[KERNEL] Trinity 4.3 / 4.2.2 [KWISATZ HADERACH]

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Oct 29, 2013
What happened to derkenel? There's only one build for maguro and it's the 1344mhz.
Looked everywhere and I can't find the builds I'm looking for.
Anyone have a link to the 1512mhz builds?
Or maybe if someone has them you could send them to me?

------> Scratch that. got them. I was on the site on my phone. guess that was the problem
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Jun 4, 2009
What happened to derkenel? There's only one build for maguro and it's the 1344mhz.
Looked everywhere and I can't find the builds I'm looking for.
Anyone have a link to the 1512mhz builds?
Or maybe if someone has them you could send them to me?

------> Scratch that. got them. I was on the site on my phone. guess that was the problem

leave the thread, you are not welcome here after your behavior on g+, ever. well, until you can prove that you are more mature than a 9 year old at least.


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Jun 4, 2009
I am not dealing with your abusive, cross website "you are a 9 year old" crap. also, I will not be leaving.

Have a good day.

lol, dont. you will just be ignored, thats all.

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I am not dealing with your abusive, cross website "you are a 9 year old" crap. also, I will not be leaving.

Have a good day.

btw, here is your post from the trinity kernel g+ page, for all to see..

+semeon korsunsky "fantasyland" eh? Sounds like you're the crazy one. How often do you leave your moms bacement and go for a walk?

As for undervolting, it does save battery. Only a few percent but regardless.

Welcome to the internet buddy. People want stuff. If you can't keep up with demand, or you're going to drop it, don't start shelling stuff out.
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Jul 22, 2011
Enough gents. Back on topic of the thread. McDuffSmith you would be advised to leave this thread alone unless you are going to post something that is of some benefit to the further development of this kernel.

Any more issues, take it to PM please.
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    Files, sources, app:

    www . Der Kernel . com

    Source: http://www.bitbucket.org/morfic/

    Off-Topic discussions are encouraged in this thread.
    You are welcome if you can accept that.
    Off topic posts can't be reported as per kennyglass123 mod par excellence.

    4.2.2 kernel will not boot 4.2.1 roms or hybrid roms like CM due to need for newer gpu drivers!
    If your hybrid rom doesn't boot with a real 4.2.2 kernel, you need these libs. (Thanks j3r3myp)

    TNP1 and TNP2 4.3 kernels are first 4.3 builds running at 1344 CPU / 384 GPU matrix of 9 will come after TNP2 has reached a few days of testing.


    • Offering lowered voltages
    • Build optimizations
    • Performance through research
    • Removed wasteful debugging
    • Optimized ext4 mount options
    • VM, Filesystem, governor tweaks
    • Color Control
    • Contrast Control
    • Sound Control
    • Vibration Control (3/15/2012)
    • 307MHz to 512MHz GPU as indicated in filename
    • 1344 to 1728MHz as indicated in filename or any in between or above
    • Bull**** Free (Not pushing buzzwords to drop them later like others)

    Tabs on the site:

    • Release: Kernels that have passed the experimental stage and matured in "Prerelease" (Full 3x3 kernel sets typically)
    • Prerelease: New kernels deemed to now be ready for stabilizing, consider this the Release sandbox (Full 3x3 kernel sets typically)
    • ! Experimental !: The latest ideas, tweaks, features, test builds for users get tried here in limited sets to help speed development.

    Useful Trinity & Rasbean FAQ
    (Contributed by GideonX)

    Why you want Trinity Colors


    Trinity FAQ

    note: This post is linked from the OP. So as more questions are asked, this FAQ will be updated.

    Last update: 2013-02-17

    T1) Where can I get the Trinityras kernel and which one should I flash?

    Grab the kernel over at Derkernel.com. The kernel is broken down between the Ice Cream Sandwich release and the Jelly Bean release. Release will have passed the experimental stage and matured in "Prerelease" (Full 3x3 kernel sets typically). Prerelease are deemed to now be ready for stabilizing, consider this the Release sandbox (Full 3x3 kernel sets typically). Experimental will have the latest ideas, tweaks, features, test builds for users to help speed development.

    T2) I have a XXXXX version of the Galaxy Nexus, will it work?

    Yes, the Trinity kernel works on all versions of the Galaxy Nexus. This includes the CDMA and GSM versions. Download the universal kernel from DerKernel.com for your specific OS release.

    T3) What is TUV and TNP? What do the numbers mean?

    TUV is Trinity undervolt, a kernel released with battery saving in mind. TNP is Trinity Nexus Prime, which includes options to overclock. The first number after the kernel designation indicates highest CPU slot. The next number indicates the GPU clock speed.

    T4) How do I make changes to my kernel settings? (ex: voltages, fastcharge, fsync, etc.)

    You can toggle all options available via sysfs, or download the Trinity Kernel Toolkit from the Google Play store or if you wish to use Paypal, you can buy the app over at AndroidPit.

    T5) Now that Jelly Bean (4.1) is out in the wild, will Trinity work on it?

