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[KERNEL]Radioactive Kernel V10.8.0][2020.11.05][4.9.241][OOS/CUSTOM ROMS Android 10]

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Jan 17, 2016
Hi! This kernel is pure love ( no tweaks needed)
Just faced one problem:-
When ever I use Google maps for more than 15 min!
Phone starts to heat and battery drain really fast!
So basically I am unable to use maps, without charging !


Senior Member
Aug 2, 2017
North Hollywood, CA
OnePlus 6T
Yeah, my idle drain is less than 2% all the time and I'm pretty sure that's the case for most of everyone else
I play clash royale for 45-60 mins and use YouTube and Spotify only sometimes and yet it's 5 hours at max. Are you using stock settings? I didn't change anything and got such results.
Don't really know if it affects SOT, but i use Anxiety and Sociopath. The difference in our SOT could be screen brightness, how much you touch the screen "touch boost", system settings (i.e., auto brightness, vibration), etc. Every user is going to be different when it comes to SOT, or anything battery related really.

Like i said, I sometimes only get 5.5 hours SOT during heavy use, a couple of hours of COD, and a few hours of YouTube. The more COD I play, the lower the SOT will be, because of the constant screen contact when playing an FPS.

I have noticed a huge difference coming to Android 10, I wasn't getting these results with Pie. Seemed specific apps just loved to use unnecessary battery juice on Pie.
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Senior Member
May 27, 2013
İ flashed latest version my one plus 6.Custom rom Crdroid.only screen of gestures not working( > operator gesture for next music track ). another things good.thx for build


Recognized Contributor / Recognized Developer
Jan 3, 2013
Palma de Mallorca
OnePlus 9 Pro


Recognized Contributor / Recognized Developer
Jan 3, 2013
Palma de Mallorca
OnePlus 9 Pro
OnePlus 6t custom rom fp not working after flashing new update

On EvoX, after flashing RadioActive, the Fingerprint doesn't work. It keeps giving Finger Moved too fast when trying to Unlock/Re-enroll. However, on previous versions, it works fine.

İ flashed latest version my one plus 6.Custom rom Crdroid.only screen of gestures not working( > operator gesture for next music track ). another things good.thx for build

Re-download the kernel, flash it again and let me know if this time works. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Senior Member
Sep 25, 2018
My phones active battery drain is 14.55% is normal? Im on evox OnePlus 6


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    hi. any updates coming? thanks
    I don't have the device anymore but i try to get one last build with oos code merged when i get some spare time.
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    For OOS STABLE/OPEN BETAS and CUSTOM ROMS based on OMNI/AOSP running Android 10 firmware!!!

    /* *** Disclaimer
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war,
    * or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research
    * if you have any concerns about features included in this KERNEL
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    hi XDA community, i'm here to share with you my little project, my primary goal is to provide a stable and fast kernel without compromising battery life plus some cool features that i find useful for the day to day usage.

    Current Features
    General List:

    Compiled with self compiled clang 11.x Toolchain
    Packed with Anykernel3 with ability to preserve magisk
    Works on op6 and op6t
    Support for FKM OTA kernel updates thanks to @franciscofranco
    Linux Kernel Version 4.9.241
    Option to disable/enable Fsync
    I/O schedulers: Cfq, Noop, Deadline, Zen, Maple, Fiops, Sio, Anxiety, Tripndroid
    Schedutil and Performance governors
    sultanxda's Simple Low Memory Killer
    sultanxda's cpu input boost driver
    sultanxda's devfreq boost driver
    Dynamic schedtune boost with stune assist v2 from Yaroslav Furman
    Enabled advanced TCP algorithms
    Kcal Control: Colors, Saturation, Hue, Contrast and more
    Flar2's sound control
    Usb fast charge
    Battery idle mode support (thanks mcdachpappe to bringing it to our device) more info here and here
    Backlight dimmer option and high brightness option
    K-Lapse support by @tanish2k09
    Option to disable some wakelocks
    Sweep2sleep, sweep2wake and vibration control
    WIREGUARD support
    Boeffla's led control
    Removed a lot of debugging to gain performance
    Other stuff that is boring to write here take a look HERE for detailed information
    And much more to come....



    First of all choose the correct build variant (the one with CUSTOM label is for custom roms obviously lol) and NEVER flash on top of Pie firmware based roms
    Make sure that if you coming from another custom kernel it don't modify any system files, if it does you MUST reflash your rom before flashing this kernel
    Root isn't required to run this kernel but i highly recomend to have it to be able to tinker with some added features

    Instructions using twrp:
    * Boot into Recovery
    * (Recommended) Make a backup of boot, system and data partitions
    * Flash Kernel Zip
    * Reboot system
    * (Optional) Install your preferred kernel tweaker app(EX kernel manager or Franco Kernel Managerer recomended)
    * Enjoy!!!

    Instructions using Ex kernel manager or any other app with autoflash support:
    * Flash Kernel Zip
    * Reboot
    * Enjoy!!!

    Instructions using Franco Kernel Manager:
    * Import configuration file link in flasher tab
    * Tap flash button and let the app do his magic
    * Enjoy!!!



