[KERNEL] SpeedMod SGS2 Jelly Bean [K5-8 CIFS ROOT / NO-ROOT CWM5]

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Jan 7, 2010
I've tried MIUI v5 a week ago, and everything was running fine. Because that rom is Samsung based, I flashed Speedmod-kernel.
It worked well, but then I noticed that I can't seem to get root access. Does anybody knows why? With the 'stock' kernel it all worked, so it was because of Speedmod.

Thanks in advance

Try installing superSU on stock kernel(dirty flash your rom), update your SU binary by starting the app and afterwards flash Speedmod.


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Jun 6, 2012

i wanted to check before going ahead

i have WLSD - can i use any of the kernels
or should i use the latest version K5-8 with the WLSD

happy Christmas all


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  • Aug 23, 2011
    Samsung Galaxy S8
    Samsung Galaxy S10

    i wanted to check before going ahead

    i have WLSD - can i use any of the kernels
    or should i use the latest version K5-8 with the WLSD

    happy Christmas all

    Use latest SpeedMod K5-8 for your stock XWLSD ROM.

    My tapatalk signature:
    Phone: SGS2 (GT-I9100)
    ROM: XWMS1 NeatROM Lite v5.4.2 (PDA: XWMS1 / PHONE: XXMS4 / CSC: NEELS1)
    Kernel: Apolo v4.13 (Regular)

    If you have any question about or any issue with your SGS2, just ask in the New members friendly Q&A thread.
    Have a :eek: at my latest kernel test results.
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    Dec 12, 2011

    Just an update on how amazing this kernel is. Two weeks ago I had just gotten used to my phone always outlasting everyone else's on battery life and decided to change kernel and ROM to a later 4.4.2 version with the latest tweaks and whatever. After flip flopping from ROM to ROM and kernel to kernel I ended up back on my restore because nothing comes even close to the battery life this kernel offers.

    Thanks a whole bunch, I'm surprised this kernel is able to offer such great battery life without any crashes, nothing I could find when trying all the latest and so call greatest tweaks out there.

    Thanks again


    Feb 6, 2013
    please give me the full feature list of v5.8

    Dear Dev.,
    can you please tell me the full feature/change list in the version of 5.8.
    Please tell me also what CPU governor and I/O do you use in this kernel?

    Thanks for your development :good:

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      Hi guys,

      This is the SpeedMod kernel for Android Jelly Bean for the Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100.

      This kernel only works with Samsung JB based ROMs.

      SpeedMod's core features are:
      - Super stable: No undervolting, overclocking or potentially unstable modifications
      - Fast and smooth: Compiler and code optimizations
      - Excellent battery life: Remove unecessary logging and debugging

      >>> CLICK HERE for more info and the DOWNLOAD links.

      >>> CLICK HERE for the Frequently Asked Questions list.

      Current features:

      Root and CWM:
      - Automatically installs root (su) but can be disabled
      - CWM recovery 5.x

      Screen and misc tweaks:
      - init.d, TUN, CIFS, IPV6 Privacy support
      - MMC_CAP_ERASE disabled to fix the hard-brick bug (this kernel is "safe")

      - CPU governor tweaks: increase responsiveness
      - IO tweaks
      - Read ahead tweaks
      - Compiled with optimizations using Codesourcery GCC toolchain
      - Multi-core aware scheduler SCHED_MC

      Turned off unnecessary logging for better smoothness and efficiency:
      - Disabled Android Debug Logger / logcat
      - Disabled Samsung debug
      - Disabled various kernel debugging, statistics and tracing options

      >>> CLICK HERE for the CHANGELOG.

      Instructions on how to enable logcat and disable auto-root are in the 3rd post (below).

      >>> CLICK HERE for more info and the DOWNLOAD links.
      - Rebuilt using GCC 4.6 toolchain from Android NDK r8

      I think the kernel behaves a bit better built using GCC 4.6, compared to GCC 4.7 with LTO.
      - Rebuilt using GCC 4.7 toolchain from Android NDK r8e
      - Enabled GCC 4.7 LTO (Link Time Optimization)
      - Security patch: fix stack memory content leak via UNAME26 from S3 Update9 source code
      - Disabled debugging: ANDROID RAM CONSOLE
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