Development [Kernel][Overclocked] No Gravity [Android-12-11][2022-04-19][ProtonClang]

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Oct 26, 2021
Lenovo Phab 2
Samsung Galaxy A30s
also earphones do not work
i think im just going to switch kernel cause of these bugs
Stop quoting the OP..
Calibrate your battery.

-Discharge battery to 0% (untill phone turns off)
-Plug in the phone, power it on and charge it to 100%+ without interruption (to make sure the charging rate is as constant as possible)
-Use phone normally and repeat the last two steps twice again for the next cycles to a get better battery health approximation & calibration.


Aug 11, 2020
Thanks for the function "prioritize batt idle mode" (work from the power supply) in the new kernel!
I updated and after a few days realized that it works)


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Feb 13, 2018
hello, im running this kernel in lineage os and run perfectly, i love it, but i have only one problem, with skirym blades, ngs emulator, and princess connect re dive i cant run these apps with this kernel, anyone have a fix for this?
sorry for my english


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Oct 25, 2015
Moto G
OnePlus 2
hello, im running this kernel in lineage os and run perfectly, i love it, but i have only one problem, with skirym blades, ngs emulator, and princess connect re dive i cant run these apps with this kernel, anyone have a fix for this?
sorry for my english
What do you mean by cant run these apps. Have you changed anything in ngk app?


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Mar 22, 2009

You graduated from a computer science, congratulations, going to enroll in one next year, hard times are coming to me, but is well worth it :)


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Mar 22, 2009
Yea I work as a programmer for more than a year now. It won't look hard if its something you really enjoy.
I'm an accountant since day one of my profession, I enjoyed more doing programming in vba in ms office, making hard macros, then doing my job, creating something and figuring out in your head all the structure of the program, and bugs you will encounter before they happen is so enticing and joyful, but as u said you really need to like to code or else is not worht it, i like coding.
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Jul 19, 2015
Thanks for you effort on this kernel but this kernel scored lowest on AnTuTu or any bench app I tested on and on PUBG can't even maintain 90fps and my fast charging is not working anymore so I had to go back stock
I wouldn't recommend this kernel

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    Hi your kernel works great but can you do a smart throttle on battery temperature? Not on CPU. That will be a game changer
    When I did it at first it had battery temperature slider. But its useless. Its too hard to affect battery temps, cpu would throttle all the way down to see a difference in battery temperature as it would take a lot of time for it to cool down which would give really bad performance. Also this would vary too much for different users having different ambient temps. Someone with 38C ambient would set 40C max battery temp and see his CPU running at minimum frequencies all the time and wondering why his performance is bad. This is why CPU slider is used and battery slider was removed a while before release.
    HOTFIX update is out! Changelog post and thread updated.
    Hi I just updated kernel and app but it says kernel 2.2.0 is installed. I checked the file downloaded and its 2.2.1.

    It's a bug in version number or I did something wrong?

    Thanks also for great kernel
    Hi I just updated kernel and app but it says kernel 2.2.0 is installed. I checked the file downloaded and its 2.2.1.

    It's a bug in version number or I did something wrong?

    Thanks also for great kernel
    Yea just the version isnt right, the compile date is latest build.
    Just checked after reading your post and seems to be the same here, DevInfo see 2.2.0 even after reflashing it... View attachment 5593949
    Nice to see your language is also french. Europe french I guess? And yes this is just version showing wrong, compilation datetime is the one of the latest build
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    No Gravity Kernel 1.0.0 + 4.3 App Trailer

    Hey, NoGravity Kernel dev coming from the good old Pocophone F1 here! I've graduated with a bachelor degree in computer science and I actually work as a C# programmer. I've worked on OnePlus 2, Pocophone F1 and Mi 8 already, first one is discontinued but I still give updates for the 2 others. Welp, I've lost my F1 which is the reason I'm here, on this slightly newer kernel 4.9=>4.14. NGK's mindset is Performance/smoothness while getting decent battery life due to added battery oriented features.

    (Scroll down for Telegram Group link where I'll be most of the time)

    For those who want a to know more about my work here is the link to NoGravity Kernel for OnePlus 2 & to NoGravity Kernel for Pocophone F1 / Mi 8.


    The Kernel will boot using Balance Profile when Magisk is present. Other profiles for battery, performance and gaming can be switched to in my app.


    To tweak the kernel easily, here's my No Gravity app! featuring custom profiles (Battery, Balanced, Performance and Gaming & Gaming+). My app offers some device specific features that can't be found in other kernel tweaking apps. You can find them lower in the thread.)