    Thanks and Credits to developers:

    Of course, I had never been able to create all that by my own. So I want to give credits to the really good developers around, that have given me all the inspiration and from which I cherry picked lots of the implemented functionalities:

    * SultanXda
    * Ordenkrieger
    * LordBoeffla
    * zx2c4
    * pappschlumpf
    * kristofpetho
    * tbalden
    * Chainfire
    * BitOBSessiOn
    * nathanchance
    * jccaduonno
    * eng.stk
    * Flar2
    * MSF-Jarvis
    * joshuous
    * dabug123
    * franciscofranco
    * RenderBroken
    * tanish2k09
    * moludo
    * Lozo2010
    ... I just hope I did not forget someone. If so, please let me know and I will add you of course.
    Thanks to all of you for your great work

    I also want to say thank you to my friends and testers and to those who donated me a beer or two;)

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Radioactive Kernel, Kernel for the OnePlus 6

    Source Code: https://github.com/acuicultor/Radioactive_kernel_op6

    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 10.8.0
    Stable Release Date: 2018-07-26

    Created 2019-11-19
    Last Updated 2020-11-05
    New build is up!!

    Lots of changes since last build, i highly recommend to check carefully the changelog and even take a look at github to get an idea of the changes,for those who want a non technical explanation, basically changed the whole boosting mechanism removing caf's solution and adding SultanXda's methods with cpu input boost for cpu and devfreq boost for gpu.

    Hope all of you and your families are doing well in this convoluted times, we'll win this battle for sure. #staystrong and #stayathome



    * Initial release based on oos beta branch source

    * Revert "devfreq: Add a governor whitelist" (acuicultor) [c4828f2cd2a8]
    * defconfig regenerate (acuicultor) [461ac0aac4ce]
    * cfq-iosched: temporarily boost queue priority for idle classes (Jens Axboe) [e8b7b502e0eb]
    * block: set slice_idle to 0 on cfq (DespairFactor) [b8cbe4f4c0d4]
    * block: introduce Anxiety I/O scheduler (Tyler Nijmeh) [39661c380c17]
    * Make msm_serial_hs RT to improve Bluetooth performance (Philip Cuadra) [94700158c842]
    * staging: binder - Set binder_debug_mask=0 to suppress logging (John Dias) [e63042c0841e]
    * Revert "PM / Suspend: Print wall time at suspend entry and exit" (Park Ju Hyung) [01f02fd300e3]
    * msm: dsi-display: backlight_min shouldn't be lower than 1 (Francisco Franco) [84f03e671667]
    * drivers: misc: implement usb fast charge mode (engstk) [eb62a2592a3c]

