Development [KERNEL]Radioactive Kernel v3.0.2[A13 Stable][2023.05.03][UNIFIED PIXEL6/PIXEL6PRO]

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Why can't you flash this with a kernel manager? I've tried EKM and franco and still can't get it to work. Gets a bootloop every time. I was able to flash with fastboot but couldn't get root back. Really has me scratching my head. Should I root before I flash with fastboot?
Ofc you can use any kernel manager for flash this kernel, you just need to flash it on top of a compatible rom. Only stable stock rom is fully compatible, custom roms are hit or miss i can't support every single one because idk the changes they have made in their trees.
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In my experience with custom ROMs, the key has been to flash the stock ROM (let it wipe) to both slots, then flash the custom ROM, then root and flash the custom ROM boot image like normal.
Finally got it working. Thank you so much. I've been at this for almost a week. Amazing battery life on this kernel.


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Jul 31, 2011
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¡La nueva construcción está lista!

Primero construya con la fuente unificada de los chips gs101 y gs201tensor, lo que significa que los dispositivos Raviole y Pantah usan el mismo kernel, excepto ramdisk y algunos módulos que no se usan en ambos dispositivos.
Como siempre, enlace de descarga y registro de cambios detallado en op.

this kernel is good on battery life? i can install this kernel on rom stock android 13 update of march?
a how install this kernel?
The instructions for installing kernel are in the first post by the OP. You must be rooted to install, which requires the bootloader to be unlocked. If you're not sure what some of this means, you should read up on rooting and modding your phone. Just a suggestion. 😎👍

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    New build is up!!

    Project name: RadioactiveKernel_Raviole-v3.0.2

    update build version (acuicultor)
    defconfig regenerate (acuicultor) [14b79b0]
    block: make ssg default if bfq isn't compiled and adjust defaults (acuicultor) [87ebcd0]
    block: ssg: merge version S908BXXU3CWAI (engstk) [ffd02c2]
    gki: update abi (acuicultor) [53626c8]
    drivers: misc: power: implement usb fast charge mode (engstk) [6552da4]
    built on top of android-gs-raviole-5.10-android13-qpr2 May's Google kernel source

    Like always download link and detailed changelog in op.

    @acuicultor Thank You so much. I've been using it since the latest version for May and I have not had a single reboot! I was getting daily reboots on Kirisikura kernel. Great job!!!

    Thanks but i don't think it's fair for freak07 nor anyone else, that kind of comments are discouraging, he's working trying to figure out what's the problem and deserve all the respect for his work for several years on countless devices, don't get me wrong i appreciate your words but i preffer to not see any kind of comparison. Everyone's try to provide their best to his users but sometimes **** happens like in this particular matter and that doesn't mean that anything is better or worse. Hope you understand what i'm trying to tell.
    Thanks but i don't think it's fair for freak07 nor anyone else, that kind of comments are discouraging, he's working trying to figure out what's the problem and deserve all the respect for his work for several years on countless devices, don't get me wrong i appreciate your words but i preffer to not see any kind of comparison. Everyone's try to provide their best to his users but sometimes **** happens like in this particular matter and that doesn't mean that anything is better or worse. Hope you understand what i'm trying to tell.
    Edited my post.
    As an FYI, flashed 3.0.1 on May factory image with no issues.
    Thankyou booted fine now . I had big issues flashing this b4 because I upgraded to may using pixel flasher and it caused some issue where this kernel wouldn't boot. I'm never using that pixel flasher again it's caused me issues for ages.
    Sorry to hear that you have had issues. I just used Pixel Flasher latest version ( to update to May 2023, and then flashed Radioactive 3.0.2 using Ex Kernel Manager without any issues. PixelFlasher is nice since it can extract and patch the boot image, thus saving a step during the update process. Hope you have better luck in the future.
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    /* *** Disclaimer
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war,
    * or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research
    * if you have any concerns about features included in this KERNEL
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    hi XDA community, i'm here to share with you my little project, my primary goal is to provide a stable and fast kernel without compromising battery life plus some cool features that i find useful for the day to day usage.

    Current Features

    General List:

    Compiled using Google's environment for GKI kernel build for maximum stability using latest google prebuilt clang 14.0.7

    Packed with Anykernel3 with ability to preserve magisk root, thanks to eng.stk and osmosis for bringing this to Pixel6 series

    Works on both devices (Pixel6 and Pixel6PRO)

    Update system support via flasher apps ( Copy/paste link for auto updates )

    Boeffla's wakelock blocker

    SSG io scheduler set default and preconfigured

    BBR TCP set default and a lot more others to choose

    Enabled power efficient workingqueues on various drivers

    Fsync on/off support

    PMU limiter tweaked for better battery life without compromising performance

    CleanSlate Features from @tbalden, all credits for the features to him (s2s, notification booster, battery saver, flashlight notifications. Note that rootless features like kadaway are not implemented here because we need root for other features to work properly with my tree)

    Multi-gen LRU driver

    DAMON driver configured but disabled by default

    Removed dynamic debug core

    Changes to some drivers to use Big cpus or viceversa ( hardware composer, goodix... Etc)

    Other stuff that is boring to write, take a look at my github for detailed information

    NOTE: I'm shipping now the full gki kernel which means that no matter what kernel you were previously everything will get overwritten by flashing this via autoflash apps




    Instructions using Ex kernel manager or any other app with autoflash support:

    * Flash Kernel Zip

    * Reboot

    * Enjoy!!!