    Yes, Trinity for Jelly Bean is currently being released as experimental builds. You can find releases on DerKernel.com under the JB section or via the DerKernel tab within the Trinity Kernel Toolkit. Please update your Trinity Kernel Toolkit via Google Play or AndroidPit to make sure you have full support for Jelly Bean.

    T6) Why do I need 1.5Ghz when 1.03 works just fine?

    Different strokes for different folks. Feel free to run 1.5Ghz if you fancy playing CPU intensive games. Down clock to 1.03 if all you do is surf the web and text your friends. Again, the options are there for you to pick and choose. Flash a kernel, or two, and decide for yourself what YOU want your phone to do.

    T7) Can I use Trinity on xxxxx rom?

    Trinity is known to work on any rom based on AOSP, CM9, and even MIUI.

    T8) How do I install it coming from another kernel?

    TWRP is the prefered recovery, although CWM recovery may also work.

    The ideal way to install Trinity, especially if you are coming from another kernel, is to do the following.

    1. Wipe cache and dalvik cache
    2. Wipe /system
    3. Re-flash your ROM
    4. Flash Trinity
    5. Fix permissions in recovery (this may take up to a minute or two)
    6. Reboot

    T9) Do I need to wipe cache/dalvik/battery stats/etc if I'm just installing the kernel onto a previous Trinity version?

    No, download and flash away. Only wipe battery stats if your battery percentages are off. Do not believe the myth that doing so will increase your battery life.

    T10) Do i need to buy the TKT app to get the Kernel? Or to control it?

    No, the kernel is free and can be completely controlled without the app.

    T11) Do I need to run any other apps like SetCPU or equivalent?

    No, if you plan to install and run Trinity Kernel Toolkit, please uninstall any other apps that may interfere with your CPU settings. If you are still running into problems (ex: reboots, FCs, etc.) please check your /etc/init.d directory for any left over scripts from other rom or kernels. These may interfere with how Trinity operates.

    T12) What is Smart Reflex? What is FSync? What is Thermal Throttling?

    Smart Reflex is used to scale your voltages. Voltage will be increased or decreased when required. If you are overclocking, disable SR to have access to higher clock speeds.

    FSync is a system call that can be toggled on to write buffers to disk (slow) or toggled off (fast) for performance. FSync defaults to on in the linux kernels, the option to disable it exists but it is advised to use this with caution. COMPLETE data corruption could occur if the phone crashes with fsync disabled.

    Thermal throttling protects your CPU from overheating. If you are benchmarking, turn this option off to prevent throttling of the CPU that can cause lower scores. Just remember to re-enable it afterwards. Bear in mind that at 110C, the CPU will shut down no matter what. It is not advised to disable thermal throttling, however the option exists for those enthusiasts who are aware of the risk of permanent hardware damage. Please take the necessary precautions!

    T13) What does the "Force non-boot CPU(s)" toggle do in the TKT app?

    When in use for debugging, this will shut down CPU1. When the toggle is set to online, you will have access to both CPU0 and CPU1. When it is set to offline, you will only be using CPU0.

    T14) My TKT settings are not sticking!?

    Did you just reboot and your OS just got back to the homescreen? Give TKT some time, it starts working only after the OS is finished with it's boot process. Until you see a toast message that says "TKT has requested and received root privileges", the app will not show the settings you previously selected and saved. If you have waited long enough and the settings are still not showing what you saved, proceed to the next step below.

    Try installing SuperSU from Google Play. It seems Superuser may have an issue providing root access in a timely fashion. Once SuperSU is installed, it will uninstall Superuser automatically. If SuperSU prompts you to make an update after opening the app, tap on Yes to update the to the latest binary.

    T15) Does PGM (slide2wake) for the Nexus work with Trinity?

    Yes, PGM (slide2wake) is supported on Trinity ICS Experimental Alpha92+93 and above and all JB releases of the kernel. If you are on Jelly Bean, please update to the latest PGM version for full support.

    The free PGM app is needed to enable the slide2wake option.

    T16) Why do I bootloop/reboot/freeze with xxxxx version of the kernel?

    Your handset may not like the lowered voltage (TUV) or if you are overclocking (TNP), it may not be able to handle the higher clock speed and/or voltages. Keep in mind, not all phones are created equal. What may be working perfectly fine for one user may not work for you. The beauty of it all is that you are free to try any of the kernel releases to find the one that best suits you. When trying to achieve stability, less is sometimes more, attempt to drop voltages if raising does not solve your problems.

    If you don't believe that GN's are not created equal, here are some user posts to back that up - #1

    T17) What is the sleep of death (SoD)?

    You turn the screen off, when you want to pick it up, you can not wake it up.
    There is no blinking notification and when you call it, there is no ringing or vibration. When you press and hold power, it does not turn on, otherwise it was OFF.

    If you play a game and it reboots, or freezes. That is NOT a SoD.

    T18) Why are the colors so "blue"? How do I get back to stock colors?