    * [TESTING]Makefile: switch to -O3 (acuicultor) [fa7b77e99efa]
    * kernel:sched: add missing define (acuicultor) [452334b4fc97]
    * cpufreq: schedutil: Queue sugov irq work on policy online cpu (Maria Yu) [1542135ab798]
    * cpufreq: schedutil: Remove CAF predicted load functionality (0ctobot) [5862da72a7f2]
    * schedutil: follow CAF's initialization (Park Ju Hyung) [2472d13e95ac]
    * cpufreq: schedutil: Expose default rate-limits as config options (Danny Lin) [9acdb39d9b9c]
    * cpufreq: schedutil: Improve init protection checks (0ctobot) [2626efb188f8]
    * cpufreq: schedutil: cleanup sugov_get_util (Yaroslav Furman) [defff08cd7c7]
    * cpufreq: schedutil: Improve and extend init protection (0ctobot) [8f3ca882aefa]
    * cpufreq: schedutil: Remove CAF hispeed logic (0ctobot) [d93c453d685a]
    * cpufreq: schedutil: Restore stock rate-limit thresholds and apply init protection (0ctobot) [7ceda19f5124]
    * cpufreq: schedutil: update warn_on with bug_on (Santosh Mardi) [0a9a69c4ae04]
    * cpufreq: Rename cpufreq_can_do_remote_dvfs() (Viresh Kumar) [34ce6db8b2fa]
    * cpufreq: schedutil: Hard-code rate-limit thresholds (Sultan Alsawaf) [c21a9ed90289]
    * sched/cpufreq: Remove unused SUGOV_KTHREAD_PRIORITY macro (Leo Yan) [e50af747f3ed]
    * cpufreq: schedutil: Use idle_calls counter of the remote CPU (Joel Fernandes) [7fe47a6390db]
    * sched/cpufreq: Don't pass flags to sugov_set_iowait_boost() (Viresh Kumar) [6b1a80d0424c]
    * cpufreq: schedutil: Examine the correct CPU when we update util (Chris Redpath) [4fe99a0de65d]
    * cpufreq: schedutil: Always process remote callback with slow switching (Viresh Kumar) [6087f459c6fc]
    * sched: cpufreq: Allow remote cpufreq callbacks (Viresh Kumar) [bf9e1d2167ec]
    * cpufreq: schedutil: Hardcode up/down_rate_limit_us (Adam W. Willis) [3c9d61f4f671]
    * cpuidle: Allow enforcing deepest idle state selection (Jacob Pan) [b3165c1dcb14]
    * defconfig regenerate (acuicultor) [0035e7c3d5ec]
    * tripndroid:iosched: make compatible with 4.9 kernel; cast parameters to unsigned long (freak07) [f9046821e937]
    * tripndroid: iosched: improve performance (TripNRaVeR) [7ab53cf3cab8]
    * block: fixup the tripndroid i/o scheduler for linux 4.4 (TripNRaVeR) [8b6a8d30e377]
    * block: add tripndroid io scheduler (TripNRaVeR) [1a80aa52b836]
    * mm: ksm: Optimize defaults (Pranav Vashi) [7c8df9470e90]
    * sched: boost: Don't try to kick idle CPU (Artem Labazov) [9e496c1bb6c5]
    * sched: set number of iterations to h_nr_running (Uladzislau 2 Rezki) [22e8e120d1e1]
    * sched: set loop_max after rq lock is taken (Uladzislau 2 Rezki) [930e7fd8b969]
    * sched: check pinned tasks before balance (Uladzislau Rezki) [cfd8ca8934b0]
    * BACKPORT: dm bufio: introduce a global cache replacement (Mikulas Patocka) [e3aab30cae78]
    * BACKPORT: dm bufio: remove old-style buffer cleanup (Mikulas Patocka) [a714f7ec7698]
    * BACKPORT: dm bufio: introduce a global queue (Mikulas Patocka) [dceda7a52f44]
    * BACKPORT: dm bufio: refactor adjust_total_allocated (Mikulas Patocka) [4ba113d6c95a]
    * BACKPORT: dm bufio: call adjust_total_allocated from __link_buffer and __unlink_buffer (Mikulas Patocka) [2455d52864bb]
    * ANDROID: move up spin_unlock_bh() ahead of remove_proc_entry() (DongJoo Kim) [2ac147cf7d62]
    * mm/memblock.c: cast constant ULLONG_MAX to phys_addr_t (Stefan Agner) [34d2629334be]
    * msm: kgsl: Make the "scratch" global buffer use a random GPU address (Jordan Crouse) [c33ed70256b6]
    * msm: kgsl: Use a bitmap allocator for global addressing (Jordan Crouse) [5cb13dc2f8f5]
    * msm: kgsl: Execute user profiling commands in an IB (Jordan Crouse) [85f49db67672]
    * msm: kgsl: Verify the offset of the profiling buffer (Jordan Crouse) [c58ce10f9a3f]
    * ANDROID: regression introduced override_creds=off (Mark Salyzyn) [7aec005e1f10]
    * BACKPORT: block: annotate refault stalls from IO submission (Johannes Weiner) [4c11a5b6357d]
    * ANDROID: usb: gadget: Fix dependency for f_accessory (Quentin Perret) [6b379c16f56c]
    * UPSTREAM: psi: get poll_work to run when calling poll syscall next time (Jason Xing) [380a33db3c30]
    * UPSTREAM: sched/psi: Do not require setsched permission from the trigger creator (Suren Baghdasaryan) [dc7bb3a46627]
    * UPSTREAM: sched/psi: Reduce psimon FIFO priority (Peter Zijlstra) [96b5b45386bc]
    * kernel/sched/fair.c; Turn on sched_min_task_util_for_boost_colocation feature (freak07) [4f118a5bb2cd]
    * sysctl: change max swappiness (freak07) [457bc5a2b99d]
    * defconfig regenerate (acuicultor) [5bc3b4744af2]

    * Added custom settings baked into kernel zip
    * oom_reaper: enable reap mem on sigkill (freak07) [f40bcd347e62]
    * sdm845-gpu-dtsi: enable NAP power saving state for Adreno 630 GPU (freak07) [fb4c7bd148e0]
    * mm: vmstat: use power efficient workingqueues (freak07) [6db6d2da8e5b]
    * Add PEWQ's to a few subsystems (freak07) [65217f0036a6]

    * KLAPSE : Use appropriate callback for data types (tanish2k09) [ca0f4c332382]
    * KLAPSE: make own Makefile and Kconfig in klapse folder (Joshua Primero) [a4f630664bb3]
    * KLAPSE : Fix prototype warn (Tanish) [054dd257a9c6]
    * KLAPSE : Make default flow_freq value configurable at compile time from klapse.h (tanish2k09) [25fbbd62a31b]
    * K-lapse v5.0 : - Introducing k-lapse "flow" (tanish2k09t) [15faa6e357a4]
    * KLAPSE : Refactor defines (tanish2k09) [cce986b7abaa]
    * KLAPSE: Modernize sysfs to prevent CFI failure (flar2) [729442d809ee]

    * UPSTREAM: arm64: make label allocation style consistent in tishift (Jason A. Donenfeld) [d70cef6c6afd]
    * UPSTREAM: arm64: Implement __lshrti3 library function (Jason A. Donenfeld) [0339c8a38102]
    * UPSTREAM: arm64: support __int128 on gcc 5+ (Jason A. Donenfeld) [1bdf658762c7]
    * Disable Add Random (Lorenzo Ori) [5002214c236c]
    * drivers: base: boeffla_wl_blocker: Checkpatch cleanup (Harsh Shandilya) [df84d95f9abb]
    * qpnp-fg-gen3: Limit how frequently fg data can be queried (Sultan Alsawaf) [fd738679d591]
    * fs: Improve eventpoll logging to stop indicting timerfd (Kelly Rossmoyer) [e729e9591788]
    * msm_serial_hs: actually check if msm_serial_hs_tx_work failed to init (Yaroslav Furman) [2358a1ea12e3]
    * s3320: disable unused CONFIG_SYNAPTIC_RED (Park Ju Hyung) [f33e09f18940]
    * Synchronize codes for OP6_O2_BETA_31 and OP6T_O2_BETA_31 (kushal.modi) [105540635424]
    * Tune sRGB/P3 color mode parameters (Ganesh Kumar) [3042742a95d6]
    * Tune sRGB/P3 parameters (Ganesh Kumar) [e7c542f65ccf]

