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[Kernel][Stock][KK] Lenovo A6000 MoStock-v1.48 [EOL]

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    The Background:
    I got this phone as a replacement to Galaxy Grand and soon I realised it's not sufficient to be on the stock kernel for all obvious reasons.
    I'm used to great kernels like Dorimanx on SII.
    So I searched on the Lenovo and XDA forums and soon realised that Lenovo was releasing incomplete sources for their devices(Specially A6000). Soon they released LP build for A6000 along with complete kernel source. The LP source builds well but KK source was still incomplete. But the wait was over and they release complete source for Kitkat release.
    I'm still using KK on this device because their LP builds are not yet mature and couple of features like Encryption are still missing on LP (I need them)
    ONLY FOR KK 4.4.4 Stock ROM
    I'm not responsible for bricked devices or flashing wrong version
    You are using this kernel at your own responsibility
    NO Lollipop Support, Don't ask for it

    ——— !!!!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!!!!!!! ———

    This kernel include the following additional features:
    * Built on Linaro 4.9.4, (Stock kernel is on 4.7)
    * Cortex-A53 Optimizations
    * Additional Governors, Alucard, Hyper, darkness, OnDemandPlus and others.

    Dorimanx (for all his kernel sources, SII, LG)
    Alucard_24(for Alucard Governor)
    Torvalds (Kernel 3.6.Y maintainer)
    Stelistcristi (Contents of this post)
    osm0sis (For Android Image Kitchen)
    Kiran Anto (for his Razor kernel sources)


    Source code of the kernel can be found here:

    TO Do List:
    I'm planning to add following features, but NOT ETA
    1. Create flashable zip instead of boot.img
    2. Add SuperSU and busybox to the build
    3. Add additional IO schedulers
    4. Add Synapse Support
    5. Overclocking
    6. Other mods that I see fit

    1. adb reboot bootloader
    2. For temporary flash, fastboot boot boot.img
    3. For permanent flash, fastboot flash boot boot.img
    4. The phone will reboot automatically.
    5. The Stock Rom doesn't show Kernel version on about page, here is the command to verify the kernel.
    adb shell cat /proc/version
    Linux version 3.10.28-Kernel-MoStock-V1.1-A6000+ ([email protected]) (gcc version 4.9.4 20150629 (prerelease) (crosstool-NG 1.20.0 - Linaro GCC 2015.06) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Nov 20 18:53:31 IST 2015

    Guys no more features request!
    I say it loud n BOLD now!
    FM & Other Modules

    Hi All,
    Here is the fix for FM crash issue.
    This issue has been laying around, here is the cause,
    FM, Wifi drivers are loaded as modules by the kernel as per need. It has its own advantages in terms of kernel size and memory utilizations.
    On stock ROM these modules are loaded from /system/lib/modules
    My efforts had been till date to minimise the changes on the ROM to keep it working with existing modules. But it seems with optimizations and newer toolchains the hack wont work anymore and hence is FM crashes while loading the FM driver. (WLAN driver is still working though with the hack)

    So I'm publishing the latest compiled modules. (Find them in attached zip) They would resolve this FM issue.

    Here are the steps,
    1. Download and extract the modules zip on your phone.
    2. Backup existing radio-iris-transport.ko from /system/lib/modules
    3. Copy and replace radio-iris-transport.ko from the modules folder in /system/lib/modules
    4. Alternatively you can replace all the existing .ko files with the one i have provided. Make sure you backup them before replacing.
    5. You can Use Es Explorer or ADB to follow these steps.
    6. Set correct permissions 644 (either chmod 644 or ES Explorer-> file ->Properties->permissions)

    I'm working on publishing latest WIFI driver module also. But it would take some time.

    Added FauxSound
    Added KCAL control

    1. Now I'll be compiling and publishing modules also, flashable zip in to-do list
    2. Latest prima wlan driver module in modules.zip
    3. Fixed FM crashing issue.

    kernel updated to mainline linux 3.10.94
    lz4 compression on zram, ramdisk and kernel
    Toolchain updated to UBERTC 5.3.x

    This is GPU centric release

    Added GPU frequency range from 100Mhz to 465Mhz.
    Updated Adreno governor and Idler
    Other tweaks related to build files.
    Fixed FM Issue
    This will result in longer standby time and less power usage during use.
    I have been testing this kernel for a while now


    1. Vibration control added
    2. PowerSuspend Drivers updated
    3. Some debuggers turned off
    4. Logger size reduced
    5. Some other optimizations

    Thanks to @Kiran Anto I have been cherry picking is his commits recently.

    Fsync option added to controls
    Alucard hotplug + Power Suspend driver
    Disabled MMC CRC check for faster performance
    USB Fast charging support

    Uber 6.0 Toolchain
    Updated to 3.10.31
    Other changes related to builds
    This is a test build, I have updated the toolchain from Linaro 4.9.4 to Uber 5.2.

    1. Busybox reverted, was causing issue with battery status,
    2. recovery perms fixed, adb should work fine now
    3 .Flashable script pulled from Dorimanx's LG G2 build, thanks for all his work till date
    4 .I/O schedulers added, zen, fiops
    5. Build script and tools updated
    Currently recovery flashable zip also add Stweaks, but it won't work

    busybox added
    TCP congestion controls enabled
    init.d support
    more changes to build files
    I'm not using lollipop build yet. But I can build it for you guys, but you will have to test and report