    Allow your eyes to adjust to the Trinity change. The stock color settings are on the yellow side so please allow some adjustment time to settle in. However, if you wish to go back to stock colors immediately, use the TKT app (or edit via sysfs) and set your contrast to 0, your red, green, blue gammas to 0, and your red, green, blue multipliers to 200.

    T19) How come there aren't more CPU slots in this kernel?

    This allows morfic to narrow down his testing. If you want a higher clock, flash a different Trinity kernel with your desired max.

    T20) I see dirty ratio settings in the Trinity Kernel Toolkit, what does it do?

    While dirty ratio(s) had an impact on 2.6.x kernels (Gingerbread), it does not do much in the 3.0.x kernels (ICS). You can safely ignore and leave the default settings as is. They may disappear in future TKT app updates.

    T21) What is wifi derandomizer and why is it used in Trinity?

    As explained by morfic...

    "Our wifi mac address is generated using a random number function. So it will always change, if your router needs wifi mac addresses to get IPs to matching MAC addresses for example, that gets annoying, each reboot you have a different MAC. Imoseyon had changed it to a function basing off of an ID unique to your phone, since the ID won't change between reboots, your MAC will stay the same, making your life easier. I put his code from ICS kernel back into JB kernel. Some of course will never notice the difference, those who do will be overjoyed."

    T22) Can xxxxx option be implemented in Trinity?

    Feel free to request within this thread. Whether or not it gets implemented is up to morfic.

    T23) I want to keep my Rom's bootanimation, why does Trinity kernel keep trolling me?

    Place any bootanimation.zip file under /data/local and you'll be free from any bootanimation overwrites. For Jelly Bean users, check out the stock bootanimation linked in this reply.

    T24) How is battery life?

    No one can predict your usage. However, most folks are getting great screen on time and performance.

    T25) I just experienced a reboot, how can I help to pinpoint the problem?

    Open up terminal emulator and issue the command:

    cat /proc/last_kmsg > /sdcard/last_kmsg.txt

    Take this last_kmsg.txt file and show it to morfic in this thread. It's suggested to copy the contents and use something like pastebin instead of spamming the thread with your log.

    T26) I flashed Trinity onto XXXXX Rom and now my Rom is acting wacky, HELP!

    You may be having a busybox issue. Go and install the Busybox installer on Google Play and install busybox directly from the app. Reboot and see if the issues go away.

    T27) So does Trinity include busybox or what?

    No, Trinity does not include busybox on newer kernels Alpha89 onward. If your rom does not come with a busybox install of its own, install busybox via Busybox Free in market. Yes, you need it, there are a lot of scripting you will eventually come across that depends on a working busybox install. This includes a lot of your "root apps".

    T28) I somehow added a Trinity temperature notification in my notification bar, how do I remove it?

    You must have added the TKT-CPU temperature with no background widget to your homescreen somewhere. If you remove it, the temperature notification will go away. To just have the temperature widget without a temperature notification, choose the widget with the background.

    T29) I'm getting sudden black screens while using the latest Trinity alpha for 4.2, what gives?

    It might possibly be a low voltage situation. Using the TKT app (or whatever you prefer), disable all three Smart Reflect options. If the issue still occurs, try raising the voltage a little bit in all the CPU steppings you are using.

    T30) I flashed the latest Trinity Alpha onto a 4.2.2 rom, I'm bootlooping? What gives?

    This has to do with missing GPL drivers. You'll likely want the link to the flashable zip explained in this post.
    Simms is right. Build one is ready.
    Will be pushed later today, Friday.
    I waited long time cause I wanted to make sure everything was alright.
    Goodnight now, see you in few hours.
    Thanks everybody.
    Thanks morfic, Simms and litchi
    4.2_r1 in aosp.
    Goodbye, for a while
    Thanks everybody for the love.
    I like how fast thumbnails now load in gallery, and the click-actions for clock and calendar are really useful, but I'm not so sure about the long-click actions. Maybe I'll remove that.

    Again, thanks everybody for the love and for never have bothered me with the same requests over and over.
    Maybe a week, maybe ten days or maybe even more and 4.2 will be here.
    And I can't wait, videos and pictures show a really nice platform, getting sexier and better, and we all want to put that new os on our phones.
    A new os also means a new build from me, probably.
    Before rascream, now rasbean, it's almost time to say goodbye once again. From my point of view, I mean the developer of the Rom that some of you run, it's kinda sad to see something that in a while it's going to be the past. The fun, the time spent, the goals, the people here, the whole thing.
    Maybe we are at the last build of rasbean, who knows?
    Again, i want to thank all of you for one more platform-era together.

    And just to keep being trasparent, I received a new donation overnight, now i am at 105$.
    As you know, if i don't reach the amount for N4 before the end of december, i will donate all your donations to this ngo i always donate to.
    With rascream I've donated 75$ to the same organization.
    and this is NOT a fund raising campaign. It is to let donors and everybody else know where the money will go.