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Dec 30, 2015
I'm looking for the shift version for 4.4 but can't find anywhere... Any chance it's available somewhere or someone can share it with me

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    Shift Dual Boot/ TW and CM Kernel

    This kernel supports both TouchWiz and ALL of AOSP other than maybe Pac Rom but it is not my fault it isn't supported lol. They use their own name in the framework instead of the one EVERYBODY else does.

    CPU GOVERNORS: lazy, smartass, smartassV2, ondemand, powersave, interactive, performance, userspace, pegasusq, zzmoove
    I/O GOVERNORS: deadline, cfq, row, sio
    default cpu governor: ondemand
    default I/O governor: cfq
    CIFS & NFS Network FileSystems
    kernel uses LZMA compression
    OverClock to 2160
    CPU Voltage Control
    GPU OC, UC and Voltage Control
    Boeffla Sound 1.6.6 (Use the control app from the play store)
    Charge Control
    TouchWake and Timeout support
    Mdnie HiJack
    Dynamic Fsync Control
    Kernel gesture support
    Latest source updates

    Compiled with Linaro GCC 4.9.3

    STweaks is included for kernel configuration

    Install Instructions: Standard flash in recovery, dual boot instrustions will be listed below. When flashing AOSP flash the addon zip afterwards

    Downloads: Shift

    AOSP Sensor addon: Starting with build 3.1 this is NO LONGER NEEDED. The kernel will add the necessary sensors when aosp is booted

    Shift Lollipop Single boot kernel can bet found here. All features are the same aside from the needed updated for Lollipop to work correctly
    Downloads: Shift-LP-5.7

    Dual Boot Support will REQUIRE PhilZ Touch Advanced from here: PhilZ

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Shift-DualBoot-Kernel, Kernel for the Samsung Galaxy Note II

    rogersb11, ketut.kumajaya
    Source Code: https://github.com/rogersb11/android_kernel_samsung_smdk4x12/tree/shift

    Kernel Special Features: Dual Boot TouchWiz or Aosp ROM, Aroma recovery boot menus with PhilZ Advanced touch

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: Dual=3.9/Single=LP-5
    Stable Release Date: 2015-04-03

    Created 2014-08-16
    Last Updated 2015-07-20
    These are my personal boeffla settings that do not break the earpiece sound so often experienced by some but not by me lol

    WARNING, these settings WILL completely change your headphone jack into a BEAST. I'm serious please be careful. Without these I use car stereo at 26, with them I use maybe 14 and it's louder than the 26 so I'm advising to start low.


    Dual boot Instructions(will be updated)

    4. "I want to setup dual booting."
    A. There are four situations:-
    1) Sammy rom now. Want to use aosp as secondary.
    2) Sammy rom now. Want to use aosp as primary.
    3) Aosp rom now. Want to use sammy as secondary.
    4) Aosp rom now. Want to use sammy as primary.

    Prerequisites for any setup is
    a) Flash latest Shift kernel. BIG FAT WARNING: For AOSP Rom flash the Sensor update zip
    b) Flash latest Extended PhilZ Touch recovery: http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-2/development-n7105/recovery-t2849091
    c) Atleast 90% battery left.
    d) 3 GB free on internal SD.
    e) Some spare time

    1) Present sammy, setup aosp as secondary:-
    i) Reboot into recovery
    ii) Select "Run Aroma Dual Boot Tool" in Advaced Menu, create system.img for CM/CM based ROM and then close it
    iii) Reboot into secondary recovery (red on screen navigation buttons)
    iv) Flash aosp ROM as 2nd ROM
    v) Flash Shift kernel again

    2) Present sammy, setup aosp as primary:-
    i) Reboot into recovery
    ii) Nandroid backup your current sammy ROM
    iii) Select "Run Aroma Dual Boot Tool" in Advaced Menu, create system.img for Samsung stock/stock based ROM and then close it
    iv) Reboot into secondary recovery (red on screen navigation buttons)
    v) Nandroid restore your sammy ROM as 2nd ROM
    vi) Flash Shift kernel again
    vii) Reboot into primary recovery
    viii) Flash aosp ROM as 1st ROM
    ix) Flash Shift kernel again

    3) Present aosp, setup sammy as secondary:-
    Same as (1), instead of flashing aosp to second, flash sammy to second.