    * Rebase on top of stable branch from oos source
    * techpack: add missing files (acuicultor) [f621dc54b575]
    * defconfig regenerate (acuicultor) [bb68b8aea7f3]
    * msm_geni_serial: skip flushing tx upon shutdown (Park Ju Hyung) [982d9c68b248]
    * msm_geni_serial: reduce wakelock timeout from ISR to 100ms (Park Ju Hyung) [4ab04769b999]
    * kallsyms: reduce size a little on 64-bit (Jan Beulich) [f9511e56a923]
    * kernel: time: reduce ntp wakeups (Arjan van de Ven) [76670bb3296a]
    * writeback: hardcode dirty_expire_centisecs=3000 (30s) (Park Ju Hyung) [b84d6c591d68]

    * Removed 17 unneeded commits from source and reseted hard
    * Revert "sdm845-gpu-dtsi: enable NAP power saving state for Adreno 630 GPU" (acuicultor) [c917bc229831]
    * UPSTREAM: tcp: refactor DCTCP ECN ACK handling (Yuchung Cheng) [f26deaebf0d5]
    * UPSTREAM: tcp: avoid resetting ACK timer in DCTCP (Yuchung Cheng) [23723155e050]
    * BACKPORT: tcp: mandate a one-time immediate ACK (Yuchung Cheng) [ddb37e7df1bf]

    * Add support for FKM OTA kernel updates (acuicultor)
    * defconfig regenerate (acuicultor) [bdc928ad31dd]
    * tcp: fastopen: support TCP fast open on all listeners (kdrag0n) [222aa2c090ac]
    * net: ipv4: enable support for TCP fast open on listeners (kdrag0n) [156a57e0d701]
    * tcp_westwood : Tune-up (Harsh Shandilya) [753e5bdaf76c]
    * alarmtimer: Change cpu_delay() in alarm_cancel() to udelay(1). (Miguel de Dios) [6f2dc0a99c29]
    * timers: Change cpu_relax() in del_timer_sync() to udelay(1) instead (Rick Yiu) [7dbde17b3137]
    * hrtimer: Change cpu_relax() in hrtimer_cancel() to udelay(1) instead. (Miguel de Dios) [ecded9052c34]
    * Revert "initramfs: add skip_override parameter" (acuicultor) [0a2c5aed20a4]
    * wireguard: update fetcher script (acuicultor) [588da81734ae]
    * Anykernel3: update with latest commits from osmosis (acuicultor)

    * defconfig regenerate (acuicultor) [b7daf59828c5]
    * Linux 4.9.212 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) [6f8dc9567098]
    * defconfig regenerate (acuicultor) [7b41b1767a84]
    * msm: mdss: Remove sync debug name generation from hot path (Sultan Alsawaf) [f7d42abeb3f9]
    * ufshcd: show bogus clkscale_enable even if it's not supported (Park Ju Hyung) [8e4bdee94d69]
    * scsi: ufs: disable interrupt in clk-gating (Jaegeuk Kim) [0437cf095595]
    * scsi: ufs: disable clock scaling (Mimi Wu) [a6242516155d]
    * drivers: msm: Don't copy fence names by default (Yaroslav Furman) [645e6bb2163a]
    * msm_geni_serial: skip flushing tx upon shutdown (Park Ju Hyung) [ea09c7d9ae14]
    * msm_geni_serial: reduce wakelock timeout from ISR to 100ms (Park Ju Hyung) [978365cc4698]
    * drivers: Add flush_buffer for tty driver (Zhenlin Lian) [ba20e507bcf8]
    * msm_geni_serial: ensure proper ioctl_count range (Park Ju Hyung) [f882a03e1bb0]
    * msm_geni_serial: make ioctl always exclusive (Park Ju Hyung) [0fd7f77c3d0c]
    * defconfig: enable SUSPEND_SKIP_SYNC (Kristof Petho) [0021cb1ecb5c]
    * irq: silence 'irq no longer affine' messages (Yaroslav Furman) [21aa7a9d4b6d]
    * gpu: msm: fix unused variables after driver cleanup (Kristof Petho) [c1dfaa4ade35]
    * adreno: hardcode for a630 (Park Ju Hyung) [b744b67c5ed1]
    * adreno: disable snapshot, coresight and trace (Park Ju Hyung) [c80e3f982422]
    * gpu: adreno: only compile Adrneo 6xx driver (kdrag0n) [3cc21919c9ed]
    * ARM: dts: msm: alter disable load to 0 for DSI supplies on sdm845 (Artem Labazov) [c0f98d6d9381]
    * ARM: dts: msm: Update PM-QoS values for sdm845 (Artem Labazov) [3bbca39ea85d]
    * gpu: drm: msm: remove excess logging (Kristof Petho) [53ca10a9c50f]
    * arm64: configs: Disable CONFIG_SCHED_AUTOGROUP. (Miguel de Dios) [980e044a8e85]
    * defconfig: remove QCOM debugging not needed for everyday use (Kristof Petho) [669df21ac07c]
    * defconfig: enable JUMP_LABEL (Kristof Petho) [88fded8255c6]
    * defconfig: disable SEEMP_CORE (Kristof Petho) [b749f4ebba1d]
    * Synchronize codes for Oneplus 6T OxygenOS 10.3.1/ Oneplus 6 OxygenOS 10.3.1 (Gopi Sai Teja) [692582e195b4]
    * Synchronize codes for Oneplus 6T OxygenOS 10.3.1/ Oneplus 6 OxygenOS 10.3.1 (Suren Baghdasaryan) [4f187b09610f]
    * Security patch for kernel (Gopi Sai Teja) [0b735411ea19]
    * Add battery_health node (yangfangbiao) [54a80617411f]
    * Make advance srgb mode color check consistent with P (roger.li) [8bc610a33b75]
    * Make natural mode color check consistent with P (roger.li) [f8958f911860]
    * Optimize power off charging animation (Sunil Shinde) [14c5d9e43086]
    * Initialize completion variable before cdm submit happens. (v-zhiyuan.sun) [bed98f1ca32b]
    * Synchronize codes for Oneplus 6T OxygenOS 10.3.0/ Oneplus 6 OxygenOS 10.3.0 (Harshit Agarwal) [c563c96db1d1]
    * lib: Don't enable DEBUG_BUGVERBOSE by default (Sultanxda) [3dfb95532c40]
    * init: reduce logging & remove ftrace (mawrick26) [a28ee0d9c499]
    * disable some tracers (XileForce) [faf40ac0afed]
    * msm: camera: Silence overbearing loggers (Adam W. Willis) [029758a1ffd3]
    * Silences PCIe, and CPU suspend state kernel messages (Nick Desaulniers) [59c27da49eff]
    * Linux 4.9.211 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) [80f0831c72d4]
    * Merge Linux stable into Radioactive

