[KERNEL] [SM-G96XF/FD/N] ElementalX 3.00 (DTAA Android 10)

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May 7, 2021
I am unable to install ElementalX 3.00 kernel on my s9 G960F
It says installation complete through aroma installer but it does not show up on my phone after rebooting.
Please help me solve this.
Samsung Galaxy S9 G960F
ROM : Evolution X (Android 10)
current kernel: Whitewolf


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    ElementalX Kernel
    for Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ (Exynos)

    ElementalX is designed for maximum stability. It is made for people who depend on their phone every day.

    -Easy installation with AROMA installer
    -Overclock or underclock the CPU
    -Performance and battery optimization
    -improve multicore performance of big cluster
    -Color control (RGB)
    -CFQ, noop, deadline, BFQ, FIOPS, SIO, maple and zen i/o schedulers
    -Option to disable fsync
    -Block wakelocks
    -WireGuard support
    -GPU voltage control
    -LED fade control
    -selinux enforcing

    1. Flash in TWRP recovery or flash directly in EX Kernel Manager


    EX Kernel Manager can be used to configure settings and update or install the kernel quickly and easily.

    Knox status will be set to 0x1 by flashing this (but you probably already tripped it by installing TWRP). Tripping Knox means no Samsung Pay and Secure Folder. If these are important to you, then you can't mod your device.

    Everything else works.

    Some notes about settings
    Sweep2wake/Doubletap2wake/Sweep2sleep: these can be set on the Gestures screen in EX Kernel Manager. I strongly recommend sweep up 2 wake over any other gestures. It is most reliable, less prone to accidental wakes and should not interfere with anything (i.e. phone calls). Wake gestures do not cause battery drain on this device.

    CPU frequencies: Samsung has limited the big cluster frequencies when two or more cores are in use. The stock default is 2700MHz for one CPU, 2314MHz for two CPUs, and 1794MHz for three or four CPUs. If you choose the overclocking option during install, these frequencies are increased.

    Overclocking: The overclocking option will run the big cluster up to 2886MHz and little to 2002MHz, plus it has an additional boost to multicore performance. You benchmarks will be way higher, unless thermal throttling kicks in. EX Kernel Manager will allow you to set the big cluster frequency properly and will show the actual max freq in most circumstances (sometimes it shows less when the big cluster is being throttled for thermal reasons). Don't use other kernel apps, they won't work properly. Don't complain about reboots if you choose this option.

    Color control: I've added an override so that you can adjust red, green and blue by a much larger range than in Samsung's settings. The way this works is any adjustment in EX Kernel Manager will override the Samsung system settings. If you want to go back to using system settings, restore red, green and blue to defaults (255 each) and the system settings will take over again.

    GPU frequencies: I have also updated EX Kernel Manager to allow adjustment of GPU frequencies on this device.

    Blocking wakelocks: If you want to block wakelocks (and it looks like blocking some wifi wakelocks could improve battery life), go to the Miscellaneous screen in EX Kernel Manager and select block wakelocks. You will have the option of blocking any kernel wakelock on that screen, and it will show the time each has been active. I don't know what most of them do, so they might not all be safe to disable. Experiment and provide feedback here for other users.

    selinux is enforcing!

    Thanks to @farovitus @jesec @Tkkg1994


    Android 10

    Android 9 (Pie)

    Android 8.0.0 (Oreo)

    Source code:


    XDA:DevDB Information
    ElementalX-S9, Kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S9

    Source Code: https://github.com/flar2/starlte

    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information

    Created 2018-03-23
    Last Updated 2020-05-01


    -release for Android 9 (Pie)
    The update is coming. I've been using my S9 a lot lately for some major updates to Button Mapper.

    It takes a more work to update samsung kernels, because I have to diff the new source and create a patch, and I have to download the new system image, which takes hours on my slow internet. I wish Samsung would use a git repo.


    -CSG8 update

    Sorry, the updater and boot.img didn't update properly in 2.07

    Flash directly and control all your settings with EX Kernel Manager:


    -release for CSF2