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[KERNEL][PLAY][GSM] Advanced Stock (with Recovery) [Rel:v01][Dt:1/JAN][FW:.42/58/62]

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Aug 12, 2012
hey guys,

I've installed the kernel on my Xperia play (r800i 2.3.4 stock rom) and my sim card will be not found now. I don't know what to do

It will be now found o_O I've waited shortly a while and I have not any problems now. Sorry :D
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Nov 13, 2009
i get wifi error.
i cant find the stock wifi modules link, can someone direct me?

found it.:cowboy:
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    so here is a Advanced Stock Kernel for stock SE 4.0.2.A.0.42/.58/.62 FW... all the features in this and TONS more are there in my DooMKernel... this is ment for those users who do not want to use my DooMKernel (for what ever reason)...

    the main kernel zImage is from Xperia PLAY GSM FW 4.0.2.A.0.62 only the ramdisk has changes and some awesome features!!

    [ disclaimer ]


    [ WARNING ]

    "Partition SDCard" option in CWM5 WILL WIPE UR SDCARD!!!

    [ features ]

    • [v01 onwards] added my modCWM-v04 TouchEdition Recovery
    • [v01 onwards] will create /sd-ext mounting point (for actually mounting the partition use an init.d script)
    • [v01 onwards] added some mounting tweaks
    • [v01 onwards] added support for bootsounds (currently broken on stock rom but same code works perfectly on CM7 so i will work more on this later)
    • [v01 onwards] added some tweaks for sdcard performance, Virtual Memory teaks, task killer tweaks
    • [v01 onwards] added support for init.d scripts (/system/etc/init.d)
    • [v01 onwards] added support for userinit scripts:
      • if sd-ext is mounted then it will execute /sd-ext/userinit.sh & shell scripts in /sd-ext/userinit.d/ folder
      • also scripts in /data/local/ will be executed... it will execute /data/local/userinit.sh & shell scripts in /data/local/userinit.d/ folder
    • [v01 onwards] autorooting (prerooted)
      • su binary & superuser.apk will automatically be installed by kernel :D
      • busybox already installed in /sbin/
    • [v01 onwards] insecure ramdisk
      • ramdisk is insecure (ro.secure=0)
      • adb server is persistent
      • usb debugging enabled
      • rootfs and /system mounted as rw (thank you Blagus for the tip ;))

    [ credits for features ]

    refer to my Arc kernel thread

    [ requirements ]

    • stock SE 4.0.2.A.0.42/.58/.62 FW
    • bootloader unlocked
    • working fastboot

    [ how to install this kernel ]

    1. download the boot.img
    2. save the boot.img in the folder with fastboot binaries (fastboot.exe files)
    3. power down device
    4. start device in fastboot mode
    5. use the following command to flash the boot.img
      fastboot flash boot boot.img
    6. reboot phone and enjoy the kernel ;)

    Incase you are installing this over kernel other than stock, you may run into wifi not working issue... in that case flash the wifi modules for stock kernel via recovery to get it working again...

    [ how to enter recovery ]

    1. entry key is the BACK button
    2. there are multiple notifications to tell u when to press the entry key:
      • LED will light up to BLUE
      • the phone will vibrate when its waiting for keypress
    3. thats it you should now enter my custom recovery

    [ how to use/navigate in recovery ]

    • BACK button to GO BACK
    • SEARCH button to SELECT
    • HOME button to GO UP
    • MENU button to GO DOWN

    [ donations ]

    if u feel that this work has helped u OR u think that the work i put into making this is worthy of donations, then click on the following link for buying me some coffee/beer/etc ;)


    [ downloads ]


    [PLAY][GSM] Advanced Stock (FW: 4.0.2.A.0.42/.58/.62)
    [ MD5HASH: 4090c1035b0ac08041979c6ab6ea1410 ]

    [ for modders/themers/others ]

    hey guys here i am attaching a template update.zip which has been tested to work on the recovery provided here... u can add ur stuff to that file and edit the updater-script so that the u can flash ur files via this recovery...
    basically it contains the correct combination of update-binary & mounting syntax...

    this file is NOT required for normal/general users



    Features of my custom touch edition recovery

    base recovery sources are from koush/CyanogenMod/FreeXperia Team... i have added more features to it and my team mate, Napstar, has worked on adding the Touch capabilities...

    [ features ]

    • remapped key layouts for specifically for Xperia PLAY
    • revamped layout for recovery menu (to improve navigation) [renamed few options and changed their order]
    • changed "wipe data/factory reset" option to just "factory reset", and detailed the partitions which will be wiped
    • added reboot options
      • reboot into system
      • reboot into recovery
      • reboot into fastboot mode
    • some modification in "Partition SDCard" section:
      • put up a confirmation to warn the user that this option will wipe sdcard
      • added ability to select filesystem when creating new layout
    • add confirmation to "backup" option in Nandroid menu... it used to keep getting pressed by mistake and start making backups immediately... now it will ask u before starting backup ;)
    • removed tons of "NO"s from some menus...

    [ how to enter recovery ]

    1. when the device is booting the new bootlogo will be shown, keep watching the notification LED
    2. when the LED turns BLUE keep pressing the BACK button
    3. you will now enter my custom recovery

    [ how to navigate in recovery ]

    • the recovery is touch edition so controls are on screen
    • if someone prefers to use hardware buttons the the mapping is as follows:
      • BACK button -- to go BACK in menu
      • HOME button -- to navigate UP in menu
      • MENU button -- to navigate DOWN in menu
      • SEARCH button -- to SELECT menu item
    reserved for later
    Sorry to be dumb dude......can we overclock with this kernel? :confused:

    obviously not...
    i can flash this kernel with clockworkmod?, if yes. How?

    Nope, you would need a dedicated recovery partition which the device lacks.