    * simple_lmk: Introduce Simple Low Memory Killer for Android (Sultan Alsawaf) [41915ed745fe]
    * Linux 4.9.213 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)

    * update build version (acuicultor)
    * drivers/cpufreq/cpu_input_boost.c : Switch Dynamic Schedtune Boost to a slot-based tracking system (acuicultor) [f85006ee4bb8]
    * defconfig regenerate (acuicultor) [222690e468ed]
    * msm: kgsl: Remove POPP (Sultan Alsawaf) [50978970e857]
    * devfreq: devbw: Do a full checkout to LA.UM.6.3.r4-04700-sdm845.0 (Nathan Chancellor) [1b211cd5a0a4]
    * defconfig regenerate (acuicultor) [62c8ca95537e]
    * schedtune: use more boost slots (Erik Müller) [81799eff3d9e]
    * drm: msm: sde: Boost cpubw devfreq device when a new frame is ready (Francisco Franco) [9d86c3e9e90b]
    * kernel: Boost cpubw devfreq device to the max for app launches (Sultan Alsawaf) [78c8552e6388]
    * devfreq: Introduce devfreq boost driver (Sultan Alsawaf) [fd47ea39094f]
    * devfreq: devbw: remove more OnePlus's QoS **** code (Francisco Franco) [33ce768cb1ad]
    * ARM: dts: msm8998: Set GPU idle timeout to 64 ms (Sultan Alsawaf) [7a1b02d5b528]
    * cpu_input_boost: Destroy workqueue on error path in init (Sultan Alsawaf) [50da3a61b879]
    * Decrease time to enter sleep (acuicultor) [e905ab804618]
    * cpu_input_boost: Reset Dynamic SchedTune Boost only if it is currently active (joshuous) [3fbeca7c3ee2]
    * cpu_input_boost: Implement Dynamic SchedTune Boost v3 (joshuous) [40f77e378c5a]
    * cpu_input_boost: Fix and refactor max boost logic (Sultan Alsawaf) [6d1296c3e78c]
    * cpu_input_boost: make the userspace module param vars static (Francisco Franco) [072bb1b1b2d1]
    * kernel: Boost all CPUs to the max when userspace launches an app (Sultan Alsawaf) [6cc190fc5d05]
    * cpu_input_boost: Add API for boosting all CPUs to max frequency (Sultan Alsawaf) [44170feee977]
    * drm: msm: dsi-display: remove OP's QoS **** (Francisco Franco) [178f29e582e4]
    * PM / sleep: Kill off OnePlus's QoS framework (Nathan Chancellor) [fc54ed1e6d23]
    * cpu_input_boost: expose input freqs and duration to userspace (Francisco Franco) [e6f4ebffbe42]
    * defconfig: Enable CPU_INPUT_BOOST (Francisco Franco) [411b717aec78]
    * cpu_input_boost: Add ability to choose minimum frequency for big cluster (Nathan Chancellor) [189c3cc74afb]
    * cpu_input_boost: add an option to choose a custom boost finish return freq for the LP cluster (Francisco Franco) [b13a774f0fe5]
    * drm: msm: sde: Boost CPU when a new frame is ready to be committed (Francisco Franco) [9c6046045318]
    * cpufreq: Kill userspace CPU boosting entirely (Sultan Alsawaf) [6d38707c0244]
    * cpu_input_boost: Introduce driver for event-based CPU boosting (Sultan Alsawaf) [74fecdfc26b2]
    * msm: performance: prevent the driver from handling userspace boosts (Francisco Franco) [ce4aad1f61cc]
    * fingerprint: fpc1020: Mark IRQ as performance critical (Francisco Franco) [d7e049c4ce7c]
    * drm: msm: Mark IRQ and important kthreads as performance critical (Francisco Franco) [ba51b21b47e9]
    * msm: kgsl: Mark IRQ and worker thread as performance critical (Sultan Alsawaf) [487147d3cc73]
    * kernel: Improve performance critical IRQ framework (Sultan Alsawaf) [675f7f0aeb86]
    * kernel: Force trivial, unbound kthreads onto low-power CPUs (Sultan Alsawaf) [7ff482e40a5e]
    * kernel: Add API to mark IRQs and kthreads as performance critical (Sultan Alsawaf) [664a7961e945]
    * msm: kgsl: Only wake GPU upon ioctl receipt when it isn't awake (Sultan Alsawaf) [34d1cac90ade]
    * msm: kgsl: Wake GPU upon receiving an ioctl rather than upon touch input (Sultan Alsawaf) [d2452ac11e83]
    * defconfig regenerate (acuicultor) [ea7776cd63b7]
    * sched: tune: introduce STUNE_ASSIST[v2] (Yaroslav Furman) [4c275de9ac18]
    * mm: Change max readahead size to 64 KiB (Danny Lin) [d5a91ff35907]
    * sched/tune: increase BOOSTGROUPS_COUNT to 6 (Park Ju Hyung) [72b9857defdc]
    * Linux 4.9.217 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)
    * Linux 4.9.216 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)
    * Linux 4.9.215 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)
    * Linux 4.9.214 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)

