatically? Thanks in advance for your hard work.
    The one in ngk zip is aosp dtbo, when on miui (china based) you need to flash provided miui dtbo. If your miui doesnt work with ngk chances are you need to flash your ROM's dtbo. If that doesnt work neither then it simply wont work with that miui version. No hassle for aosp.
    Hi! I tried thia kernel on latest Xiaomi.eu (14.0.5, root user)
    Found the following bugs:

    -yellowish lock screen when reading mode active

    -cannot zoom pictures in apps, or difficult to zoom in. Example: on Instagram i cannot zoom in with two fingers, on X (Twitter) you can zoom in but is like you have to make a big zoom with fingers to zoom a little.

    -black screen after unlocking device via fingerprint. It turns on after a little time. Really annoying hahaha

    Anyway overalls it works snappy, so i look forward to installing again this kernel. Love the option of controlling how to charge the phone. Thats mainly why i installed it
    Glad you like it, yes miui isnt the best option to pair with custom kernels, but
    you need to flash miui dtbo to have working pinch to zoom and other miui stuffs working.
    Based on what I can gather from miui eu community, it is indeed China based. But i will backup everything first just to be sure. Thanks a lot man, i understand its hard to maintain the only custom kernel that work for our device on Android 12. We appreciate that a lot. Wish you have a very good life ahead!
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    Hey, NoGravity Kernel dev here! You may already know me from my other supported phones (OnePlus 2, F1, Mi 8, X3 Pro, Mi10T, F3, F4) I've graduated with a bachelor degree in computer science and I actually work as a C# programmer. NGK's mindset is Performance/smoothness while getting good battery life due to added battery oriented features.

    I currently do not own the device, but if you like my work and want to support me, a crowdfunding was made in order to speed up the development for this phone

    (Scroll down for Telegram Group link where I'll be most of the time)


    The Kernel will boot using Balance Profile when Magisk is present. Other profiles for battery, performance and gaming can be switched to in my app.


    To tweak the kernel easily, here's my No Gravity app! featuring custom profiles (Battery, Balanced, Performance and Gaming & Gaming+). My app offers some device specific features that can't be found in other kernel tweaking apps. You can find them lower in the thread.)


    -No Gravity app! support
    -Compiled with Proton Clang + O3 + Polly + LTO optimizations
    -KernelSU support
    -NGK Thermal locking mechanism*
    -DC Dimming
    -Boeffla Wakelock Blocker
    -Optional Proximity Sensor blocking for Telegram / Nekogram
    -High Brightness Mode
    -GPU UC/OC : 150MHz / 905MHz
    -CPU Input boost driver instead of CPU boost
    -Devfreq boosting
    -Enabled WALT, disabled PELT
    -Using Big and Prime clusters for specific performance critical events
    -Devfreq boosting for various events like app opening
    -Disabled ZRAM by default (Only if ROM doesn't override it)
    -USB Fast Charging
    -Various GPU & libs optimizations
    -VDSO for better 32 bit performance
    -Small debloat
    -Merged in latest CLO Tags
    -Always upstreamed to latest (4.19.292)
    -And many more under the hood changes & optimizations


    Note: Some features aren't enabled yet for this specific phone, but they'll come in future updates

    -Monet theme adapting to your ROMs colors dynamically
    -Injected sepolicies to work on Enforcing SELinux
    -Kernel & App update checker (Direct install of kernel and app)
    -Balance(Default),Performance,Battery,Gaming & Gaming+ Profiles (QSTile available)
    -Custom Profile Creator Page that let's you create and share profiles with the NGK community (/SDCARD/NGK/PROFILES/)
    -Precise CPU temperature for each Clusters separately
    -Per-App Tweaks Page to load tweaks for specific apps
    -CPU Page with following tunables:
    -CPU Governor
    -CPU Frequency Selection Algorithm (Linear/Exponential)
    -CPU Min/Max Frequencies
    -Input boost
    -NGK Smart Throttling
    -NGK Stats Page showing last gaming session FPS+ Chart, throttling, battery drain, avg CPU temps & avg Battery temps, toggle for enabling NGK Stats Overlay displaying FPS and following optional features:
    -CPU Temps/Freqs
    -GPU Temps/Freqs
    -Battery Temps/Percentage
    -RAM usage
    -Kernel Page to let you control:
    -App optimization (ART) Button
    NoGravity (NGK’s default) || Battery || Stock one
    -Sultan PID read optimizations
    -GPU Page:
    -GPU Stats
    -Min/Max GPU Freq Selector
    -High Brightness Mode
    -Content Adaptive Backlight Control
    -Touchscreen firmware selector
    -Proximity Gestures Switch to pulse ambient dispay on Hand Wave
    -Pick-Up Gesture Switch to pulse ambient display when device is taken
    -Pixel 3 Flip to Shhh feature
    -DTS Eagle (Sound) Info Page
    -More will be added...


    -More features...
    -Let me know what you want and those may be added!


    This kernel should work on any ROM & MIUI!


    -I recommend before coming to conclusion, give it at least 2 complete charge cycles and then raise any issue.
    - I recommend to use my app, franco app or EX Kernel Manager if you need to tweak the kernel further


    -Flash No_Gravity_Kernel-vX.X.zip file in TWRP (Latest TWRP Recovery Recommanded)
    -(Optional) - Clear cache and Dalvik => if you do so, Use App Optimization button in NGK App to regenerate ART or let device charge at idle at 100% for some time (that's when android runs optimizations).

    Download No gravity Kernel / Download No Gravity App

    Donate me! / Telegram Group /
    No Gravity App Changelog / No Gravity Kernel Changelog


    -The android community and to all my testers for using my kernel and your precious feedbacks and ideas!.

    Source: https://github.com/Pierre2324/NGK_android_kernel_xiaomi_sm8250
    Version Information
    Current Version: 1.5.0
    Last Updated: 2023-08-28
    NGK community just hit 5k members on Telegram 🙏 Also happy to let you know that I received Recognized Developer tag on XDA with NGK expanding to F2/F3/F4/Mi10T lately.

    Thanks everyone ✨

    A good journey, from OnePlus 2 to Xiaomi phones (F1/Mi 8) and now Xiaomi (Kona) devices (F2/F3/F4/Mi10T) 🎉

    That being said, not forcing anyone to do so but if you would like to support my work and help NGK get features / updates / fixes faster, you can help me get a Kona device from here :

    or from paypal directly :

    Thanks to everyone who already did, that's appreciated 🙏
    NoGravity Kernel v1.5.0 + NGK App 6.5.0

    Previous Changelogs:

    NoGravity Kernel v1.4.0 + NGK App 6.4.0

    NoGravity Kernel v1.3.0 + NGK App 6.3.0

    NoGravity Kernel v1.2.0 + NGK App 6.2.0

    NoGravity Kernel v1.0.1 + NGK App 6.1.1 (Hotfix)

    NoGravity Kernel v1.0.0 + NGK App 6.1.0

    Hotfix is out for kernel (1.0.1) and app (6.1.1!)
    Changelog post(#2) updated, thread updated.
    Thanks for this fantastic work.
    I flash this morning and only have one problem: when use the fingerprint, have flash effect and the brightness up to max. I have to acces brightness bar for change manually.
    Test in LineageOs Official.
    The apk works fine, but have to grant root permission manually in magisk.
    Hmm okay thats weird, will try to find a fix