[KERNEL][PORT] Sultan Kernel for Android 11 [February 3, 2021]

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    Hi again :) Sultan Kernel does not support Android 11. So with permission from @Sultanxda, I decided to port Sultan Kernel over to Android 11.

    There are a few things I should say about this project so users are aware. I currently do not intend on maintaining this kernel after Sultan has released his official kernel for Android 11. I'm yet to have any issues with stability. Your mileage may vary.


    Latest Kernel


    Telegram Group

    I've started a Telegram group for my various kernel / rom projects. You can join here if you're interested.


    sultan-r branch


    • Huge thanks to Sultan for all his work on the kernel and allowing me to share this with you guys.
    • flar2 for his work on ElementalX
    • zx2c4 (for WireGuard, providing project resources and working directly on development)
    • nathanchance (for helping with testing, AnyKernel2, and providing lots of general info on this device)
    • osm0sis (for AnyKernel3)
    • If your name should be here and it isn't, then replace my camera with a OnePlus device

    Installation steps should be identical to the ones provided by Sultan. If you have any additional questions, please search and then ask.
    Hi everyone,
    Just thought I'd provide an update. Sultan will shortly begin distributing his own kernel for Android 10 so this kernel has now officially reached end of life and will no longer be receiving updates. You'll probably see me around working on some ROMs in the future. Thanks for a good run and for testing throughout the periods of instability. It's been fun! @Sultanxda take the wheel ?
    Heads up, been using the kernel with the ion rewrite; something is causing full system qcrashes during YouTube videos. Looks like a gpu crash

    The ION and IOMMU rewrites are finally stable now, after many tries. Oof. @Eamo5 I think it's now safe for you to remove the link to the kernel without the ION rewrite.
    so is this going to be sultan's kernel for android 10 going forward?

    No, but maybe @Eamo5 will maintain this kernel with extra stuff (like KCAL) that I don't want to add into my kernel. I haven't updated to Android 10 yet because I still think it's a buggy mess. Let's hope the November update is better...

    Thanks. These scores show quite substantial increase from stock and is basically SD845 level / not far off from SD855. Amazing stuff.
    One last thing, are you using EXT4 or F2FS for your /data partition?

    I'll egg @Eamo5's flat if he adds F2FS support...
    Sultan Kernel Q 08/12/19

    • Merged December ASB
    • Added Wireguard again
    Sultan Kernel Q 11/07/19

    - Rebased on Android Q Beta 5 kernel source
    - Overhauled several old commits
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