    -No Gravity app! support
    -Compiled with Proton Clang + O3 + Polly + LTO optimizations
    -NGK Thermal locking mechanism*
    -Thermal driver optimizations
    -F2FS & UFS optimizations (Rapid GC / UFS Boost / Samsung Write boost)
    -2133MHz DDR Bus
    -GPU UC/OC : 192MHz / 692MHz
    -CPU Input boost driver instead of CPU boost
    -Enabled WALT, disabled PELT
    -Using Big and Prime clusters for specific performance critical events
    -Devfreq boosting for various events like app opening
    -Touchscreen drivers optimizations
    -Updated Touchscreen firmware
    -Both 12.5.5 & 12.0.6 Touch FW are present and can be changed from NGK App
    -Optional Sultan's PID shrink
    -250Hz kernel interrupt rate
    -Disabled ZRAM by default
    -LZ4 ZRAM compression algorithm
    -Exposed vibrator strength
    -DTS Eagle software driver
    -Boeffla Wakelock Blocker v1.1.0
    -Sound Control
    -High Brightness Mode
    -Content Adaptive Backlight Control
    -USB Fast Charging
    -Added Powersaving flags to panel
    -Various GPU & libs optimizations
    -VDSO for better 32 bit performance
    -sdFAT v2.4.5
    -Added ZEN I/O Scheduler & used by default
    -Added SQRT freq selection algo to schedutil
    -Added BBR and WESTWOOD TCP Congestion protocols
    -Using Westwood as default with FQ_Codel for better bandwidth use
    -Removed many debugging stuffs
    -Merged in latest CAF Tags
    -Always upstreamed to latest (4.14.275)
    -And many more under the hood changes & optimizations


    -Monet theme adapting to your ROMs colors dynamically
    -Injected sepolicies to work on Enforcing SELinux
    -Kernel & App update checker (Direct install of kernel and app)
    -Balance(Default),Performance,Battery,Gaming & Gaming+ Profiles (QSTile available)
    -Custom Profile Creator Page that let's you create and share profiles with the NGK community (/SDCARD/NGK/PROFILES/)
    -Precise CPU temperature for each Clusters separately
    -Per-App Tweaks Page to load tweaks for specific apps
    -CPU Page with following tunables:
    -CPU Governor
    -CPU Frequency Selection Algorithm (Linear/Exponential)
    -CPU Min/Max Frequencies
    -Input boost
    -NGK Smart Throttling
    -NGK Stats Page showing last gaming session FPS+ Chart, throttling, battery drain, avg CPU temps & avg Battery temps, toggle for enabling NGK Stats Overlay displaying FPS and following optional features:
    -CPU Temps/Freqs
    -GPU Temps/Freqs
    -Battery Temps/Percentage
    -RAM usage
    -Kernel Page to let you control:
    -App optimization (ART) Button
    NoGravity (NGK’s default) || Battery || Stock one
    -Sultan PID read optimizations
    -GPU Page:
    -GPU Stats
    -Min/Max GPU Freq Selector
    -High Brightness Mode
    -Content Adaptive Backlight Control
    -Touchscreen firmware selector
    -Proximity Gestures Switch to pulse ambient dispay on Hand Wave
    -Pick-Up Gesture Switch to pulse ambient display when device is taken
    -Pixel 3 Flip to Shhh feature
    -DTS Eagle (Sound) Info Page
    -More will be added...


    -More features...
    -Let me know what you want and those may be added!


    This kernel should work on any ROM & MIUI!


    -I recommend before coming to conclusion, give it at least 2 complete charge cycles and then raise any issue.
    - I recommend to use my app, franco app or EX Kernel Manager if you need to tweak the kernel further


    -Flash file in TWRP (Latest TWRP Recovery Recommanded)
    -(Optional) - Clear cache and Dalvik => if you do so, Use App Optimization button in NGK App to regenerate ART or let device charge at idle at 100% for some time (that's when android runs optimizations).

    Download No gravity Kernel / Download No Gravity App

    Donate me! / Telegram Group /
    No Gravity App Changelog / No Gravity Kernel Changelog


    -The android community and to all my testers for using my kernel and your precious feedbacks and ideas!.

    Version Information
    Current Version: 2.2.1
    Created: 2021-09-02
    Last Updated: 2022-04-19
    NoGravity Kernel v2.2.1 + App v5.2.1

    Previous Changelogs:

    NoGravity Kernel v2.2.0 + App v5.2.0

    NoGravity Kernel v2.1.0 + App v5.1.0

    NoGravity Kernel v2.0.0 + App v5.0.0
    Note: Custom Profile Creator page added

    NoGravity Kernel v1.0.0

    NoGravity Kernel App v4.3.0

    Updates are out!

    NGK App 5.2
    NGK 2.2

    Featuring :
    -Per-App Tweaks Page
    -Dynamic Monet Theme + App Icon
    -And more...

    Full Changelog in the screenshots below.
    Thread and changelog posts updated.

    Just a quick reminder as I'm spending a lot of time on NGK,
    if you want to support my work and keep me motivated:

    I wish yall a good time / easter 🐣, stay safe!
    For everyone who think they are having temperature issues just set stock thernals in ngk app or battery (from kernel page).

    A guy on MIUI was getting temp warning playing genshin, going stock thermal profile removed the warning.
    Downloaded and installed.
    So far so good!:cowboy: