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[KERNEL]Radioactive Kernel V2.2.5 [2021.07.28][OOS/CUSTOM ROMS][UNIFIED OP8/OP8Pro/OP8T]

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Revenant Ghost

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Jun 24, 2012


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Dec 22, 2012
OnePlus 5T
OnePlus 8 Pro
One issue im having is in games like genshin, in areas where fps drops to 47ish gpu still keeps on 587mhz. Adreno boost set to high. Default power level 8. Am i doing something wrong?

Btw all overclocked freqs work. No crash or heat of anything. It runs on 900mhz but only if i set min clock to it which is something i dont want to do.why? Because if it was dynamical there would be less power consumption compared to 900mhz constant.

Im running oos11 ba IN2020.


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Sep 28, 2010
Gaithersburg, MD
OnePlus 8T
New build is up!!

Download link and detailed changelog in op.

So glad to see the new build up! Thank you so, so, sooooooo very much for all your hard (continuing) work...also,I take appreciate you're doing versions for custom ROMs. I installed to the update this morning (on Pixel Experience ROM), and so far so good... Things are working as expected, and it's looking promising. I've found it difficult to find a kernel that truly satisfies me on this ROM, but now it's looking like you are the go to, and it's likely going to remain on the phone indefinitely. Cheers to you! 🍻🥂


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Jan 3, 2013
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OnePlus 8
I did it. He delete message without answer.
Use propper way to ask me, that's why we have this wonderful forum, telegram is for personal use and i can't reply hundreds of questions every day with questions that are already answered here or can be easily answered with a simple Google search.

Answering your question, i removed the less efficient frequencies and those that never should be used like lower than 691,that's already discussed here and answered by me.


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Jul 20, 2009
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Motorola Edge
I think you right. But I used RA on low freq and was really good. My battery life was Great. Now is not good like with one version early.
I've used several kernels for the OP8, and haven't seen any benefits to using 300mhz. While voltage is slightly less, it doesn't seem to have enough computational power. So the phone will constantly ramp up/down even while untouched.

If you have an Intel laptop you can try setting a low frequency like 100mhz in xtu or whatever, and you'll see why less isn't always better. Just trust the dev on this.

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    Just out of curiosity (and not really expecting a response), do you plan on building this kernel for the 9/pro series? Im guessing you dont have access to any of those phones. This is the only thing i miss after switching to a 9 pro.
    Sorry but no, i don't have any 9 series device and don't even plan on buying them. Next device probably will be a pixel instead of oneplus.
    There is one weird thing tho. Totally not sure if it's ROM or kernel or whatever but after a while the brightness starts to act weird. Like, the first half of the slider does nothing up to like 55-60% and then it's all of the brightness adjustment in the last 35% ish. It's usually fine after a cold boot but not long.

    I am using Auto high brightness mode from the kernel as well as forcing 10% min brightness but without those 2 it still acts weird. The 10% min also doesn't work anymore as it sets it to 10% correctly but that part of the slider doesn't do anything anymore...

    It seems to work fine on the stock kernel of EvoX tho. At least, the 5 minutes I used it. Lol.
    Sorry but custom rom builds doesn't have support, if it works in x or y rom is fine, if it's not i will not try to fix for a determinate rom, btw without a log even if you report using oos i can't do anything.
    Gcam doesn't save when you take a picture, no problem in other kernels. Can you fix it please? Op 8t build
    I use gcam every day without any problem.
    Heya, acuicultor!
    So far, I'm so excited using Your kernel. I have the best experience using my phone with it. I would like to ask if You plan adding some of other CPU governors (like blu-schedutil for example).
    Thank You.
    Sorry but no, those other governors are just schedutil with a few useless modifications, I'll keep the original schedutil which is the original and the best imo. Btw eas works differently like hmp where governors have the power to make frequency changes, in eas that task is more on the scheduler side instead of governor.
    RAM boost on or off is better?
    Depends on user preference, i personally have it off.
    You prefer zram disabled did i understood?
    No, zram must be enabled, we were talking about oos ram boost.
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    For Android 11 only

    /* *** Disclaimer
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war,
    * or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research
    * if you have any concerns about features included in this KERNEL
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    hi XDA community, i'm here to share with you my little project, my primary goal is to provide a stable and fast kernel without compromising battery life plus some cool features that i find useful for the day to day usage.

    Current Features
    General List:

    Compiled with self compiled custom clang 13 Toolchain with LLD
    Packed with Anykernel3 with ability to preserve magisk
    Works on OP8, OP8Pro and OP8T
    Support for FKM OTA kernel updates thanks to franciscofranco
    Boeffla's wakelock blocker
    Adrenoboost Driver
    BBR TCP set default
    Kcal Control: Colors, Saturation, Hue, Contrast and more
    Backlight min value configurable
    Enabled power efficient workingqueues
    Dynamic Fsync support
    GPU Overclock up to 900mhz
    Usb fast charge mode
    exfat fs support
    WIREGUARD support
    Removed a lot of debugging to gain performance
    Other stuff that is boring to write, take a look HERE for detailed information
    And much more to come....



    First of all download the correct kernel zip for your rom (Use CUSTOM labeled for custom roms only)
    Make sure that if you coming from another custom kernel it don't modify any system files or dtb/dtbo, if it does you MUST reflash your rom before flashing this kernel, same goes if you want to roll back from here to your previous kernel

    Instructions using twrp:
    * Boot into Recovery
    * (Recommended) Make a backup of boot, system and data partitions
    * Flash Kernel Zip
    * Reboot system
    * (Optional) Install your preferred kernel tweaker app(EX kernel manager or Franco Kernel Managerer recomended)
    * Enjoy!!!

    Instructions using Ex kernel manager or any other app with autoflash support:
    * Flash Kernel Zip
    * Reboot
    * Enjoy!!!

    Instructions using Franco Kernel Manager:
    * Import configuration file link in flasher tab
    * Tap flash button and let the app do his magic
    * Enjoy!!!



    Thanks and Credits to developers:

    Of course, I had never been able to create all that by my own. So I want to give credits to the really good developers around, that have given me all the inspiration and from which I cherry picked lots of the implemented functionalities:

    * SultanXda
    * Ordenkrieger
    * LordBoeffla
    * zx2c4
    * pappschlumpf
    * xzr467706992
    * kristofpetho
    * tbalden
    * Chainfire
    * BitOBSessiOn
    * nathanchance
    * Yaroslav Furman
    * eng.stk
    * Flar2
    * LibXZR
    * joshuous
    * dabug123
    * franciscofranco
    * RenderBroken
    * moludo
    * Lozo2010
    ... I just hope I did not forget someone. If so, please let me know and I will add you of course.
    Thanks to all of you for your great work

    I also want to say thank you to my friends and testers and to those who donated me a beer or two;)

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Radioactive Kernel, Kernel for the OnePlus 8

    Source Code: https://github.com/acuicultor/Radioactive_kernel_oneplus8

    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information
    Current Stable Version: V2.2.5
    Stable Release Date: 2020-06-16

    Created 2020-06-16
    Last Updated 2021-07-28
    New build is up!!

    Download link and detailed changelog in op.

    Hi folks, long time no update but i think it worth the wait, fixed Wi-Fi issues on particular devices, removed undesired commits and cleaned up the source, merged latest oneplus source, added gpu oc up to 900 and overall improved stability, hope you enjoy it.
    Those using fkm update engine must re add the new configuration link in order to see the next update.

    Like always download link and detailed changelog in op.

    Hi folks, new build is up!!

    Merged latest oneplus source and LineageOS display commits for custom variant. As always download link and detailed changelog in op.

    New build is up!!

    Download link and detailed changelog in op.