    4) Present aosp, setup sammy as primary:-
    Same as (2), instead of flashing aosp to first ROM, flash sammy.

    -To dual boot Two Aosp or Two Sammy roms, just follow (1) or (2) (depending on which one of them you want as primary/secondary), just flash Sammy instead of aosp or aosp instead of sammy.

    5. "What things should I be taking care off while dealing with dual booting?"
    A. - Make sure where you are: in primary or secondary recovery.

    6. "How to boot into primary rom?"
    A. AROMA based boot menu will help you on every boot.

    7. "How to boot into secondary rom?"
    A. AROMA based boot menu will help you on every boot.

    8. "Is kernel partition shared?"
    A. Yes. Same kernel boots both roms
    UPDATE. Version 3.9 can be found here http://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/dl/?id=10089

    I added ABB control and settings to support it in STweaks. I also completely redid my charging control interface in STweaks and it has it's own tab now with all of the correct options. Couple other small changes. Enjoy!!!!
    Sorry I've been basically MIA lately guys but I haven't had a device. Mine broke about three weeks ago when it plummeted to it's death while I stared in horror. I was gonna be forced to stop development or move on when I could afford to. Thanks to and INCREDIBLY GIVING and just flat out AWESOME and REAL @gregsarg I've been resurrected. That guy loves these threads and this N2 community more than anyone I've ever come across in any of device threads I've been in or a part of. Dude helps on like every thread we have I think. He moved on to the S5, put it back in the box and came back here. Saved @eZdubzitmk4 at one point in a similar situation and then months later comes through in the clutch again. Nobody expects someone the donate a device but it happens because users like @gregsarg are around worrying about OVERALL device development for us N2 users. We all probably owe him a thanks because we've all inevitably gained something from him around these areas. So THANK YOU @gregsarg for your amazingly generous and truly sincere donation. I'm rocking a brand new NE5 Loader Note 2 and all because you kick ass. All development going forward from me here is because of him. Thank you man. You're a truly great friend. This will be located in the second post in this forum going forward.

    On that note I will also be releasing an really big update. I'll link my git for complete changes. Added 100 kHz CPU step for UC and enabled undervolting to 600. Added new mdnie switch, added initial Boeffla control to stweaks,Kernel gesture support in stweaks as well. I'll need to update the OP with instructions and link to Tungstwenty for full description. Touchkey disable option, zswap settings, and OOM control. Also fixed vibration control and added Dual Boot options. Also fixed profiles not restoring properlywhen saved. All that was added to STweaks. Updated LTE modem thanks to psndna88, added xbox controller module. USB mouse and keyboard support, needs supporting apk from here https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pelya/android-keyboard-gadget/master/USB-Keyboard.apk . This is tested and working great. Also ramdisk is brand new with auto fstab selection and full f2fs support. f2fs for TW SYSTEM is not working but it's not important and the real f2fs gain is on data and cache where that actually writing occurs. Fixed TW issue, need DN3 tested as I haven't had time only having device a few days now. Massive update to my philz recovery as well that is full supported by kernel and fstab selector. They function together to do many things. I HIGHLY recommend using them together. Downloads went down for whatever real (I've got a good idea) but if you're not using or at least trying this it is truly your loss. Very stable on both my roms Saber and Cyanide and any other AOSP rom I've ran. I don't use TW a lot but always use my own and last 4 days I've done about 12 clean installs to make sure the reboot issue is fixed and it's been an absolute rock. This is a great update and a great kernel IMHO, download and flash already LOL. Thanks as always guys. I freakin love this place and love trying to bring you new stuff for this badass device. Also thanks again to @gregsarg for the device. You're something else man

    Enjoy the update guys
    Downloads here http://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/?id=5429#downloads
    Or here https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=95784891001615843
    Almost ready guys. Working on f2fs and stweaks and it'll be ready. Touchwake 1.2 added as well from @DerTeufel1980 with slide2wake and double tap to wake as well. Also new and improved dual boot tool courtesy of @ketut.kumajaya with 2gb sparse image support. Meaning it automatically adjusts space needed for 2nd rom up to 2gb. Pretty awesome stuff

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