    I'm also providing a similar magisk module like kirisakura kernel does but it's slighty modified and adapted for my tree all credits to Freak07 for the original idea, it's bundled into kernel zip, AK3 Helper Module , i higly advice to not remove it for better experience with the kernel

    AK3 Helper Module:
    Set ro.debuggable to 0 to avoid dev options fc
    Various tweaks on PMU limiter, DAMON driver and Multi-gen LRU

    Thanks and Credits to developers:

    Of course, I had never been able to create all that by my own. So I want to give credits to the really good developers around, that have given me all the inspiration and from which I cherry picked lots of the implemented functionalities:

    * SultanXda

    * Ordenkrieger

    * LordBoeffla

    * zx2c4

    * Freak07

    * osmosis

    * kristofpetho

    * tbalden

    * Chainfire

    * BitOBSessiOn

    * nathanchance

    * Yaroslav Furman

    * eng.stk

    * Flar2

    * joshuous

    * dabug123

    * franciscofranco

    * RenderBroken

    * moludo

    * Lozo2010

    ... I just hope I did not forget someone. If so, please let me know and I will add you of course.

    Thanks to all of you for your great work

    I also want to say thank you to my friends and testers and to those who donated me a beer or two;)

    Hi folks, it's time for the Android13 update!!

    I want to give special mention to @Freak07 for his time spent on getting the A13 kernel booting, Google this time doesn't gave us a bootable source, he found the way to fix that and not only shared with the community he also helped me answering my questions and been so nice , so credits to him and a big THANKS for everything he do for this community. Hats off!!

    On other side, the A13 build have everything we already had on A12 plus the additions of A13 source, i highly advice to read the op again for more info and like always download links and detailed changelog in op.

    Hi folks, here's the October build!!

    Project name: RadioactiveKernel_Raviole-v2.0.3
    * update build version (acuicultor)
    * mm: Don't hog the CPU and zone lock in rmqueue_bulk() (Sultan Alsawaf) [5fd949dc1f5e]
    * mm: Lower the non-hugetlbpage pageblock size to reduce scheduling delays (Sultan Alsawaf) [4ecd61d2eadf]
    * sched/fair: Merge select_idle_core/cpu() (Mel Gorman) [547d49748766]
    * sched/fair: Move avg_scan_cost calculations under SIS_PROP (Mel Gorman) [beddf3ed5013]
    * sched/fair: Remove SIS_AVG_CPU (Mel Gorman) [fe758c4cf7f5]
    * sched: reduce softirq conflicts with RT (Miguel de Dios) [c623b6af4b3b]
    * gki: update abi (acuicultor) [23bbacbd4d4e]
    * CHROMIUM: selinux: Do not log permissive denials (Daniel Kurtz) [da6ca9189675]
    * arm64: debug: disable self-hosted debug by default (kdrag0n) [452190141a50]
    * defconfig regenerate (acuicultor) [11b66a4a3e4a]
    * arch: arm64: Don't select KASAN and KFENCE (celtare21) [d5e753a53b8c]
    * printk: Don't allow userspace to write to /dev/kmsg (idkwhoiam322) [37731f7d04b6]
    * Revert "BACKPORT: can: ems_usb: ems_usb_start_xmit(): fix double dev_kfree_skb() in error path" (acuicultor) [3c439f25e829]
    * configs: Set the correct value for NR_CPUS (celtare21) [22effd443609]
    * Merge branch 'android-gs-raviole-5.10-android13' into release-T (acuicultor)
    FROMGIT: io_uring: Use original task for req identity in io_identity_cow()
    FROMGIT: arm64: fix oops in concurrently setting insn_emulation sysctls
    BACKPORT: usb: gadget: rndis: prevent integer overflow in rndis_set_response()
    FROMLIST: binder: fix UAF of ref->proc caused by race condition

    As you can see just merged latest google's kernel source, removed some debug options and added some scheduler commits, hope everyone will enjoy this like i'm doing it.

    I want to mention my tester and friend Nicola (Bicet) who passed away too soon leaving a hole in our hearts, we will remember you my friend REST IN PACE.

    Like always download link and detailed changelog in op.

    Enjoy life because it's shorter than we think!!!!
    Hi folks, December updater is here.
    I'm too busy right now to write up a non technical changelog here, take a look at my github for detalied information about the changes in this build.

