[KERNEL][POCOPHONE] FrancoKernel ? r32 · 7th Sep - MIUI Pie and custom roms

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May 15, 2019
Please give at least one update for Q

No kernel now has usb otg game pad support which was only available on Fraco pie kernel, many devs have tried alot to add that in Q, but now ppl says its dead on Q

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    Hi all.

    Builds starting with r1 work with MIUI, MIUI Pie Beta and custom roms based on LineageOS.
    Builds starting with r5 are only for MIUI Pie and custom roms.


    Flash the zip in your recovery
    Auto-flash from FK Kernel Manager app, it's magical

    Scroll down, choose your device & select the latest release to see the changelog.


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    FK Kernel Manager video

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    My FK Kernel Manager app now fully supports this device. You don't have to, but if you purchase it it supports my work and helps pay the bills.
    FK Kernel Manager: http://get.franciscofranco.xyz
    Will flash this ASAP. A features list would be nice.

    1. Franco.
    Good morning. I just re-uploaded yet another r14. This one should really fix it. I figured out I wrongly fixed a merge conflict and it was causing the display thread to basically enter a deadlock so it wouldn't turn on.

    My deepest apologies. I had a very rough day yesterday, my cat got sick with crystals in the bladder (and I received a nice 300€ vet bill), so when I got back home and worked on this I basically didn't read the code well enough and didn't notice a piece of code that shouldn't be where it is. Then I released. Went to bed, woke up read the comments here, went to the office, tried a few things, though that was it, re-uploaded r14 and thought all was fine. Then woke up today early to give my cat some medication, picked my Pocophone and boom, black screen. Then I read some of the commits and promptly figured it out.

    Apologies again, certainly not intended.
    So yeah after 5 hours we cracked it. Re-uploaded r5 and WiFi will work on custom roms. Thanks to @osm0sis for being the MVP and sticking with me!
    Now I have 10 minutes to get into bed before my wife wakes up... oh well.