[KERNEL][TOUCH CWM][AOSP][TESTED by Paradoxxx] CWM touch recovery

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May 12, 2010
Wayne Tringle , i found it nice :D

The Recovery is very nice , love it and works finfe with the Kernel , no iuses found at the moment . Good work Netchip
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Jul 13, 2011
What Paradoxxx said, but if it was a bug, I couldn't fix it.
I haven't compiled this CWM, that was koush, I adapted it in a *real* kernel, no fakeflash.

I know it bro but i just was letting u know...
I can't scroll at the first page but i can scroll at other places like installing zip for sdcard
I hope koush fixes some bugs and also makes this functional like the normal recovery by buttons

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I dont have one , thanks anyway!

Just flash stock kernel and then triangle will be gone...
Then flash this from mobile odin...
Then u have this without the triangle or flash counter increase


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Sep 2, 2011
Sorry for noob-ness, but I thought you can't modify kernels without sources? Or is recovery separate(would make sense since Chainfire and Hacksung added CWM to stock ICS kernels).

We can modify, but only the initramfs ;) And with some dirty hacks.

Hmm can we see sammy gb support?

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Hmm, thinking of it. Maybe after the ICS version!

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    I am presenting CWM touch recovery on the Samsung Galaxy S II. This kernel is tested by Paradoxxx.

    It only works on AOSP GB based ROMs like CM7, Oxygen, Hydroxygen. Yes, support for ICS-based ROMs is in the pipeline.

    - Only on AOSP GB-based ROMs
    - Not on ICS
    - CWM touch recovery
    - Nice version number

    Download 1.0.0 - flash via Odin


    Koush - for making CWM
    Paradoxxx - for be my tester
    Goooooood Jooooob Broooooo !
    Paradoxxx's photo, not mine :p

    As I expected, you're a brave man Paradoxxx.
    Wtf? Why is my thread rated down?

    A lot of wankers on XDA and Jealous people. Keep up the good work guy
    First of all , looks Great , Thank you .

    Can you tell me please what features in the Kernel ? What Base is the Kernel , or is it a Kernel on your one Base ? :)

    Thank you

    CM7 kernel ;)

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