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[KERNEL] SpeedMod S3 Jelly Bean [ K2-13 SDS_Fix ROOT BRIGHTNESS+ ]

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Oct 26, 2011
I used speedmod on my s2 and considering it for my s3.

How is the battery life compared to stock android 4.1.2 ?

Can some post pics to show wakelock behaviour. Screen time and 'since unplugged time'.

Repsonses will be greatly appreciated :beer:

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Sep 9, 2010
Hi, new "GT-I9300_JB_Opensource_Update11" has been released recently, do you have plan to update?

Some developers say this version has a faster system response speed than ever

Yes please, could you update with the new "Update 11"?

PS: Hardcore, there are some rumours that say they¡re gonna skip 4.2.2 and update directly to 4.3 :confused:

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    Hi guys,

    This is the SpeedMod kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300.
    This kernel is for Samsung Android Jelly Bean ROMs only.

    SpeedMod's core features are:
    - Super stable: No undervolting, overclocking or potentially unstable modifications
    - Fast and smooth: Compiler and code optimizations
    - Excellent battery life: Remove unecessary logging and debugging

    Download links: >>> CLICK HERE for more info and the DOWNLOAD links.
    >>> CLICK HERE for the Frequently Asked Questions list.

    >>> CLICK HERE for the CHANGELOG.
    >>> CLICK HERE for the DOWNLOAD links.

    Current features:

    - Automatically installs root (SuperUser and su) but can be disabled

    Screen and misc tweaks:
    - Auto-brightness increased slightly (in low-to-mid light)
    - MDNIE screen sharpness and color tuning (improves text readability)
    - init.d, TUN, CIFS, IPV6 Privacy support
    - Fixed freeze on FC problem with Samsung ICS & JB ROMs

    - CPU governor tweaks: increase responsiveness
    - IO tweaks
    - Read ahead tweaks
    - Compiled with optimizations using CodeSourcery GCC toolchain
    - Optimized GPU DVFS
    - ARM CPU topology support
    - SCHED_MC multi-core aware scheduler

    Turned off unnecessary logging for better smoothness and efficiency:
    - Disabled Android Debug Logger / logcat
    - Disabled Samsung debug
    - Disabled various kernel debugging, statistics and tracing options

    Instructions on how to enable logcat and disable auto-root are in the 3rd post (below).
    Didn't even say goodbye. :(

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    I'm still here guys. Still using the S3 as my main phone. Just been busy with work and nothing really to update. Maybe when 4.2 roms and sources are out.
    - Updated to JB_Opensource_Update9 source code

    The Update9 source code release seems to have a fix for a specific memory leak.
    - Updated to JB_Opensource_Update7 soure code
    - Update7 source code includes the eMMC sudden death / SDS fix
    - Moved to SuperSU (Existing Superuser app will be auto-replaced with SuperSU)
    - Implemented fix for "freeze on FC (Force Close)" problem caused by dumpstate