[Kernel][Tissot][Oreo][P][Treble & Non-Treble][OC]eXtremeKernel V12 for MI A1

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Unleash The Power with the new eXtremeKernel V12

Afraid to install that high performance 3D Game because your device just won't take it ? ,Want to rock Asphalt Legends on Ultra Graphics? Got no time to charge your device on the run?
Or Maybe You Just Want to Embrace your Device Reborn. Behold!. "The eXtreme kernel" .. here to lift your desire for performance and battery beyond limits and measures.. and to the "eXtreme" you deserve more than" Stock ". you deserve "eXtreme" . unleash the true power of your device like never before, while you can. why live the stock life when u can go all the way "extreme!!".

-Latest Linux Version (3.18.124)
-Latest Wi-Fi driver (LA.UM.6.6.r1-09700-89xx.0)
-Latest Caf Tag (LA.UM.6.6.r1-09700-89xx.0)
-Compactible with Custom Roms (Treble/NonTreble Oreo and Pie),Stock Rom
-Compiled with Google Toolchain
-Auto Detect zip Treble and Not treble
-CPU OC to 2764 Mhz
-CPU Underclock to 345 Mhz
-Undervolt by -75 mV
-Undervolt some regulators for better battery life
-GPU OC to 1166 Mhz
-Adreno Idler
-DTS Eagle
-Audio Codec Tweaks
-HI-FI Mode
-Sound Control
-2500ma Fast Charge and USB Fast Charge (enable it on Kernel Aduitor)
-Thermal Config by TheHitMan7
-Enhanced State Notifier
-F2FS Support
-Spectrum Support
-Fsync on/off support
-Boeffla Wakelock blocker
-Intelliactive CPU Governor
-Zzmoove CPU Governor
-Impulse CPU Governor
-Optimized Interactive Governor
-Maple IO Scheduler
-Fiops IO Scheduler
-SIO IO Scheduler
-Anxiety IO Scheduler
-Optimized CFQ IO Sched
-Optimized Deadline IO Sched
-and original ones
-KCAL color control
-Lot of TCP Algorithms (cubic,reno,bic,yeah,hybia...)
-Vibration intensity control for qpnp-haptics interface
-300 Hz Timer for best Battery and Performance
-Included OC Damage and Voltage Protection
-Added support for exfat and enabled ntfs.
-Optimized and Upstreamed ZRAM
-Optimized Boot Time
-Optimized Opening Apps Delay
-OPtimized ZRAM
-Updated binder and sdcardfs drivers
-Some Network Speed Tweaks
-Incresed GPU power lvl to 20
-Some essential patches that you can also find in Google kernels
-and Lot of more small Optimizations

XDA:DevDB Information
[Kernel][Tissot][Oreo][P][Treble & Non-Treble][OC]eXtremeKernel V12 for MI A1

Alek Dev, Cheewaca, TheHitman
Source Code: https://gitlab.com/Cheewaca/Tissot_49_LS

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 12.0
Stable Release Date: 2018-03-27

Created 2018-03-28
Last Updated 2018-11-14
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Q: What ROMs are supported?
A: Custom Roms with and without Treble Support and Stock Roms

Q: Do my Soc will be damaged if i use OC?
A: No,All values are tested and safe

Q: What Governor to choose?
A:Read about them below


A highly modified interactive-based governor with the intention of giving the user more control by providing more tuning options. Based on CAF 4.4 commits with parts coming from blu_active and XDA user Sultanxda.


The ZZmoove Governor by ZaneZam is optimized for low power consumption when the screen off, with particular attention to the limitation of consumption applications in the background with the screen off, such as listening to music. The unique feature with ZZmoove is that it has predefined profiles and allows profile switching.


A governor developed by eng.stk (featured in his Code_Blue kernels) based on interactive with upstream caf patches and ondemand governor bits too. This governor is mainly focused on performance like the other things the developer creates but it is also well balanced for gaming and general usage.


An improved version of interactive modified by neobuddy89. Impulse aims to have a balance between battery and performance just like interactive but has some tweaks to save battery.

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More Features and Optimizations coming soon this is just begging[emoji41]

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    eXtreme Kernel v13.7

    ** Only for Roms based on 4.9 Kernel **

    - 4.9.151 Kernel
    - Governors: Performance, Schedutil and Blu_schedutil
    - Schedulers: Cfq, Bfq and Noop
    - Tcp algorithms: Cubic, Reno and Westwood
    - Cpu OC: 652 - 2.640 MHz (9 Selectable Freqs)
    - Gpu OC: 133 - 815 MHz (10 Selectable Freqs)
    - Bus OC
    - SlimBus OC
    - Audio OC
    - Crypto OC
    - I2c OC
    - Spi OC
    - Camera and sensor OC
    - Cpu Undervolt
    - DT2W Control
    - Boeffla Wakelock bloker v1.1.0
    - Fsync Control
    - Zram Control
    - F2FS support
    - NTFS support
    - EXFAT support
    - Audio improved
    - Thermal optimization
    - Removed SafetyNet flags
    - Many optimizations for better performance and battery backup

    Download: https://downloads.extremekernel.xyz (stable builds for tissot)

    eXtreme Kernel P 1.1

    ** Only for Stock Pie Rom **

    - 3.18.132 Kernel
    - Governors: Interactive, Conservative, Ondemand, Userspace, Powersave and Performance
    - Schedulers: Cfq, Deadline and Noop
    - Tcp algorithms: Cubic and Reno
    - Cpu OC: 652 - 2.496 MHz
    - Gpu OC: 133 - 815 MHz (10 Selectable Freqs)
    - Bus OC
    - SlimBus OC
    - Audio OC
    - Crypto OC
    - I2c OC
    - Spi OC
    - Camera and sensor OC
    - Cpu Undervolt
    - Boeffla Wakelock bloker v1.1.0
    - Fsync Control
    - Zram Control
    - Audio improved
    - Thermal optimization
    - Many optimizations for better performance and battery backup
    ** With performance never seen before in a stock rom and a new sound experience**

    Download: https://downloads.extremekernel.xyz (stable builds for tissot)
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    A few recommendations to have maximum battery life with the highest performance possible (if demanded by an app / game / etc.):

    1) Install Extreme Kernel V4
    2) Install Kernel Adiutor from Play Store
    3) Set this:

    Under "CPU":
    "Apply on Boot" Enabled
    "Schedule workqueues on awake CPUs to save power." Enabled

    Under "CPU Hotplug"
    "Apply on boot" Enabled
    "AutoSMP" Enabled
    "Screen off Single CPU" Enabled

    Under "I/O Scheduler"
    (CFQ is best the best scheduler, tested this with PC Mark and all the others, including Maple and especially BFQ did worse than CFQ! Also increasing the buffer size > 512kB gave no performance improvement either)
    "Apply on boot" Enabled
    "I/O Stats" Disabled (could be several entries, set all to Disabled)
    "Add Random" Disabled (could be several entries, set all to Disabled)

    Under "Misc"
    "Apply on boot" Enabled
    "Fsync" Disabled

    Enjoy max performance and max battery life :)
    Is clean install required? I am now in Ex V7

    ? this is daniel. He does not quote whole OP to rasie a doubt. If he has concerns he simply posts a question. Daniel is smart. Be like " Daniel"

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