    * drm/atomic: Boost CPU and DDR bus when committing a new frame (Sultan Alsawaf) [8ba88688ea47]
    * mm: Boost when memory pressure becomes high (Sultan Alsawaf) [4c2468cb1b31]
    * FIXUP: kernel: Boost whenever a zygote-forked process becomes a top app (Sultan Alsawaf) [fe81e487ded0]
    * kernel: Adjust top-app boost (Sultan Alsawaf) [828fe248182e]
    * FIXUP: kernel: Boost to the max for a short amount of time when zygote forks (Sultan Alsawaf) [d5f4ef5b2140]
    * kernel: Boost to the max for a short amount of time when zygote forks (Sultan Alsawaf) [386db5f81ba5]
    * kernel: Boost whenever a zygote-forked process becomes a top app (Sultan Alsawaf) [cfb8bff7e6fe]
    * tools: Add ufdt_apply_overlay_host binarie (joshuous) [ed72db4c0a32]
    * Linux 4.9.220 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) [0661b3d6cfd7]
    * Linux 4.9.219 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)
    * Linux 4.9.218 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)

    * power: smb2: silence log spam (mcdachpappe) [1acc285a4d81]
    * [PORT] Optimize battery charging (kim.ba) [0751de70620b]
    * [PORT] Add interface for optimize battery charging (yangfangbiao) [6d29e62945c5]
    * power: smb2: expose and fix more properties (mcdachpappe) [65cc6fcb77bf]
    * [PORT] power: Add power supply property to force recharge (Anirudh Ghayal) [eadc256e90e9]
    * [PORT] power: qpnp-smb5: Add FORCE_RECHARGE power-supply property (Anirudh Ghayal) [f728860f5100]
    * fs: sync: set proper permissions for fsync_enabled (engstk) [2888ed4f3911]
    * sched: tune: set default values for STUNE_ASSIST (acuicultor) [b443e7d6def1]
    * defconfig regenerate (acuicultor) [20c115fa4c00]
    * coretech: Disable OnePlus OP Chain mod (Zachariah Kennedy) [9bd27908060a]
    * Linux 4.9.225 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) [82dddebfe7da]
    * simple_lmk: Hold an RCU read lock instead of the tasklist read lock (Sultan Alsawaf) [2d0c2ee21fe4]
    * mm: Don't stop kswapd on a per-node basis when there are no waiters (Sultan Alsawaf) [85088fa7cd38]
    * simple_lmk: Consider all positive adjs when finding victims (Sultan Alsawaf) [e8b8f32addb7]
    * mm: vmpressure: Ignore allocation orders above PAGE_ALLOC_COSTLY_ORDER (Sultan Alsawaf) [93e565022269]
    * mm: Don't warn on page allocation failures for OOM-killed processes (Sultan Alsawaf) [8f03cdda292e]
    * Linux 4.9.224 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) [e4ebe4fae299]
    * Linux 4.9.223 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)
    * Linux 4.9.222 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)
    * Linux 4.9.221 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)

    * update build version (acuicultor)
    * simple_lmk: Remove unnecessary clean-up when timeout is reached (Sultan Alsawaf) [3ffd4231ab92]
    * Revert "binder: binder: fix possible UAF when freeing buffer" (acuicultor) [a3a240873612]
    * Revert "UPSTREAM: binder: fix incorrect calculation for num_valid" (acuicultor) [d0c821edc2f9]
    * Revert "kernel: Don't allow IRQ affinity masks to have more than one CPU" (acuicultor) [45f8898582c6]
    * Revert "drm: Mark IRQ as performance critical" (acuicultor) [d6ce2ae9845d]
    * Revert "kernel: irq: manage: use a different way of affining perf IRQs" [04759e981e44]
    * Revert "drm/msm: Mark important kthreads as performance critical" (acuicultor) [5fefd5ed4940]
    * Revert "cgroup/cpuset: Introduce CPUSet Assist" (acuicultor) [8403368bd70d]
    * Revert "cpuset: Refactor cpuset assist code" (acuicultor) [0a3e2ebd6784]
    * Revert "cpuset: Move cpuset override values to Kconfig" (acuicultor) [77621a009ccf]
    * Revert "defconfig regenerate" (acuicultor) [aad66eef6851]
    * power: Silence additional charging loggers (Adam W. Willis) [d4b1ca79b4ea]
    * power: Silence egregious charging loggers (Adam W. Willis) [cfd79ba888a1]
    * power: supply: qcom: bq27541: don't queue battery resume on specific CPU (idkwhoiam322) [07b30e48f7a1]
    * bq27541: optimize a bit (Park Ju Hyung) [127f0630dc91]
    * power: smb2: silence log spam (mcdachpappe) [062c4b95d264]
    * [PORT] Optimize battery charging (kim.ba) [b7df273cd7fe]
    * [PORT] Add interface for optimize battery charging (yangfangbiao) [92f33fea544d]
    * power: smb2: expose and fix more properties (mcdachpappe) [f5957ca64856]
    * [PORT] power: Add power supply property to force recharge (Anirudh Ghayal) [e9492341c1b8]
    * [PORT] power: qpnp-smb5: Add FORCE_RECHARGE power-supply property (Anirudh Ghayal) [33431bf6aea9]
    * Revert "cpu_input_boost: update driver for event-based CPU boosting" (acuicultor) [cf23af5967de]
    * Revert "[1/2] cpu_input_boost: Update SCREEN_AWAKE bit conditional" (acuicultor) [2e9f5d775ccc]
    * Revert "cpu_input_boost: Serialize everything with a master kthread" (acuicultor) [fe40f327c189]
    * Revert "cpu_input_boost: Allow configuration of each cluster's max-boost freq" (acuicultor) [9f18b0558e26]
    * Revert "cpu_input_boost: Expose compile-time settings as module parameters" (acuicultor) [a965884d3163]
    * Revert "cpu_input_boost: Allow configuration of each cluster's minimum frequency" (acuicultor) [4309f0d530ca]
    * Revert "cpu_input_boost: Update SchedTune boost value alongside frequency" (acuicultor) [d00edc53295c]
    * Revert "cpu_input_boost: Synchronize with kerneltoast/[email protected]" (acuicultor) [d9c6aaa1ab31]
    * Revert "cpu_input_boost: Allow configuration of LP cluster's minimum idle frequency" (acuicultor) [2da3c212706c]
    * Revert "devfreq_boost: synchronize with https://github.com/0ctobot/neutrino_kernel_oneplus_sdm845/commit/810678304672caee86291dace667896a26fcf169#diff-272079c2e8b8eac022ad16f0ebf9a12f" (acuicultor) [59603ff8b51d]
    * Revert "[2/2] devfreq_boost: Update WAKE_BOOST blank state" (acuicultor) [8747eedf5de3]
    * Revert "devfreq_boost: Serialize everything with a master kthread" (acuicultor) [5aa471b78d0d]
    * Revert "defconfig regenerate" (acuicultor) [a300068bae7f]
    * Revert "sched: tune: set default values for STUNE_ASSIST" (acuicultor) [bfe1b03b46d6]
    * arm64/crypto: Disable LLVM's integrated assembler for aes-ce-cipher-core (0ctobot) [82391a2d651e]
    * kbuild: Allow Clang to merge globals when DLKM support is disabled (Danny Lin) [5bd69822a934]
    * kbuild: Don't try to add '-fcatch-undefined-behavior' flag (Nathan Chancellor) [ab32ea2eb684]
    * makefile: enable Clang Polly optimizations (Kristof Petho) [b71779c64ca0]
    * makefiles: enable Clang optimizations for sdm845 (Kristof Petho) [0f55c305f76b]
    * makefile: enable O3 optimization level for clang (Kristof Petho) [3d2e6579ca48]
    * Makefile: Properly handle Snapdragon LLVM options (Nathan Chancellor) [dd5416264083]
    * Makefile: revert all changes to https://github.com/android-linux-stable/op6 7bbfd6c (acuicultor) [28399d81ae3f]
    * UPSTREAM: arm64: support __int128 with clang (Jason A. Donenfeld) [f2f98b5f2ff1]
    * fix the crappy URLs in newest Google Clang versions (acuicultor) [b5504fbdfd7a]
    * power: supply: qcom: fix warning caught by clang (Kristof Petho) [6d47a53d41be]
    * qcacld-3.0: fix warnings generated by clang (Kristof Petho) [f900274f3155]
    * treewide: fix GCC 9.1 warnings (Kristof Petho) [58abd289681a]
    * soc: qcom: msm_bus: Fix compilation error with clang (Naitik Bharadiya) [eee923b7ee26]
    * treewide: remove annoying dmesg logspam (Kristof Petho) [693deef5e244]
    * drivers: mmc: fix Wstrlcpy-strlcat-size warning (Kristof Petho) [853ef82b8db7]
    * Treewide: fix warnings caught by clang's -Wuninitialized (Kristof Petho) [69a4e8681c6e]
    * Treewide: fix warnings caught by clang's -Wsometimes-uninitialized (Kristof Petho) [ca556bf77d15]
    * kbuild: Remove unnecessary -Wno-unused-value (Nick Desaulniers) [673b1bf68dbe]
    * kbuild: Enable -Wuninitialized (Nathan Chancellor) [3846f522bf1d]
    * thermal: qpnp-temp-alarm: Fix compilation error (Kiran Gunda) [a380c9b112a0]
    * soc: qcom: minidump: Fix strlcpy usage (Nathan Chancellor) [89ed265a2b53]
    * msm: pcie: Remove useless NULL check in msm_pcie_config_link_pm_rc (Nathan Chancellor) [20890d1bd276]
    * input: touchscreen: cyttsp5: fix compilation warnings (Fei Mao) [d4fff89991e5]
    * ASoC: fix compilation warnings after enabling LLVM (Meng Wang) [520c11c59679]
    * soc: qcom: glink_debugfs: Fix compilation error with clang (Naitik Bharadiya) [65127dc2a552]
    * diag: Use strlcpy/strlcat properly (Hardik Arya) [3c60fd316dd1]
    * include: project_info: Fix section warning (Nathan Chancellor) [846fa7b6e305]
    * touchscreen: fw_update_v7: Fix constant logical operand warning (Nathan Chancellor) [42bf9a359258]
    * locking/lockdep: Avoid bogus Clang warning (Arnd Bergmann) [7f63cc24d233]
    * sched/completion: Avoid unnecessary stack allocation for COMPLETION_INITIALIZER_ONSTACK() (Boqun Feng) [e5938b587eeb]
    * lowmemorykiller.c: fix enum conversion warnings (Kristof Petho) [3053b02952d3]
    * houston.c: fix bool conversion warning (Kristof Petho) [720ff9e5bb2f]
    * camera: fix remaining clang-reported errors (Kristof Petho) [e3a6602beb53]
    * cam_ife_hw_mgr.c: fix enum conversion errors (Kristof Petho) [5f9294dd1700]
    * tfa_dsp.c: fix enum conversion errors (Kristof Petho) [33e8c27a2564]
    * s3320: Fix snprintf argument size mismatch (Kristof Petho) [cb164fe7d8f3]
    * oneplus: oem_trace: Fix enum-conversion warnings (Nathan Chancellor) [9793f10640e5]
    * cam_cdm: fix bool conversion warning (Kristof Petho) [634b1f9f9444]
    * sched/core: Properly fix constant logical operand Clang warning (Sultan Alsawaf) [735adf384888]
    * project_info: Fix snprintf argument size mismatch (Kristof Petho) [1c88cac19c58]
    * qcacld-3.0: fix unused variable warning (Kristof Petho) [989abf573327]
    * staging: wifi: use power efficient workqueues (Kristof Petho) [fa1a4157f0ae]
    * qcacld: disable bunch of more debug configs (Park Ju Hyung) [a5a8a3ab7c13]
    * Revert "qcacld-3.0: Add support to get last available vdev info" (0ctobot) [8bdbe5480750]
    * qcacld: default_config: tone down debugging (Park Ju Hyung) [386bd3897e5f]
    * qcacld-3.0/qcacmn: Nuke as much debug bloat as possible (Sultan Alsawaf) [412d65929410]
    * qcacld: reduce log spam (Park Ju Hyung) [c4f532ed5cd2]
    * qcacld: always force user build (Park Ju Hyung) [184426e3a650]
    * qcacld: nuke Kconfig-based configuration entirely (Park Ju Hyung) [8939657d4058]
    * qcacld: defer hdd initialization and rely on userspace writing to /dev/wlan (Park Ju Hyung) [3af5607866f2]
    * qcacld: discard wlan_boot sysfs code on !CONFIG_MODULES (Park Ju Hyung) [727fa4155bbd]
    * defconfig: enable qcacld driver (Kristof Petho) [a49b561a2c2b]
    * qcacld: build the wlan driver (Kristof Petho) [777a5e20de4c]
    * qcacld-3.0: remove -Werror (Kristof Petho) [a602fa5d215b]
    * drivers: staging: pull in WiFi at LA.UM.8.3.r1-05800-sdm845.0 (Kristof Petho) [0e02659a6362]
    * Linux 4.9.227 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)
    * Linux 4.9.226 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)
    * Linux 4.9.225 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)

    * update build version (acuicultor)
    * Linux 4.9.235 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)
    * Linux 4.9.234 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)
    * Linux 4.9.233 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)
    * Linux 4.9.232 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)
    * Linux 4.9.231 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)
    * Linux 4.9.230 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)
    * Linux 4.9.229 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)

    * update build version (acuicultor)
    * Linux 4.9.241 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)
    * Linux 4.9.240 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)
    * Linux 4.9.239 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)
    * Linux 4.9.238 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)
    * Linux 4.9.237 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)
    * Linux 4.9.236 (Greg Kroah-Hartman)
    Hi folks, built a last version before the year ends for you like a small present hehe to start with a fresh build the new year, rebased on top of oos stable branch and added a few commits, like always download link and detailed changelog in op.

    Have a great xmas time and enjoy!!
    Hi folks, hope everybody is fine and healthy, built a new version for you, lots of changes since last build, take a look at github for detailed changelog.