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Kernel Source out for AT&T One X

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Jun 11, 2010
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    Good news folks. It looks like the kernel source is our for AT&T One X. Now unleash the beast http://htcdev.com/devcenter/downloads
    I have a kernel ready with the following features.

    -CPU Profiles for performance and battery savings (see note below)
    -2:2 kernel/user memory split (default is 1:3)
    -Kernel samepage merging (KSM)

    just mini stuff from .config to help

    NOTE: Profiles are as follows:

    Screen Off:
    Minimum CPU: 245mhz
    Maximum CPU: 384mhz

    Screen On:
    Minimum CPU: 384mhz
    Maximum CPU: 1512mhz (1.5ghz)

    I will be testing for SODs overnight.

    Features hopefully coming soon:
    -interactive kernel governor
    -smartass v2 kernel governor
    -compile with gcc 4.6
    -fix multitouch
    -get the minimum cpu to run at 192mhz without sleep of deaths
    -lower voltage
    -overclock-able to 2.1ghz? or 1.9 if im not being crazy
    -fix usb tethering
    -OTG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 I honestly forgot about that or else i would have done that right now. i just remembered i can do that now xD

    And another note, this is the old kernel from 1.73, not the newer one with more RAM availible to the user.

    Going to bed. good night all
    _MetalHead_ said:
    Jesus christ it's about damn time.

    I guess threatening to release those pictures of Peter Chau in a three way with Tim Cook and Steve Ballmer finally worked.
    Beautiful. Posted this wonderful news on my website. Hopefully everyone will see it. :)
    I hope all of those who recently traded their HOX for a gnex or S3 are regretting their decision. Once the devs wake up and get their hands on this, there will be no looking back.

    Who says we need to sleep, I haven't slept and I don't plan on it. :)
    Hooray for summer vacation!