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[KERNEL][SUNFISH][09 Sep] HolyDragon Kernel [10/STABLE][11/STABLE]

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Mar 21, 2012
Here's your test kernel/RV.10.4.0 with that DisplayPort function enabled.
AnyKernel Zip

The DTBO image is also in the anykrenel zip, if you wanna pull it out and flash it. The bootimage is based on last Factory Image 11.0.0 (RQ3A.210905.001, Sep 2021).
Thanks for your efforts! Unfortunately it does not work that easily. I tested several custom roms and was not able to get an image out. Hopefully someday someone will be able to make it happen...


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Jul 14, 2019
Try to flash latest update with fastboot (Android 10 resurrection remix) stuck on boot logo... Any help to install it?

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    Dear sir,

    Thank you so much for this kernel it's smooth and power efficient happy to use this kernel thanks for your hardwork.
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    Back again!

    You may remember me from my SkyDragon roms/kernels and HolyDragon kernels for OP7/OP6/6T/OP3/N6/M8/M7/G3 among other devices. This is the latest sdmmagpie kernel+audio source from Google. No plans for any overclocking cpu/gpu that slowly kill your phone. No plans to upstream anything as most of the time there's either no benefit at all or it performs worse than stock. (If it was worth it, Google would have done so already). My only goal, as always, is to get the best performance *and* battery life out of our phone as possible. Kernel zip uses Anykernel3 by Osm0sis to install so no fear of losing root or ramdisk changes or anything.

    Flashable Kernel zip supports only bootloader unlocked Pixel 4a's[/B]
    Kernel source is based on official Google Source Code to ensure best performance
    No user setup required - Optimal settings already applied
    Compiled with Google Clang 11.0.1(r383902)

    Untainted Kernel Configured for Performance
    - Extra Debugging Disabled
    KCAL Support
    Boeffla Wakelock Blocker Built-in
    Latest WireGuard Built-In
    Touchboost Toggle Enabled
    - No user clock-speed modifications
    Most TCP Profiles Enabled
    - BBR TCP Congestion Profile set as default
    TCP Fast Open Enabled
    Power Efficient Workqueue Toggle Enabled
    - Added extra driver support (qcacld/sde/vmstat)
    Additional IO Schedulers (FIOPS/Maple/SIO/Zen)
    - Maple IO set as default
    Exfat Support
    NTFS RW Support
    Lowered some Sched and Devfreq latencies
    Multiple compiler fixes and updates
    All external/internal modules are in-lined
    No module load hacks or vendor mods
    Direct HBM Mode Toggle Added
    TWRP Support(LZMA/LZ4 Ramdisk)

    ~*~*Credits and Thanks*~*~

    To Install :
    Make sure bootloader is unlocked
    Download boot.img and dtbo.img
    Reboot to fastboot
    Fastboot flash boot hdk-rv10.3.0_boot_sunfish-rq3a.210905.001.img
    Fastboot flash dtbo hdk-rv10.3.0_dtbo_sunfish-rq3a.210905.001.img

    Fastboot reboot
    Download the flashable kernel zip
    Flash with EXKM or FKM app or Custom Recovery(LOS/TWRP)

    note: anykernel.sh inside zip will need edited to flash on Floral

    For Pixel 4a on Android 11 - STABLE

    Flashable Zip w/dtbo.img included
    Fastboot Version:
    HDK Repacked Boot Image for sunfish-rq3a.210905.001 - September 2021
    HDK DTBO Image for sunfish-rq3a.210905.001 - September 2021

    Note: This kernel isn't actively being worked on..
    For Pixel 4a on Android 10 - STABLE
    Flashable Zip



    You can find changes(changelog) by looking at my posted source
    Any bug reports require logcats/dmesg, thanks!
    If you need in-depth assistance that can't easily be handled here, or you want to help with development, please check my TG Group

    If you want to donate to my coffee fund, I prefer any cryptocurrency over paypal but either is fine.
    Donate with Coinpayments
    or just use paypal, thanks!

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [KERNEL][SUNFISH][02 NOV] HolyDragon Kernel [10/STABLE][11/STABLE], Kernel for the Google Pixel 4a

    Source Code: https://gitlab.com/HolyAngel/sunfish

    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information
    Current Stable Version: 1.0
    Stable Release Date: 2020-08-31

    Created 2020-08-28
    Last Updated 2020-11-03
    Alright, February kernel is posted, enjoy!
    Merged in Google Upstream, looks like a single change in kgsl and some more wlan driver updates. Also updated to latest Wireguard.
    Man I don't like this new forum.

    Anyways, sorry for the delay. Kernel v5.0 is up and posted!

    Merged all updates from google. January had a bunch of wifi driver updates so I got those in, seeing noticeably better battery on this release. Enjoy!
    Thank you! - i am using EXKM / is that franco kernel manager ?

    And of course since I went and checked my settings I started manipulating and playing around with it again! Haha
    I like these better:
    Okay, I have verified the android11/12 kernels do not boot on Android10. There are some DTS differences for ram and some other things that are causing that issue and there's not really a fix for that without messing with the Rom or just taking longer than I'd like to dedicate..

    FYI: I have verified that the touch driver I'm using in the A10 kernel is an older version of the very same driver I'm using on A11/A12. It's my own version as google's has been broken since day 1. So if multitouch has been working fine with my kernel all this time on A10, it will work just fine with my kernel on A11 and A12 👍

    So since people seem to wanna stay on Android10(A10/Q) for some reason, guessing twrp support? I'm working on updating that kernel to at least be on par with my A11(R)/A12(S) kernels. Latest drivers(audio/data/touch/wifi/etc) from A12 and tweaks/fixes! Should be soon.