[Kernel][Stable][CM11.0/CM12.1/CM13.0/CM14.1][i9300] Elite-Boeffla-Kernel

What do you like about this kernel?

  • Stability

    Votes: 53 40.8%
  • Performance

    Votes: 49 37.7%
  • Battery-friendly

    Votes: 57 43.8%
  • Configurability

    Votes: 29 22.3%
  • Maintenance

    Votes: 18 13.8%
  • Close to stock

    Votes: 4 3.1%
  • Close to Boeffla

    Votes: 18 13.8%
  • Sometimes new features

    Votes: 26 20.0%
  • Easy config interface (thanks to Lord Boeffla)

    Votes: 26 20.0%
  • Awesome developer ;)

    Votes: 39 30.0%

  • Total voters
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Apr 11, 2019
Yes it works

Just a quick question: Does this kernel work with the lastest nightly version?

yess, it works



Sep 18, 2020
Does anyone know if these kernels are still a good idea to run with a (lets say) Android 11 like LineageOS18 or so?
Especially considering that adjusting these kernels might get tricky by now.

But thank you KastenTop, for finding it.

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    Hi guys,

    I want to present my kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S3, that allows you to overclock up to 2 GHz. This kernel is based on the official Boeffla kernel for CM14. Although the official Boeffla kernel supports CM14.0 and CM14.1, my kernel supports CM14.1 only, because CM14.0 for the SGS3 isn't supported by the CM team anymore. It may run on CM14.0 as well, but please don't report any errors if you use it with CM14.0 or any other OS than CM14.1.

    Feature list:
    - Every feature from official Boeffla-Kernel (6.1 final)
    - Support for Synapse (partial) and Boeffla Config (fully)
    - CPU overclocking up to 2 GHz
    - CPU: 100MHz step added to save power
    - Faster boot process due to some internal improvements
    - 3 new governors added (adaptive, conservative, interactive)
    - CPU voltage can be chosen between 600mV and 1600mV
    - full F2FS support (backported from Linux 3.19)
    - Charging current can be set up to 2.1 Amps
    - Battery percentage never reaches 0%, so the phone won't turn off at low battery
    - No overcharge anymore due to an internal improvement
    - Early suspend adjustable up to 5000ms
    - more undervolting profiles for the GPU
    - much lower brightness can be set than on stock kernel; the display will be almost black on lowest brightness level (maximum possible brightness stays the same)
    - Configurable kernel logger (turning kernel logger off is not stable on CM and LOS)
    - compiled using GCC 7.2.1 by Linaro (Thanks to ZaneZam for publishing the kernel-specific GCC-6-code; this works with GCC 7 as well!)

    For configuration I recommend Boeffla Config.
    You can use your old config you had using the official Boeffla-Kernel, but this may lead to minor problems. So I'd recommend to reset Boeffla Config before you flash my kernel. If you already use my kernel and just upgrading it you can use the old config without any problems.

    WARNING!!! Nobody except you can and will be responsible for a damaged or bricked phone due to my kernel. It's very unlikely that my kernel harms your phone, but it's not impossible.

    Have fun using my kernel and feel free to ask questions about it!

    Source code: Oebbler · GitHub

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Elite-Boeffla-Kernel, Kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S III I9300

    Kernel Special Features: OC up to 2GHz, Support for Boeffla Config, Full F2FS support, Charging current up to 2.1 Amps

    Version Information
    Current Stable Version:
    Stable Release Date: 2018-12-20

    Created 2016-12-27
    Last Updated 2018-12-20
    Changelog (CM14.1 only)
    First Release
    this kernel includes every feature and bugfix of Boeffla-Kernel (for CM13.0)
    Full F2FS support
    not published
    Sources updated (all changes from CM-Kernel made until 19.12.2016)
    Toolchain updated: GCC 6.2.1 Linaro
    Sources updated (LineageOS from 05.01.2017) and (CM13.0 version)
    Sources updated (LineageOS from 10.01.2017)
    Busybox updated to 1.26.2 (thanks to Lord Boeffla)
    Kernel logger can be controlled again (below Android logger)
    Sources updated (LineageOS from 06.02.2017)
    UMS and SELinux fixed (SELinux can be controlled again)
    Sources updated (LineageOS from 15.02.2017)
    Toolchain updated to Linaro 6.3.1
    Sources updated (LineageOS from 07.04.2017)
    not published and (CM13.0 version)
    fixed charge levels; now they work fine
    internal improvements to extend battery life and to avoid overcharge of the battery and (CM13.0 version)
    Sources updated (LineageOS from 04.06.2017; CM14 kernel only)
    Display brightness can be set much lower than on stock kernel now (the display will be almost black on lowest brightness level); but maximum possible brightness stays the same
    Sources updated (LineageOS from 21.07.2017)
    Toolchain updated to Linaro 7.1.1
    Busybox updated (version 1.27.1 compiled by Lord Boeffla)
    Display brightness slider fixed
    Doze mode switch fixed
    Same as, but better tested
    Default governor changed to intelliactive
    Default I/O scheduler changed to deadline
    Fix for Doze mode switch reworked
    Busybox updated (version 1.27.2 compiled by Lord Boeffla)
    Toolchain updated to Linaro 7.1.1-2
    not published
    Sources updated (LineageOS from 19.01.2018)
    Synapse support added in addition to Boeffla Config support (Synapse apk can be found in /res/synapse after installing this version of Elite-Boeffla-Kernel)
    Default governor changed to pegasusq
    Default governor changed back to intelliactive
    Battery percentage will show 1% instead of 0% iff battery is fully discharged; it is highly recommended to charge the phone immediately when reching 1%!
    Added support for mount namespace separation in order to support Magisk Hide
    not published
    fixed the LED driver to properly provide the given settings in Boeffla Config and Synapse
    fixed some voltages to get a cooler CPU
    Will you continue supporting S3 users on Oreo 8.0 ?
    I wish that you continue working on our lovely boeffla kernel to support us on 8.0
    That's will be great News if you do that :good:
    I can't definetly say it, but I plan to do so, but please don't ask for ETA's or something else about this until my first build for Android 8.0 is out.
    This may be one reason why most kernel devs don't support systems which are tweaked by Xposed.
    Apart from that, I've finished the new version of my kernel.
    Hi guys,
    due to a crash of the BIOS of my computer I won't be able to compile any new versions of my kernel until I have this issue fixed. Please be patient for the next update.
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