    Project name: RadioactiveKernel_Raviole-v2.0.7
    * update build version (acuicultor)
    * Merge tag 'android-13.0.0_r0.48' into release-T
    * tag 'android-13.0.0_r0.48': (218 commits)
    * gki: abi update (acuicultor) [54b8130a5c6b]
    * defconfig regenerate (acuicultor) [f65b7689e351]
    * arm64/dts: gs101-gpu: Remove min GPU level for compute (Dyneteve) [4af4f88bce69]
    * Remove GPU 151MHz operating point. (Jeremy Kemp) [2f14d903c615]
    * arm64/dts: slider: Passive Delay addition for tzones (George Lee) [66dc88203c03]
    * arm64/dts: gs201: thermal: change control temp step cycle (David Chao) [426fa1609144]
    * pixel_em: apply non-linear capacities to the thermal pressure (Taeju Park) [c18ee294cab4]
    * arm64/dts: gs101: Enable chg-termination-5v (Kyle Tso) [4b88bcc52cdd]
    * drivers: thermal: google: add tz_temp support (Sayanna Chandula) [34fe8f3cc074]
    * arm64/dts: gs101: Increase INT/MIF QoS votes for 848MHz (Siddharth Kapoor) [3f8502244cec]
    * arm64/dts: gs101: Tune DVFS (Devika Krishnadas) [fe1c1b4c51e2]
    * vendor_hook: sched: Eliminate scale_freq copy (Vincent Palomares) [076e2eff7ddc]
    * pixel_em: Allow non-linear capacities (Vincent Palomares) [77286cd6e0ea]
    * vendor_sched: Updating Pixel EM adjustments (Vincent Palomares) [fc96cf4a2220]
    * drivers: thermal: apply thermal pressure at dfs thresholds (Sayanna Chandula) [d8395c59ab2e]
    * pixel_em: Move to vh/kernel (Vincent Palomares) [48a40c7ca8b8]
    * pixel_em: Adding new EM profile header (Vincent Palomares) [bcd5026fef6f]
    * Report 2x freq of highest CPU freq for all CPUs to certain libraries (David Kimmel) [1fb0e4d766d8]
    * thermal: tmu: updated DFS trace to show set and clear (Shams Pirani) [d2c2a1b91733]
    * thermal: tmu: adding DFS trace event (Shams Pirani) [d985993a8e27]
    * drivers: thermal: tmu: support smooth control temp transition in PI loop (Sayanna Chandula) [6b02f7f6ffee]
    * drivers: thermal: Use new Pixel EM profile (Vincent Palomares) [47196d789135]
    * drivers: cpufreq: exynos-acme: expose max/min_freq_qos_list using sysfs. (Sophia Wang) [d2d2f6b97b3d]
    * drivers: cpufreq: exynos-acme: apply thermal pressure at dfs thresholds (Sayanna Chandula) [c6a91d4e7c73]
    * drivers: cpufreq: exynos-acme: cal dfs max freq ignore (David Kimmel) [f27b09a32c98]
    * drivers: cpufreq: exynos-acme: soft-max freq per cpu cluster (David Kimmel) [37825ce1d41d]
    * google: cal-if: gs101: update cpu clock dividers for DFS (Sayanna Chandula) [0f910ad00604]
    * arm64/dts: Configure goodixfp pinctrl (Dyneteve) [ac8bd376949f]
    * google_battery: add batt_vs thermal zone (Wasb Liu) [b50311574f82]
    * arm64/dts: raviole: Decrease PPS itopoff current (Dyneteve) [ec4b593ea37b]
    * arm64/dts: raviole: MDIS tables for PD/PPS (AleX Pelosi) [16baf72e06c1]
    * arm64: dts: gs101-cpu: Adding new UI EM profile (Vincent Palomares) [f457e48d25a3]
    * arm64: dts: gs101-cpu: Adding new cam EM profiles (Vincent Palomares) [49526263d198]
    * ARM: dts: gs101: Sync CPU MIF/CL configuration with GS201 (Dyneteve) [64a54d926193]
    * gs101: Add protected memory allocator. (Erik Staats) [2e5026741941]
    * arm64/dts: raven: set same hsclk for FHD and QHD (Midas Chien) [59a94ec4c30c]
    * arm64/dts: gs101: thermal: set dfs throttled cpus for big/mid cores (Sayanna Chandula) [1433380a2b6e]
    * arm64/dts: gs101: add control temp step for smooth tj transition (Sayanna Chandula) [9623cab87515]
    * arm64/dts: gs101: Update TMU configuration (Dyneteve) [3a01477a28ad]
    * debug-snapshot: Make it compile with driver not built (celtare21) [ba6a0ec7e402]
    * sjtag: Stub function when not built (celtare21) [2c59fc187200]
    * config: Disable some debugging (celtare21) [803795772ae7]
    * psci/exynos: Silence logging (celtare21) [5fb1ed791e61]
    * arm64/dts: gs101: change timings for s6e3hc3 FHD to match p22 source (freak07) [23e1600bcc8a]
    * Revert "dma-buf/sync_file: Remove debug names from sync data structures" (acuicultor) [6fcea0b8c0a2]

    Like always download links at github.

    Wish everyone a joyfull Xmas with your loved ones. Cheers!!
    Hi folks, here's a maintenance build just to fix a rarely bug which caused kfence to crash, ofc added some other stuff like small scheduler changes and some other minor changes.

    Like always download links and detailed changelog in op.