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Jul 20, 2012
Could you please review and following commit and advise if it is in-accordance with your kernel philosophy and could be implemented in the next update? Seems like a good addition to me.

I'll check and see, however, this might require a ramdisk edit if it's possible. While it isn't a problem, it might pose quite a number of incompatibility, I'll sort it out later. Thanks for the suggestion.
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Sep 6, 2012
Seems broken in miui rom atleast. Didnt Clock it but says 1.40h to full charge from 10%. That might be wrong tho.

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Jul 20, 2012
@F4uzan how is double tap to wake feature? is it still possible to add that in your kernel?

Yes, it's possible, sorry but I haven't had any time to work on the kernel recently. I will update it soon but I'm quite unsure when I can spare up a time for that.


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Jul 20, 2012
when you think that this feature will be implemented? early or have to wait a few weeks?

I'm quite unsure for the when, since I seems to be getting constant barrage of activities recently, I'll try and spare some time in the next week to add this and update some parts of the kernel.
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Oct 13, 2011
Hope you are doing great man. While i was browsing XDA, found these 2 really really helpful commits. not sure about others but i get really pissed when i accidently press Recents or Home button while playing MC5. And these 2 commits addresses that. Would you have some time to compile a test kernel or to see if you would consider adding these?

Mostafa Wael

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Jan 11, 2013
abhibnl;69193608 [user=4751327 said:
Hope you are doing great man. While i was browsing XDA, found these 2 really really helpful commits. not sure about others but i get really pissed when i accidently press Recents or Home button while playing MC5. And these 2 commits addresses that. Would you have some time to compile a test kernel or to see if you would consider adding these?
AFAIK those have been already merged. @F4uzan to confirm


Mar 26, 2009


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    Mono Kernel for OnePlus 3 (oneplus3)​

    Let's start this off with the basic and regular warning and disclaimer :
    * No one except you chooses to flash this kernel, this is your [B]own[/B] choice
    * Do not flash this if you expect stability that equals to a stock kernel
    * Neither me or XDA is responsible if the kernel destroys your device
    * No cats are harmed during the creation of this kernel

    Mono Kernel is a kernel made with simplicity and customizations in mind, I never wanted a kernel with gazillions of "bloaty" features (governors, schedulers, etc) that gives me uneasiness since there's too many choices to be made.

    Technical details :
    If you want to know about the toolchain and stuff I used

    - Compiled with UberTC 4.9.4
    - No new experimental compilers used (this means, no GCC 5, 6, or 7 until they are well-tested enough)
    - Little to no weird optimizations flags, I'll avoid adding -Ofast, -O3, Graphite or anything related to them

    Features :
    Some bits of features that you'll see

    - blu_active governor
    - FIOPS, SIOPLUS, and Zen I/O scheduler
    - Toggleable Fsync
    - UKSM (Ultra KSM, an improved KSM)
    - zRAM support
    - doubletap2wake and sweep2wake support for non-Oxygen / Hydrogen system
    - sweep2sleep support
    - Mini-bits of somewhat-safe (but not necessarily stable) optimizations
    - Lots of updates and upstream works from various sources (CAF, Google, and Linux)
    - And probably more

    Bugs :

    - WiFi doesn't work on OOS3.2.6
    - None, at least for now

    Download :
    Get it while fresh!
    AndroidFileHost Folder

    Installation :
    Please read all of this before continuing

    - I mean... you probably know how
    - Just flash the zip

    Compatibility List :
    Check if your ROM is compatible

    - Fully working on FreedomOS & OP3Lite
    - Tested on MIUI8 (thanks to lekzzz for testing and reporting it here!)
    - Tested on HydrogenOS (thanks to Mostafa Wael for testing, full reports here!
    - Anything based on the recent OxygenOS should work

    Credits :
    All these talented people deserves a cookie

    (In no order)
    - flar2
    - eng.stk
    - faux123
    - franciscofranco
    - anarkia1976
    - neobuddy89
    - myfluxi
    - Grarak
    - ##W4TCH0UT##
    - Evolutionzz & Dims_Camper (some nice friends to talk)
    - Mostafa Wael for being a nice buddy and tester (and just being patient with me in general)

    There's too many people that deserves to be here, if you're one of them (in case I somehow forgot to credit you here and on the source code / Git repo page), please, don't hesitate to PM me!

