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[Kernel][Stable][GPU OC][MIUI & CUSTOM] eXtremeKernel V2.1 for MI-9

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Jul 25, 2012
can anyone report on battery life with this kernel?
also any bug/glitches apart from the one mentioned above?
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May 25, 2015


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Dec 20, 2008
Xiaomi Mi 11
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra
Doesn't make sense to talk about another kernel in this thread. You don't need to get rude about it. I can unlock my phone next week and check this thread for information regarding this kernel and your recent posts are not regarding this kernel. Last time I will respond to you, so best wishes.

Edit: never mind.... XDA isn't the friendly community what it was.... People nitpicking and thinking they know better.
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Apr 18, 2018
I flashed it with twrp - got error failed to mount system. I´m in a bootloop. Tried to restore my backup made with falshify. It says its crrupted.
What can i do ?


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May 25, 2015
Really? You reflashed eXtreme kernel or ROM?

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At first I thought I should reflash the official rom (that came with the phone) to check if it was hardware problem or rom.but I couldn't find the right rom.so I reflashed 9.4.11 and everything is working great .( If u stuck on setup mode press power button and enable airplane mode only in 9.4.11 clean flash)
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    First this project will be continued and what you mean about random OC?

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    You're trying OC's without being able to test yourself. You're overclocking the display without knowing if it's actually possible with this panel or what the result looks like
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    Donation made... Succes,!
    Source is provided in OP,You can see it by yourself and Yeah i don't have to give any Report about my work to anyone,If you don't like it leave the Thread and Stop Spamming everywhere
    Still didn't manage to find the fix wifi and fix audio commits, they must be too genious for the public.