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    **Snapdragon™ is a registered trademark owned by Qualcomm Technologies Inc.
    **Synapse™ is a registered trademark owned by @Andreilux
    **(v1)Xceed Logo™ is created by @fareed_extreme
    **(v2)Xceed Logo™ is created by @Sharan Narayan
    **(v3)Xceed Logo™ is created by @JeGuina

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Xceed Custom Kernel, Kernel for the LG G3

    Source Code: https://github.com/zeroblade1984/Galbi

    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: Production build 2
    Stable Release Date: 2016-04-10

    Created 2015-10-10
    Last Updated 2016-12-07
    New Nightly!!

    As promised!!

    FM Radio fix is here..as well fixes the bootloops on D852..a huge thanks to my test team for dropping a chunky log that pointed me into a working solution(@tghandour)..and thanks to @Dene_Bluesman for being a guinea pig for the D852.. :D

    Again I'd like to also thank everyone here who has been helping out everyone..(I'll push thanks when it re-charges, I still owe some of you my thanks!!)

    Unlike the usual, this release, does not require any wiping of Synapse app data as I never changed anything..

    D850 Marshmallow
    D851 Marshmallow
    D852 Marshmallow
    D855 Marshmallow

    Like usual, for issues, it would be helpful if you can drop me logs..(there are tools on the Synapse layout that does that for you..)BUT make sure that you don't use Xposed(as there would be an inconsistency in the logs that would be produced) if you use Xposed and you run into issues its better not to post anything here..as its less likely to help me debug anything nor I'm gonna entertain it..

    Again and again and again, I love helping people out, but also make sure you follow every advise I tell on my post, else you're on your own..

    Thank you everyone!! Enjoy FM Radio!!
    New Nightly!!

    Ok after I saw your reactions and some of you called me "names" and other stuff (thats unlikely unhappy to recall), I'm giving you nightlies, this is again not an obligation for you to flash if you loved a previous version nor you got bored out of my stuff..

    You also guys respect @Dene_Bluesman (D852 ROM maintainer) as he works closely to me for the D852 builds..he knows me better than those of you who called me names..he is the 1st one to dump me logs for ports incase there's issues BEFORE he starts complaining about the test build being sloppy or crappy..again this is not obligatory but a REQUEST..if you don't feel respecting me or anyone from my test Team then be it..I'm not here to please only you..I have to please my self and some others too..

    • WIPE Synapse application data..else you'd run into your own silly issues..

    Again for those who are having difficulties in reading or searching, I won't tolerate your laziness..this is a Dev thread..I've been working my butt out for test builds so should you work it out too yourselves incase you missed out the Nightlies' post..

    New Nightly!!

    As promised..new set of test builds..same as usual (keep things on topic, report with a LOG and enjoy!!)

    A new Synapse layout is implemented so its advised to wipe the Synapse app data..I'm keeping things simple, clean and light..all Xceed stuff will be the only option seen on Synapse..all other things aside are either kept as it is (Highly recommended!!) or if you're adventurous and you happen to "Know" better than what I do then go tweak it your way (just do not complain here if you went sour, same goes if you use Xposed and other stuff..the kernel is already great by itself)

    I'd like to thank my D851 tester for helping me fix the BT(Bluetooth) issues..as he provided me a very feasible log that made my debugging clear..

    I'd also want to thank @Dene_Bluesman who gives me a hilarious time while debugging things.. :D

    To my Testing Team too..I was a bit busy with work and daily life which gives me less time to play with stuff..

    Let me also thank the people who are donating and helping me out..kudos to you all!!

    Now let me cut to the chase..grab your builds below..

    Once Again Thank you!! :good: :laugh:

    • If someone thinks of posting that "this new crap test build should have been the build 2.3g or build 2.2whatsoever coz its bad" then just don't post..you can enjoy that old build of yours..Development is a Step forward not a step backwards..I'm sick and tired of hearing that kind of plea..if you want you can build your own kernel..I always urge/challenge you to do your own..well, reality is, this is just a personal project which I wanted to share and never expected to grow, which I am still thankful to this date as many are enjoying my work..
    I'm postin' these TEST builds here..and by all means you all report here..I would not want a frickin comparison to anything and you tell the whole world its crap..AFAIK Fulmics don't support custom kernels (one's aside from what the author puts on to his project) so don't expect anything..at the same time I don't support Xposed..if you love Xposed and get a bad battery then keep it to your self..

    Further more these builds are not for the feint of heart neither for those who don't know what they're doing and for those who don't know how to search..I'm growing tired of seeing people being spoon fed everywhere..we're on XDA and you don't know how to use "Search" feature..how'd the heck you landed here anyways?? (I don't mean to be rude)

    **credits to the Testing Team and to @Dene_Bluesman for testing everything I throw at them,,

    • its HIGHLY ADVISED you wipe Synapse app data, else you are surely to run into an issue..
    • If you ever experience fast draining of battery don't complain just yet..drain it up then charge it up normally as what you'd do..I'm sure it will take a few cycles before it hustles out..(I've been into that state for 2 days now and its now settled on me..) else if it does not work out with you that well then I'm not sure if you're following every bit of advise here..

    As for other variants, if you are so eager to do testing and is volunteering to go broke then you may want to contact @tghandour via Hangouts..he's on my Testing Team..else nothing would happen with just sending me a boot.img..

    Nuff said..