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[kernel] physwizz a10 battery saver v2.3

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Senior Member
Sep 16, 2013
physwizz a10 battery saver v2.3

Based on a105fn source code

-OneUI or GSI (Q or R)
-Most securities disabled
-new CPU Governors added: now has conservative, ondemand, userspace, powersave, interactive, performance.
-SE linux enforcing
-CPU underclocked
-Big: 312 - 1560
-Little: 343 - 1352
-Extended battery life
-Works with Magisk 19.3 - 21.4
-Spectrum support enabled
- MTP enabled

If you experience lagging remove animations from settings and use Spectrum or HKtweaks

If you want performance choose a different kernel.



  • physwizz_kernel_a10{battery2.3}.zip
    11.4 MB · Views: 76