[KERNEL] SpeedMod Gingerbread [K17-3 XWJW8 Value Pack CWM EXT4]

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Jul 18, 2011
Taif, KSA
.tar please

is there any way I can get this as a .tar file.. I cannot use zImage file as I dont have mobile odin..moreover cant even use mobile odin as device not rooted :(

ahh god I am such a MEGA-NOOB.. I was extracting the .tar file to get the zImage file...sorry :(
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Jan 21, 2011
Soft Reboot

My GF SGS is acting funny.

Is anyone else getting soft reboots, meaning the device reboots but not fully.
So only from the bootlogo.
Also the screen comes on automatically, without any reason.

The phone is on stock rom:
Kernel: K17-3
Filesystem: All Ext4

She didn't have any probs with the K17-2 kernel.

Any suggestions ?


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Nov 2, 2009
flashed the kernel on jw8 (tried several jw8 roms) as I have done with kernels hundreds of times but am getting bootloops with this particular kernel on all jw8's. Flashing semaphore immediately remedies the problem. No other lagfixees in place, clean installs. Anyone else having problems?

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    Hi guys,

    This is the SpeedMod kernel for Gingerbread.

    SpeedMod's core features are:
    - Super stable: No undervolting, overclocking or potentially unstable modifications
    - Fast and smooth: Compiler and code optimizations
    - Excellent battery life: Remove unecessary logging and debugging

    The K16 series works on older Samsung 2.3.x roms.
    The K17 series only works with the latest Samsung "Value Pack" 2.3.6 ROMs like XXJW4 / XWJW8.

    >>> CLICK HERE for more info and DOWNLOAD links.

    >>> CLICK HERE for the Frequently Asked Questions list.

    This kernel is for the International Galaxy S GT-I9000

    This kernel has only EXT4 LAGFIX support. Please UNDO OTHER LAGFIXES before flashing this kernel.

    Current features:
    - Neutral / Cold (+Blue) / Warm (+Yellow) screen color options
    - Bootanimation support (ROM support required)
    - RFS / EXT4 filesystem conversion and unfragmentation support in CWM
    - CPU governor tweaks: increase responsiveness
    - CWM2.5-based recovery
    - MDNIE Sharpness fix for Pentile matrix and color tuning
    - FM Radio sound fixes based on Voodoo Sound
    - TinyRCU
    - Volume level fixes
    - IO and read_ahead tweaks
    - Disabled Android Debug Logger / logcat
    - Disabled kernel debug logs / printk
    - Updated to jhash3
    - 364MB RAM (K17 series)
    - Improvements to sound quality: 128x oversampling, disable DRC and de-emphasis
    - Microphone recording levels using Voodoo Sound "Balanced" preset
    - Compiled with optimizations using Linaro toolchain
    - init.d, CIFS, TUN, IPV6 Privacy support

    Source code and related files are in the 2nd post.

    NOTES about CWM:
    Use POWER to select and BACK for back.

    >>> CLICK HERE for the CHANGELOG.

    >>> CLICK HERE for the DOWNLOAD links.
    Source patches and related files are here.
    [Reserved for future use too]
    Wow, it happens that I live in a different timezone, wake up to see about a hundred posts debating about GPL and the thread is locked.

    That was a bit too much politic-ing for comfort, imo.

    Let me just make my points:

    1. It's been less than 24 hours since the first "demand" for source code was posted. I don't check XDA forums all day - I still go out, sleep and generally do other stuff. I think we should not over-react within such a short period of time, taking into account this website has a global audience living in different timezones and people here have a life outside of the forums.

    2. The Gingerbread version of my kernel is still a test release, I've barely been using it for 2 days and there have been bugs. I normally only release the source to a new version when it's out of the testing phase.

    3. The sources for the Froyo version are published, and whenever I have free time I will try to port over the code bit by bit. If other devs really want to know what I am doing the Froyo sources are available. I will be more than happy to explain certain changes I've made, time-willing and if asked politely.

    I'd like to thank the people who understood the situation and tried to explain it. Let's move on and get back to the usual business of kernel hacking. :)
    - Scheduler patched and tweaks adjusted
    - Cleanup to kernel configs

    This version is much smoother than previous ones. :)