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[Kernel][Stable][GPU OC][MIUI & CUSTOM] eXtremeKernel V12 for POCO F1

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Afraid to install that high performance 3D Game because your device just won't take it ? ,Want to rock Asphalt Legends on Ultra Graphics? Got no time to charge your device on the run?Or Maybe You Just Want to Embrace your Device Reborn. Behold!. "The eXtreme kernel" .. here to lift your desire for performance and battery beyond limits and measures.. and to the "eXtreme" you deserve more than" Stock ". you deserve "eXtreme" . unleash the true power of your device like never before, while you can. why live the stock life when u can go all the way "extreme!!"

-Based on Latest Franco Source
-Latest Linux 4.9.175
-Latest CAF Tag LA.UM.7.3.r1-07400-sdm845.0
-CPU Input Boost
-DevFreq Boost
-GPU OC TO 825 MHz
-GPU idle timeout set to 64 ms
-Dynamic Stune Boost
-DisplayOC to 65 Hz
-3300-3500mA Fast Charge
-USB Fast Charge up to 800 mA
-Fsync on/off support
-Disabled CRC Check
-300 HZ Timer
-Reduced Latency
-Kcal Color Control
-Klapse Support
-Vibration control
-Sound control
-Backlight min option
-TripnDroid IO Scheduler
-Sio IO Scheduler
-Fiops IO Scheduler
-Zen IO Scheduler
-Maple IO Scheduler
-Lot TCP Algorithms (westwood,reno,bbr..etc)
-F2FS_FS upport
-Wireguard Support
-Boeffla Wakelock Blocker
-Disabled Unused Governors
-Lot Battery and Performance Optimizations

XDA:DevDB Information
[Kernel][Stable][CPU OC &GPU OC][MIUI & CUSTOM] eXtremeKernel V12 for POCO F1

Alek Dev
Source Code: https://github.com/eXtremeKernel/beryllium

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 12.0
Stable Release Date: 2018-09-26

Created 2018-09-26
Last Updated 2019-05-13


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-Mantas Astrauskas
-Tomas hernandez beirnaert
-Antonio Petrilli
-Elvis Kapic
-Christos Drakos
-Christian Velazquez
-Andrea Farnedi

Every Donation is appearicieted.
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Apr 26, 2012
Good... Will play with this later with Los rom. Feedback soon on tele

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Working on OC and that stuff[emoji847]

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Check Antutu scores on Miui EU Rom+eXtremeRevolt Kernel [emoji122][emoji122]IMG_20180926_183510.jpeg

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    As an update to my previous post, after a discussion, @Alek Dev wanted me to post this pm he sent to me
    Alek Dev said:
    Dear Community,

    I am very sorry for what happened in the past 3 days. It was unacceptable and will never happen again. Requesting Donations and Vip Group was a dumb idea from my side, I'm not that type person, money is honestly which drives us sometimes to bad decisions, I cracked my display and thought of asking the donation so that I can fix my display. It was not a good idea I should have to fix my own mistakes myself.

    I Apologize for Everything that I had done, I Apologize especially to Raphielscape for putting her Picture on my Telegram Account and Please Remove all my Private Stuff from Telegram since this is not the place for that.No Words can describe how much I feel sorry for my mistakes.

    The Worst Part of this Drama was Being Trolled from Everywhere, I was feeling soo bad about that like the whole World is against me

    Every Person deserves Second Chance


    and I`d say this is a nice call he`s made, as I always say, please contact a moderator when issues arise, we`re here to help
    Now a point of view from an ex Kernel developer (you can checkup my GitHub page if you don't believe me).

    The super dangerous commit is here:

    To explain what it does: It does set up the charging current, that's okayish, but is even modifying the f***in thermal values and that's where it becomes dangerous. You remember the Note 7 ? Or the exploding iPhone SEs ?

    Hardware manufacturers set these dtsi values like that for a reason, not every battery can take the high amount of current, and with that some pretty unpredictable things can happen, like an exploding battery.

    If you modify a kernel, you should know what you are doing. And if it's as experimental as that commit, DON'T MAKE IT BEING PRODUCTION !!!!

    Your PDesire
    Thread cleaned,
    Disrespect towards developers or any member will not be tolerated. If you cant help with the development or questions from your fellow members then just don't post at all. There is no need to ask for ETA's or when said bug will be fixed. Developers are not here to make your phone look cool. They are here to share their work and you must respect that.

    Thank you.
    Your whole git shows that you have taken other kernel devs work (shadow, disrupt, Franco and arters)
    Did it so without maintaining authorship and asking for donations in the telegram group.
    That is what a kang is.
    Yeah sure, you can decide what you want in your project but it doesn't have to involve kanging others work n commits as your own and then asking for money here and there.
    You raised enough donations for buying a Poco F1 due to this.
    I hope @admin or @MOD come and close this thread.
    This kernel thread is a total scam.
    So guys after all the bad things he has done, stop insulting him. I'm pretty sure he will admit that all very soon. And we should keep an open ear for that.

    I can understand your angriness, but save your nerves.

    I don't want to protect him but: Don't forget guys, sometimes people tend to do very bad things, even I did a long while ago. Ofc what he did was pretty bad, but everybody does mistakes.

    I hope you guys have a nice weekend !

    Your PDesire