    Notes :
    - Mono Kernel will always remain on 'testing' phase, mostly because I tend to screw up and break stuff, so I don't warrant any stable release, unless otherwise mentioned
    - No, there is no CM builds planned, I have no plan to switch to CM
    - Based on a report, MIUI should work with Mono
    - Yes, DASH is working, I don't know why I have to mention it, but some people likes to be assured, I guess

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Mono Kernel, Kernel for the OnePlus 3

    Source Code: https://github.com/F4uzan/mono_oneplus3

    Kernel Special Features: Uh... it's downloadable ?

    Version Information
    Status: Testing

    Created 2016-08-07
    Last Updated 2016-10-31
    This is a very, very late update, I know. It's just an engraving to tell everyone that we're still alive in this ship and will stay that way for quite some time.

    This update focuses on what I deem to be important for now, we are just picking our momentum back and we might be returning to faster paced updates (instead of this "crawling" monthly updates which brings zero exciting things). I'll sort this out later.

    Here's some changelog to keep you up and running:
    * Fixed "Dirty COW" vulnerability
    * Merged changes from OnePlus to sync up changes of OOS3.2.6
    * Finally added DT2W and S2W to unsupported system but runs OOS kernel anyway (for example, MIUI)

    I'm excited on what I have planned, there are some interesting changes here and there (and this update isn't exactly one of them), but I might as well post this update here to keep us up and running.

    Download: mono_oneplus3-31-10-2016
    So, another update is up and running with not much changes to be seen (as to be expected), there is a lot to see in the commit logs on Git, but there's very little to be found that can be customized.

    Here are the shortened changelog:

    * Added blu_active
    * Enabled tons of TCP congestion algorithm (there is a lot)
    * [Experimental] I added overclocking, but I'll let you guys test if it works or not
    * Lots and lots of upstreaming and cherry-picking from CAF and CM
    * And also some upstreaming from Google (android/kernel_common/android-3.18)
    * Fixed QuadRooter Exploit (thanks to eng.stk for sorting those commits out!)
    * Removed powersave and userspace governor, it's not like anyone is actively using them anyway

    Download link: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24651430732235791
    A quick new update is out, this seems to be rather worthy of an update since it contains some important fixes for sRGB from OnePlus themselves.

    Download: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24651430732236311

    Changelog for this release:
    * Upstreamed changes from OnePlus
    * Fixed CVE-2016-4794 vulnerability
    * Merged some recent changes from AOSP and CM

    Regarding the changes from OnePlus, they didn't commit their changes one by one, they instead squashes them into one single commit (which is fine, but it makes it hard for users to see the actual changes unless they know the codes). Here's some information I can gather by quickly glancing at the commit:

    * Improvements to sRGB mode, sRGB now applies automatically without needing to be retoggled
    * Enabled CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_QUOTA2_LOG (Netfilter logging, disabled in Mono)
    * Minor changes to glink driver (a driver for network stuff)

    These are just a quick glance, and not meant to be a full analysis to the commit. I would reserve the seat for others to analyze the commit more, since I am not good at that.
    This is very, very late and it's also very uninteresting to be regarded as an update, but it's here! It's an update, to say the least.

    There's not much that can be considered new here, I have been very busy with school and life lately (I know, it sounds like a cheap excuse).

    Changelog for the update:

    * Added Zen IO scheduler (because, y'know, I'm bandwagoning every other kernel ;)), thanks to eng.stk!
    * Fixed NTFS support, thanks to Lord Boeffla (andip71) for the commit
    * Updated kernel-level Notification LED control
    * Upstream updates from CM and CAF
    * Some tweakings to the fingerprint sensor codes and touchscreen driver, all thanks to Sultanxda

    Download: mono_oneplus3_13-09-2016

    Sidenote: AndroidFileHost has been running slowly for me for the past few days, you may encounter a slow download speed too
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